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Hello Everyone


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Well, finally, after all this time, making a concerted effort to involve myself in the Final Fantasy XIV roleplay community.


I played Final Fantasy XI a few times and often consider rejoining, but have never had much success getting very far. 'Doing much better in Final Fantasy XIV now, but that's another issue.


I've been involved in roleplaying for quite some time, first on Ragnarök Online and Gaia Online, and then in various places thereafter, mostly on MU*-type text games.


So.. well, nice to meet you all! Sorry for the slightly dry introduction, hopefully I'll get to play with a lot of people hereafter - feel free to address me in or out of character should you meet any of my characters in game ^^


And now on to writing up character profiles... and trying to work out how to get the spoiler tags in my signature to work - oh, there we go.


By the way, does anyone happen to know how to change the character pictures in these info-bar thingies I've put in my signature, into something other than their posing in their underwear? Or why Forra's is for some reason displaying weeks out of date statistics (he's almost lancer rank 20 by now)?

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I fixed your sig. The character tab was messing up the spoiler tag. Let me know if that's how you want it (or you can edit it yourself now that the spoiler tag is set up correctly ^^).


I'm not sure if there's a way to change your sig picture for these particular sigs. As to why it's outdated, I'm not sure either. I think they're supposed to update every 24 hours but I'm not really sure. Someone else may know more about it.

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Oh, thank you! For the welcome and that fix. I was wondering why the field seemed suddenly to have corrected itself..


And oh well, on the info images. Perhaps after 24 hours it will fix itself; I did only generate them today after all.

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