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  1. My nights are rarely busy, and since I rarely have any reasons to get up early - usually quite late. We shall certainly work something out!
  2. Well, it's appreciated anyway! Thank you. Hey, hey, so long as I'm online, I'm always available. Being from the EU timezone never makes things any easier but I will be darned if I let work eat up my weekends.
  3. Hello there! Phoo, I admit it has been a while. I haven't touched FFXIV or it's roleplaying scene since 2015! And , to make the understatement of the century, I think I've missed a lot. So I might as well bring myself in anew. I've actually been playing the game up to the end-game content of Stormblood just to get a feel for it and - what do you know, I've fallen in love with it again. That's when I noticed something was missing...and that lead me over here. So, hello everyone! Glad to meet all of you as I'm unlikely to remember anyone from back in the day, I'm a working class shmuck who loves to roleplay in his free time and has, sadly, precious little of it - though I don't intend to let that stop me from trying to do what I enjoy. But I absolutely love this game and I remember that you - the fantastic roleplay community - was absolutely delightful back in the day. I'm dying to get back into it - which in no small order involves me getting a character back on Balmung - my old server - and getting to know you all again. I'm going to be setting my eyes open for an FC pretty soon so, I'll have to see where that goes. That said, I'm still running through potential character ideas for a new character that I hope to focus on, so brainstorming will be a requirement. Until then - I hope to see you all in-game!
  4. Well if you don't mind the shorter crowd, Shashato could make a good companion! She can be quirky at times but if you can survive her constant chattering, you can have some genuinely interesting conversations.
  5. Absolutely love your character and your signature. It's gotten me in the mood to make one. Much love. Much life.
  6. Well, Shashato certainly wouldn't mind finding some extra work! She's been looking to make use of her magical affinity for more joyous uses, so if you'd like a preformer more versed in those circles, she certainly wouldn't mind! Besides, it's good to have a new haunt. I'm usually around on Saturday evenings, though I may be a bit late this Saturday (busy from 10pm gmt till 2am) due to an event I'm hosting but otherwise I'll be free
  7. I'm pretty sure there's going to be a minor problem for lowbies to get there, but honestly? It all looks awesome and imo I wouldn't mind a change of scenery! Variety is great.
  8. I always see Cliodhna Eoghan's signature dominating half the page...wonderful eyecatch to read up their fantastic comments!
  9. I have no idea who you are, but no one deserves a shattered limb!. Hope you get well soon and move that sucker!
  10. Oh that's just cruel for poor Shashato, considering she can't have children, heh. Though parenthood is one of her aspirations, if not to teach! Oddly enough I can see her being the oddball type of parent. Very proactive, perhaps trying a little too hard, confident that her children can learn to stand up to themselves - what better way then sending them on constant dangerous errands? That aside I can see her wanting to spend a lot of time teaching them to be smart enough to stay ahead in the world, whilst keeping things proactive. TThat and she'd make the weirdest breakfast omelettes.
  11. Well, certainly an odd request but if you require someone to offer him some guidance, Shashato often enjoys offering that kind of attention to the young!
  12. Shashato Shato would certainly react quite strongly depending on the person. For her it's more of a question of impression. As a rule, she doesn't mind physical contact much. Heck she often finds taking other's hands to be effective comfort. However a complete stranger getting all touchy feely might elicit the understandable uncomfortable reaction, and anything inappropriate with reviled dismay. It also doesn't help that she is a bit of a neat freak, meaning if the person is a hog - even if they are a friend - she'll be reluctant to touch back. The horror.
  13. Flakskader


    Welcome to Balmung, V! I hope you have a fantastic time here amongst us and that you feel very much at home! If you ever need questions answered feel free to ask about! I'm always available, and my characters down below if you ever feel like role playing.
  14. It would be a bit spoilery to go fully into detail but - Fatally wounding a family member. An occurrence that not only left her terrified of water seeing as it was - to leave it up to the imagination - heavily involved, but also caused her to assume the identity of a non combatant.
  15. 'Twixt future and past it lies solid in the ebb the infinite now.
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