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Hi there im Warabeskel RP player in Jenova world

Its been 2 month i have started to play FFXIV and i love it , i really falling in :love:with it.

I sleep,eat,work,eat,work that all for go to in Éorzéa and live my another life:cactuar:


and what now i am a gamer who started to with NES but i also play on DOS( dawm that old time ) i also play Paintball and have my team and play D&D,SW: Edge of the Empire and Anima: Beyond Fantays too...yes i'm a full geek:geek:8-)


My native language is french so be gentle:dazed:


i live in Québec,Canada or french canadian if you want


Please dont say "Omelette du fromage"... is mostly now considered has a insult for us...

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