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Ahoy hoy.

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Ehhh, I was long overdue to make an account for the RPC, so I finally got off my bum and did it. Just saying a friendly hello to everyone!~ If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I look forward to meeting and having wonderful adventures with you all in the world of Eorzea.


Oh and here, I come bringing gifts! *Throws cheese balls and gummy snacks everywhere.*

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Baaah, still trying to get use to this forum, ehehe.


To Renaise: Yeeeah, I'm just a lazy bum... So it took me forever to get to it, but I did it! That's all that matters. Right?... RIGHT!?!? :cry:



To Noëlle: Sorry... I just wanted to share the love! *Finds a broom and sweeps everything under the rug and couch. Looks around a bit to see if anyone has noticed.* Done! :approve:


To Alona: Ohhh yeah! I think I remember you! Your character was drunk at the time I think though, haha. I have to say, it was still pretty fun meeting you and the others! I hope our paths can cross more often. I had a lot of fun that night and hope to have more like them. ^^



Oh! Oh! Umm if possible I'd like to make a bio for the character reference wiki buuuut my wiki knowledge of how to page edit is absolutely zilch, nadda, zero. So if somebody could help me with such a task I'd be forever grateful and will gladly repay them for the big favor! ^^

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Created a page for you. Just type your name (first and last) in the search bar. It's a basic page layout but can be edited to whatever you want later down the line. I used Brin's layout so you'll have to change any instance that uses his links >.>


The wiki is a super major headache right now though. The database errors are driving me mad and I can't fix layout issues. The wiki guy has been MIA for a month now despite my email and PM so we're kinda screwed right now until I find someone else to fix everything.

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