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Greetings to all.


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As of recent, I have looked up this game, and I've all but convinced myself to join it, praying my computer will handle it.


Before I do however, I would like to join an honest group of roleplayers, which in this case would be you guys. So, I am here to give a history of my RP experiance, and see if anyone would be interested in befriending me. :D


So, my major Role-playing experience began with World of Warcraft, where i played a Blood Elf Paladin where i formed my own guild called the Shadow Clan, who were in itself, mercs. This went on very well and soon rose to one of the greater role-playing guilds in the server, but know and behold, all good things must come to an end, and my guild fell apart when Vampire RP came into fashion, being bitten means you must be a vampire, therefore when it struck my guild, it struck hard, 1/2 of the guild became vampires and separated the guild into two. Among trying to resolve the issue, my officers ditched mean, leaving the weight of the problem to crash around me, my guild disbanded shortly after.


Later, i made a warlock, and went about RPing on her, i was rather amateurish with this one, with warlocks become demonic possessions, blah blah. But i eventually learned the errors of my poor RP, and grew to be better, was only till later when i saw someone like me that i realized how stupid i must have looked. I role-played on WoW for 7 years, until i lost all my friends and contacts and with it, interest in the game.


I did forum roleplay for a while, and still do, but it hasn't got the same kind of meaning to me as having an avatar did. So, i hope to rekindle my old RPing habbits on this game. Other than the occasional drama, i tend to try being a rather normal, if not very timid, character, striving to be as adorable as possible, if i am not playing the bada**. I will likely play Lalafell females and/or Miqo'te.


One thing i hope to try is a crafting/gathering guild, though i know they're called something different. Are you able to form your own guilds in this game? I'm not sure yet. Still, a crafting guild would be nice, heavy RP where travellers for materials will be guarded by warriors of all sorts, and will use crafts to build and sell in an RP style market. Maybe i'm being ambitious, but hey, I've always wanted to do one in WoW, but since that won't be the case, i will dream to do it here.


Thanks for listening, I'm happy to answer any and all questions.

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Hello and welcome! Always good to have another role player on Besaid!


There was a crafting guild called "The Silver Anvil" a while ago but the leader (Nikolai Petrilio) has taken his talents to a linkshell I'm leader in called Outer Heaven. Although crafting isn't our focus, we do have a group lead by Eva Ianeira called Rainfall that focuses on crafting and gathering. This sounds like something that might work out well for you ^^


Other then that, we have several fantastic shells on Besaid that can give you a good start. The best way is to take a look at this link: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshells.php


That will give you a brief description of each shell and direct you to their website.


Again, welcome to the RPC and if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask! We have tons of people here who are willing to help!

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I wouldn't mind trying to create one myself, it's all about experimentation and all.


I shall be purchasing the game as soon as i am available to do so and pray that it works on my computer. I wonder how my lalafell will look, it's exciting to think about.

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While I don't mean to discourage you, now would be the worst possible time to try creating your own RP shell. That's not to say it can't succeed, but the likelihood of it doing so would be rather slim right now unless you've already got a handful of friends waiting in the wings to pump initial energy into it. The best time to create a RP shell now would be right around PS3 launch when the flood of newbies start coming in and oldies return.


There have been 3 attempts to start a crafter only type of RP shell and none of them have managed to get off the ground (save for Silver Anvil, but even they struggled quite a bit in keeping an active roster and eventually had to disband).


The RP community, along with the general community, is in a slight lull right now. This is largely due to the game still being considered in unofficial "beta testing." You can still find RP of course and there are numerous events still going on. But most RPers have pretty much settled into whatever shell they want to be in for the time being.


Again, not trying to discourage you. Just don't want you to get your hopes up by creating your own group. My advice would be to join a pre-existing one and consider creating your own after you've garnered enough interest later down the line. Either way, hope to see you in Eorzea!

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Unofficial beta testing? I'm a bit confused.


But I see your point, guild making was never easy, specially RP guilds, i made 3 only one being a success in the past. But I wouldn't mind joining one that's well...RP involved. A lot of guilds i joined in the past only tended to do rp things not often, and i like to indulge in roleplay, it makes MMO's much more fun to me.

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Unofficial beta Testing~âª


Because the game isn't really finished.

When the game was released, it was lacking in a lot of ways.

They're working on adding content, changing systems, all kinds of things.


Because they know it's not finished, there hasn't been a monthly fee so far and wont be one until they feel the game is "complete" enough. â¥


The game is quiet. A lot of people who bought the game on release have left because of this, but there are still players around. :3

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I'm sure people will. The point of MMos is to play with others as far as I'm concerned.


So, I'd suggest trying to join another shell, rather than starting your own at this point. Hopefully we'll see a surge in people once more content comes in, and as Castiel said, that'd probably be the best time to start a LS of your own.

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I wouldn't dream of starting one at a low level anyhow. Nothing brings less respect than a low level I have found, many would disagree "Level has nothing to do with RP." I once tried to back this argument as well, but when it comes down to it, levels play one of the larger roles in roleplay, whether people want to or not.


Ask anyone who is a high level if they would roleplay an even fight or duel, and possibly even lose, to someone who is only a few levels above the start. Very few would claim they would allow it. And personally, why should they lose to someone who just joined when they worked so hard to harness their characters into full-fledge warriors, time and effort only to be beaten by someone without as much dedication or time.


Still, I'd probably try starting a linkshell, is it called? sometime during my later levels.

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I've personally never cared about rank or Level.

I've RPed a fight scene where I lost to a player who was a lower rank than me and I had great fun doing it! ~âª

I would like to think that the rank is not representive of a characters actual skill at whatever their doing, but I know that not everyone sees it that way.


I've heard players badmouth others because of their low rank, and honestly, I think that's pretty sad.


A bigger factor for you starting your own linkshell, I think, is that you need to have a decent number of players willing to join from the start. Even if you're a maximum rank, if you don't have other people to do stuff with, it's all for nothing.

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Hello again, as you can probably tell from my Avatar and my Signiture, I've become a part of the community, hurray :D


Got a bit of a tight lag problem, and the frequent blinking almost everything but the background, but otherwise having a grand old time. might make RPing hard, but i will still do my best.


Now to decide what to do...hmm...

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