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Are you a pirate? Do you need "that one crazy?"


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Then look no further!


I have an alt, and her name is Naois Faller. Highlander, big, tall, much beauty, very crazy.


What's her story? She's a member of the Twisted Spines crew, a pirate through-and-through. She raids ships, kills people and loots their corpses, maybe even burns down a few refugee camps while she's there. Where ever she goes, trouble seems to start, and her crew isn't one to snuff, either. Doesn't care about legalities, and she's got more than a few screws loose. She'll kill to get what she wants, and she's got some twisted logic. She's practically becoming famous for it!


Well. That last part may not exactly be true... yet. Which is where you, my curious forum, come in. I'm throwing her up and out there to be a villain for anything. Maybe she's someone you've had the misfortune of meeting? Maybe she screwed your lover? Maybe she just looked at you funny? Whatever the reason, Naois can your very own antagonist! For the low, low price of $19.99!



Allow me to be clear, however: I am not interested in becoming some big, drastically evil villain for the sole person of your character becoming the hero. She's already part of one such plot.




tl;dr, and straight to the point: You want a crazy pirate lady? I've got one. Toss me a PM over the forum if you're interested, or leave a comment, or... even just ignore me. Balmung server only, I'm afraid. I just can't seem to get onto Gilgamesh. ;w;

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