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Announcing Auditions for "Archerangers Return!"


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Is killing vermin for pocket change getting you down? Does it seem like there are no challenges left for you? Then maybe, JUST MAYBE, you have what it takes to be an Archeranger! The Rose of Sharon is currently seeking performers for the production of "Archerangers Return!"


When: January 10th, 6PM-8PM Central Time (US and Canada)


Where: Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre (The big stage in Gridania)


Parts up for Audition:


Archeranger Yellow (Major Part, Hero)

Must be able to handle a bow, female actors preferred. Dress in Yellow to show your team spirit!


Ashford Von Whippingon (Minor Part,Villain)

Actor must possess and bring their own Sable Death Mask. Male actors preferred. Dress in your most villainous, flashy outfit!


Special Effects Crew

Team of 2-4, Ninjas preferred. You'll get extra points for dressing in Black.


Regardless of preferences, anyone is able to try out for any part. Please be prepared to meet for rehearsals in similar time frames.


All auditions will be held In Character, so show us what you've got and why YOU should be the next Archeranger!

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For the villain, a bit. Yellow's role doesn't require anything special aside from the ability to be an Archer though. While there are gender preferences, both sexes can try out for any part. If you do well enough, lines can be altered to accommodate the actor who gets the part.

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