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The Assassin Strikes Again!

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At around midnight of this eve, a loud scream was heard in one of the corridors of the Palace. When the Brass Blades and Sultansworn rushed to the incident, they found another woman, Riddled with arrow's with the assailant nowhere in sight.


Detective Hara was yet again called onto the scene, where she yet again, gave the same report she gave to both Sworn and Brass officials after the body was carried off to the temple.


'Yet again, another woman was slain. Middle aged, between twenty to thirty years old, red haired and had a fair face. She was a maidservant to the Sultana or one of the numerous ones she had. When the officials got here, they gathered from eye witness report's that the attacker was a tall man robbed in complete black. The woman in question died in the same manner as the last. Shot with an arrow dipped in a lethal Nero-toxin. However, the woman was stronger than the last victim and the assailant had to shoot her two more times before she went down. All three arrow's were aimed center mass.'



'For the sake of the murdered woman, her name has been withheld at this time to avoid public panic but I believe we are dealing with a serial murderer. Both of the victims so far have had a lot of traits in common and were murdered in the same way. In public, with eye witnesses around to witness the murder and all had traits that were exactly the same as the other. I would advise that if you see any suspicious individuals, you will report them to the Sultansworn or the Brass Blades or me and that if you match the description of the victims so far then please stay in safe locations and immediately report any suspicious individuals should they begin to follow you around and whatnot.'

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Taking a fair look at the paper, Shashato narrows her lids at a familiar entry, shaking her head at the contents before reluctantly lowering the paper, pulling out the page and giving it to her carbuncle. 



"To target a handmaiden under the sultana's charge? These assassins are either ruthlessly calculating or asking for trouble. If this escalates any further the sworn are going to have a field day. "


Stopping to stroke her chin, the lalafell watches the summon rip the paper appart. What ever happened to good news? 

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Red Duck up to no good, sitting on a bunch of stolen crates on a cart heading out to the Golden Bazaar - eating an apple and adjusting his coolman sunglasses in the hot Thanalan sun to read the local rags.


Some good stuff about hiring bouncers. Good in to steal stuff later, blah blah.


Lost courel kitten, please return - yarg blarg blarg.


Murdered Woman - same MO, detective, such like.


Red Duck took a moment to savor his apple, chewing up his apple's core, before folding the paper and using it as a poor man's napkin.


He didn't say much but - being a criminal in Ul'Dah will get easier if everyone goes out on a hunt for a serial killer.


Gooooooooooooooooooooood news. For Red Duck.

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