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Young Gladiator seeks Free Paladin Mentor

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Greetings Balmung! Today I present to you a wonderful opportunity. Have you, my fair free paladin, ever wished to enforce your will and crack down on an impressionable and young woman? Well I've got some great news.




Meet Miah! She's an eager gladiator who's only claim to fame came from being pretty and marketable. As an aspiring hero of justice she eagerly seeks out the knowledge and skills to fight evil wherever it may be! The only problem exists that the only paladins she runs into are puffy sultansworn, and this keeper ain't about that life!


So long story short, I want someone to set up a longer term RP with that will help turn my spunky young gladiator with no skills besides her determination and vigor into a heroic paladin! If interested please reply to this thread or contact me in game. Full name is Miah Akhabila. Thanks~

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