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Midnight Pearl

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It all started with one amazing man. Perhaps not even he knew the respect he gained or the consequences for soaring on the wings of perfection. Captain Absolonloix Beaureux arrived to Limsa Lominsa with a charming disposition and coin from a family in far lands. Without hesitation, his first purchase had been a cruiser. His mistress became known as the Midnight Pearl and over time her reputation grew to lay claim to one of the few princesses of the sea.



[align=center]{ Steadfast  Sanctuary  Serenity }[/align]



In times of impending darkness, there are few who go against the bounds that life restricts us with. The Midnight Pearl is founded upon creating a sanctuary for those who cannot face the realm's turmoil alone. They offer a group of steadfast characters who will do everything in their power to see serenity come to a world of horror.  They are protectors, of the social, natural, and material worlds. They are leaders in war, in health, and in home. But perhaps more than anything: they are genuine, dedicated, and a guiding light away from the cruelties of the realm. 



[align=center]{ World  You   Us }[/align]



The Midnight Pearl is a collection of good intentioned characters. We are a collection of story tellers looking towards furthering personal and company roleplay. The Midnight Pearl is founded upon inclusion and is built with family in mind. It is for this reason that the guild has a limited amount of slots available to recruitment. Our stories include battling the grimdark aspects of the XIV continuity (Imperials, the void, and other blackmarket themes), assisting the Grand Companies with bounties and other leves, rescue and rehabilitation, and business (please see our business tab). Beyond the stories that are member orientated, we also host a variety of socials, alongside community events that are more upbeat in nature. 


[align=left]All those that are interested can contact management on enjin or in game with any questions. We request that you read over the guild site, and make sure you acknowledge our guild policies before joining. Thank you so much for reading thus far, and we hope to see you soon!




Heavy Roleplayers









Best suited for those with good intentions



Sanctuary, Adventure, Business

(Adventure includes themes like: exploration, mercenary, and resistance work!)



18+ Please read our company policies.


Recruit Status:

Closed Applications!


Guild Manangement:

Sunsgerel Monsaran, Maneshi Monsaran, Cotota Monsaran, C'kyza Nunh, V'lyria Azriel



The Midnight Pearl





What We Offer Your Character:

Here at the Midnight Pearl, we are both character and company centric. We run chapter arcs (guild arcs), alongside aid in your character's personal growth, and make sure that they feel involved with the chapter arc. We offer a wide variety of themes from every day life to tackling the underground. This is a sanctuary, and therefore we offer protection, alongside a tight-knit group of people to work with.


What We Offer The Community:

The Midnight Pearl cares about the community. We provide business opportunities through our shipping company and Pearl Appeal (our pearl & jewelry business). We participate and aid in community plotlines while also providing our own small to large scale events. The Midnight Pearl is dedicated to the world around it and tries to involve itself in events hosted by the community or that are important to the realm.


Why Us:

Above all else, The Midnight Pearl is here to offer quality roleplay to those within and outside of the company. We're here to assist in character progression and story lines and create a safe out of character environment for all those who with to participate with us.


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Made by astounding musical artist, final fantasy XIV player, and a dear friend, the company now has its very own theme song. I want to give a huge shout out to Llinos for the wonderful work she and her husband did. You can check out their soundcloud here, and I suggest you do! Commissions are up for discussion and you can find her profile here.



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With the Holiday season coming to an end, the Midnight Pearl is fully recruiting. As a reminder, we have 11/30 slots filled! So if you're interested please get in contact or send in your application. We have some upcoming inter-guild events that we'd like to try and make sure people can attend.  <3

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Pearl has reached 15/30 members. We'll be temporarily closing recruitment at 20 to make sure that we tend to all current guild members and get the involved in our story arcs. With that said, come February, we will be running bi-weekly events, alongside our main plot. If you're interested, please just review our site or get in touch! We'd be happy to answer any of your questions. 


Also, for those looking to ship their goods around, please remember that you can hire the Midnight Pearl for additional immersion to your character's business!

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Shameless bump & update!



Pearl has recently finished up their first arc and will be moving into their second. Following this, we will also be hosting bi-weekly events for our company! Some more public-friendly events are being planned. In the meantime, if anyone needs a shipping company, please consider hiring us! We'd love to further work and assist the community where possible. <3 


Otherwise, I'd like to welcome the newest members of our officer team, N'obdhi Tia & C'oria Vett who have shown a remarkable understanding of lore alongside made our company -- all in all -- a better place. We're so happy to have them on the management team! 


We're still open for recruitment and our application information can be found upon our website. 

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Whee, another shameless bump. 


Our Chapter Three starts in March and alongside it we have bi-weekly caravans and monthly fight practices. Also in design is a monthly community event to which we hope to share with you soon! 


The Midnight Pearl is still recruiting and still taking on community jobs. If you have any questions please just let us know. <3 


~ Fair Winds & Following Seas. 

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I've received a few questions lately so I'll try to cover them in a statement here, too!



Are we still recruiting?

Yes, we are! It's not an active recruitment (as we're happy with our member number) but we are still reviewing applications. The doors are not closed, yet!


Who can I talk to?

I have been a little ill lately so my play time has taken a hit. If I'm around, I'm on Simi Jinkjahl or Hoshichou Gisei.

Other officers available are: Basim'a Jinkjahl, Isranne Montagneaux, Larkspur Nym or Amethyst Sere.


Where can I find more information?

Right here! Along with other places available to the public on our site. 

Similarly, that's where you can find our application form and hire us form (hover your mouse over Documents).


Do you have a linkshell?

Yes, but it's only for members of the sanctuary. Our linkshell is used for pearl communications along with events. 



<3 Hope that helps some.

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As our current arc comes to an end this week, we will be spending the next month (December) dedicating ourselves to social, fun, more "laid back," events until the new year (where we will begin our next arc!). That means, if you're interested in joining, this would be a good time to send in an application! ♥

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♥ The Midnight Pearl celebrated her one year anniversary this past weekend. Similar, we wrapped up our Chapter Two guild arc with a funeral for the lost. The rest of this month will continue to be a social event before we pick up our Chapter Three arc in the new year. We're still accepting members. The application can be found on our site along with more information. 

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♥ Monthly activity bump.


We have opened up more spots with a recent inactivity winter cleaning. We're 15/30!

Our new arc starts soon as our holiday and relaxation period comes to a close. This would still be a good time to join or inquire further about the guild if you have interest. ♥

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