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Yoshi-P posts on official forum

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Apparently, Yoshi-P has begun posting in the Japanese forums. A Japanese individual has posted a brief summary of his posts thus far on Zam. Here the summary that was posted:


Here is some simple abstraction:

1. Thanks for your opinion.

2. The map WILL be totally redesigned especially for BLACK SHROUD. But before redesign, map team will try to relief the moving stress by tuning map collision rules.

3. About jump, his thinking is about to make characters "do not have to bound on earth so much". The considered implementation are: emotion, additional action during moving, and (as a result) passing some little obstacle. He also noticed that many people does not like WoW style "Jump Spamming" and complains about the Jump should belong to DRG for the sake of FinalFantasy tradition. He will take this opinion into consideration.

4. PvP. After the combat system being fixed he will begin to consider how to bring a PvP that matches the FF14 world. BUT THERE WILL BE NO PK.

5. Target circling system: Very more PAD user complains about it, he will make additional modification on next patch.


Sounds like there are going to be adjustments made to the geography itself. Perhaps that poem he posted earlier in January has something to do with it?

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Interesting theory on the "jump" situation. I think they are heading in the right direction, as more MMOs should. Doing an action and having a little animation to change between planes of terrain (i.e. climbing over something or dropping down something in Assassin's Creed)


Although I am primarily a PvPer I am glad that they will not be having open PKing. I prefer conquest/battleground type scenarios... I just hope the PvP isn't as niche and insignificant as Ballista was in FFXI, or an arena type thing.. hate arenas. My highest hopes are to be able to join a Faction and fight in a Warhammer Online-style RvR territory conquest lake.

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