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Hey there, I am a fresh sprout in ffxiv, although I played ages ago, it's been so long I forgot anything about it. 

My goal is to become a white mage in the long run, so I look forward to that. My mmorpg experience is really big, it'd be easier to name games I haven't played, but I'm not gonna do that. Some games I have played are Tera, Wildstar, Guild Wars 2, Perfect World, and ESO. I've rp'd for about 8 years now, on and off of games. 



My character's name is Amaya, as you can see. She is a young Miqo that is very quiet, but loves healing with a passion. I haven't hashed out an exact age or story for her, but I'm sure that'll come as I role play.


Editing to say I transfered to Balmung, as I didn't realize gilgamesh wasn't the unofficial server.



As for how I found this coalition, I was googling to see what the rp servers were and this site popped up. I ended up picking Gilgamesh, so I hope I made the right choice. I'm hoping to do a medium to heavy amount of roleplay, but I don't want to leave leveling out entirely.



As for offline, I live in Australia, so my time zones are hard to work with. I go to uni but I'm currently on break. I am 26 years old, and an amateur photographer. If you see me around, do say hi! I haven't spoken to too many people yet. So, um, yeah! I think that about covers it.


Editing to say I'm transferring to Balmung.

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*pours water on the sprout's head*


Hullo! Welcome to the RPC and welcome back to the game! :D Glad you've returned.


I'm pretty sure you're not the only AUS/Oceanic player out there, and Balmung's RP population is pretty immense, so I'm sure you can find some others who share your schedule. I just hope that your connection isn't too dodgy!


I'm almost positive Steel and your White Mage en potentia will never meet in-game, so I'll hope that we get to interact in some forum RP here in the...uh...in the forum.


*pours more water on your head* <3

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