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Loveless [EU + NA]


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In a world of greed, envy, and arrogance…the powerful seek more power. Oftentimes the dishonest outweigh the honest. The selfish, overshadow the selfless. What has happened to our morals, our honor? Who here still toils for the betterment of all?


Company Loveless was formed on this ideal. We seek the undervalued noble, who labors not only for themselves, but for all. From the proud gatherers, who tirelessly traverse the realm in search of the very best in honest goods, for an honest living – to the soldier, who stands firm against the horrors of this world, and never leaves a man behind – to the craftsman, who place their very soul into the works they make, and find greater worth with the homes they make. Of this, we are. Good people, an honest life, and a greater purpose – to rise above oneself.




Matron/OverseerFounded by Renna Xai and Arc Skyphire, Loveless started as the simple belief in doing the right thing. Whether it was sheltering the low at heart, finding path for the wandering soul, or re-strengthening a lessened resolve; our aim was, and has always been, to bring about real hope, and real change amidst the darkness.


BelovedOur most trusted, and upstanding of members. These are the virtuous few who hold themselves to the highest standards of selflessness and love. They are the loyal, the teachers, and the friends to all who find their way to our doorstep.


DreamersThe Dreamers are those who have found cause within themselves. They take, with renewed aim, to overcome the very trials they face. With our support, they set out from a place of strength, giving real chance to finally break free from the chains that bind them.


WanderersThey are our very cause. These are the lost, the broken; those who ambitiously seek allies to help shoulder the weight of the burdens they bare. Ever we look to help re-fit the pieces they bring.




Loveless is a brand new RP company, geared towards PVE progression for daytime NA and peak hour EU players. Our aim is to gather a strong community of players who are willing to put the work in to be something more. We will take to all aspects of the game, from PvE/PvP/RP, to dungeons, primals, and raids. With no strict regiment, we simply provide an open forum for roleplayers to progress. So long as you’re patient, selfless, and willing to help yourself AND the company; Loveless can and will be a great home for you and your IC toon.


What we're looking for:

-Anyone that would like to learn or teach a craft/skill/combat/magicks as a part of their RP

-Anyone needing shelter, perhaps a warm meal and a warm bed until they land back on their feet

-Those who wish to help others both IC/OOC. This can be anything from a friend, an apprentice, to a lover. We aim to forge deep, lasting, memorable bonds.

-Friendly people with the will and patience to start a new FC


What we offer:

-A friendly, close knit player base

-Opportunity to develop your character both IC and OOC

-A chance to help lay the foundation of an FC that has every intention of being here for years to come

-PvE progression with friends, where the only limit is your desire

-Medium FC home in Lavender Beds

-A united company for a player base that is often scattered and overlooked on Balmung (NA Daytime / EU Peak Hour Players)

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Through hard work and dedication, I'm happy to announce that Loveless is now offering medium housing in the Lavender Beds to our members. Feel free to stop on by and visit us in Ward 3 anytime for RP. We never turn away folks in need.


For all questions and comments, PM Arc Skyphire or myself here on the RPC, or send us a tell in-game. To apply, please visit http://loveless-rp.enjin.com


Thank you

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*BUMP* It's EU afternoons .. and Loveless the EU Afternoon/NA Morning FC is recruiting!


We have tea

We have cake

We had a Hog Roast

We go fishing together

We have a FC house 

We need a FC song.. maybe you can help

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