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Belah'dian lore?


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I did a search of the RP Discussion forum just to make sure this hadn't already been talked about... maybe there was some kind of error? I'm surprised it came up with no results. Anyroad...


What do we know about the Belah'dians? What race were they? How long ago was their civilization thriving before... it stopped? What happened to them?


I just have all of the questions. What lore is there of them? Is there any lore? Beyond what there is in the quests to unlock Qarn and Qarn HM (and I've forgotten whatever you learn from those quests, anyway)

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We know next to nothing important about Belah'dia, unfortunately. The discussion has come up before, though there's not much to go on in regards to it. The only things we know as concrete fact is that it was a Sixth Astral Era civilization, and that they worshiped Azeyma. The temple was used as a place of worship by the Belah'dians. Belah'dia was formed by descendants of the Black Mage civilization that existed (and was at war with Amdapor) during the 5th Astral Era.


The Temple of Qarn has been found to be much, much older than the Sixth Astral Era, however, and the Belah'dians built over / into the temple when they found it.


Outside of that, we don't know much else. Unless I missed something.



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