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Murder in the court!

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At around mid-afternoon of this sun, a young woman was slain today in the Gold Court by an individual robed from head to toe in black. The young woman was shot down with an arrow from afar in full view of a public audience of twenty or so people and died almost moments after being shot down. The assassin then fled from the scene of the crime. He escaped the Brass Blades pursuit though and is wanted for murder. If you have any information about any shady or black robed individuals wandering around the back alleyways or in public area's, please contact the Brass Blades or the Immortal Flames.


Investigator Inessa Hara was called to the scene not long after the murder, where she began to work and shared her report with this reporter after she gave her initial report to the Brass Blades and they carried off the body to the temple.


"The woman should not have died in moment's after being struck with the arrow as it did not hit a vital place. However, after careful observation, I discovered that the arrow was tipped with a very rare Neuro-toxin found only in the very deep woodland's of the Shroud. The attacker in question I believe is a very skilled and professional assassin to use such an effective killing tool."


"The murdered woman in question was also a midlander Hyur. Red Haired. Middle aged, between the ages of twenty to thirty in my professional opinion, though official records might say otherwise from my analysis. I will not reveal the name of the murdered woman, but there is no evidence that would link her to being wanted dead. We can also assume that the attacker was not after her money or otherwise he would have isolated her in a alleyway somewhere and pulled a blade on her, not shoot her in public. My advice would be to not wander around alone or in dangerous or solitary area's during the day or night, unless you are armed to fight back. Stay safe people. I would rather not see anyone else dead."

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Reaching to pinch her glasses free of her vision, Shashato found herself staring at the page with a startling mixture of disdain and annoyance. Slowly lowering the paper from before her, she took but a moment to pull up her sleeve and check on the skin of her arm. 


"Well, I certainly can't say I didn't see this coming. Great. Now I need to poison myself repeatedly before I step foot in my own home city. Well, at least the inevitable resistance to neuro-toxins should come in handy... If my brain survives. "



Taking but a moment to peer at the story again, she murmured " Still... Poor woman. " With that, she rolled the newspaper up, sliding it into the folds of her robe. "If they ever capture the wily scoundrel I will have to beat him with this article before his inevitable execution or removal of extremities!" 

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Fina moves her index finger along the page as she reads the details, brows furrowing as she reaches the end. For a moment, an unlikely worry strikes -- That description sounds unnervingly like me... -- But is immediately replaced by a far more characteristic thought.



But I wonder what that poison was -- there's a fair chance I've seen it in my laboratory before...

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Red Duck, Roegadyn of possibly the evilest nature, steals a nearby paper off a shop stall counter as he clumps his way through Ul'Dah and back into his usual back alley, when he is in town - of course.


A quick jostle and read later, the paper hits the dirty Ala'Mhigan filled walkway in a crumple.


... Even Ul'Dahn assassins are pussyfooting cowards. Fweh.



Red Duck trodded along down the path, but only after reaching down, slapping an Ala'Mhigan child, taking her apple and pushing her malnourished protective father into a bunch of empty decayed crates.


Delicious Apples.

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