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A state of emergency!

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The fabled Black Cloaked murderer has struck yet again, this time, he took the life of a child instead of a woman.


The attack happened in broad daylight. The assassin, perched on a balcony overview of the Market shot at and attempted to kill yet another young maiden with bright red hair. Instead, a young child noticed the assassin and what he was about to do and stood in the path of the arrow as it descended towards the maiden. The arrow stuck the young boy in the heart. He died instantly.


To protect the safety and identity of the woman, she has been taken into protective custody of the Brass Blades and her name withheld. However, the name of the child has been given to us.


The child's name was Zackary, or Zack. He was young. Fourteen cycles of age. Was aspiring to be a Sultansworn when he got older, but instead chose to cut his life short to save another. A valiant yet sad end for someone who wanted to protect others.


Detective Hara, who was the head investigator to this case was called out to survey the crime scene yet again. Alarmingly, she said that these murder's are happening with increased frequency. Stating that 'there is a clear pattern to these murders. The murdurerd women as well as the woman who lived do have a small connection to each other. The delicate nature of the investigation demand's I withhold information for now, but I will reveal more eventually when we have a clear motive for the murderer. However, we have determined who the next murder victim will be and we are moving to secure and protect her. Rest assured, we will have the criminal soon.'


Concerned citizens have petitioned official law enforcement groups, the Brass Blades and the Sultansworn, to issue a state of alert with the amount of dead piling up. However, there has been no official comment regarding the matter save that they are considering increasing the frequency of shift changes and how many guard's patrol the city.

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She normally didn't kept with the news of Ul'dah, specially in the days she was a custom to the blasted city of sand into gold or whatever hogwash they kept repeating. But, she was first and foremost an adventurer, and being kept up with the news was essential to know where to go and where the opportunities are going. Ignoring that was simply foolish.


She readed the news, and simply gave another sigh. Never change Ul'dah. Hiring private investigators though? That was new.


This was at least assurance it wasn't any monetarist or Syndicate work, or else they would have put someone already, those disgusting ballgags.

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The Hyena sits on a bench in Pearl Lane with a paper he nabbed off of a table in the Quicksand, reading articles in his not-so-Gucci throne. He stares at the paragraphs, barely phased anymore, simply let down.


[align=center]What was the kid's name... I was helping out a few, can't bear to hear it was one of my own pack.[/align]


Flipping through some more, Flynt returns to finding a means to re-amass his fortune once more.

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