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The Ruby Carbuncle (RC-RP)

Mayumi Shiro

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The Ruby Carbuncle is a Roleplay Free Company built around a high class hotel and bar. We have a lavishly furnished large house in the Goblet which is always open to the community for roleplay. We have several regulars, and are always looking for more. 


The inn itself, aside from offering nightly and longer term rooms, also hosts a handful of shops and services. Nearly all of our private rooms are open to the public, so if you ever find one part of the inn too loud there will always be a beautifully furnished quiet free corner available.


Our members have very varied characters, most of which have personal stories that are always developing. We also do PvE content, and are happy to help each other when asked. 


We have a large public linkshell for RP around our inn, to help find other people to roleplay with or just watch for when people are around. As a Free Company, we are and plan to stay relatively small, but we are always open to new members who are quality, active roleplayers. 


If you would like a linkshell invite, any of our members can send one. Just look for the RC-RP tag, there are usually a number of us hanging around in the Goblet ward 7, between the Goblet West aetherite and our house at plot 13. You can also come check out our Inn in or out of character!

For any questions or interest in the Free Company, contact Mikki Viper or apply in game and say you saw this post.

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