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[Open] Message in a Bottle


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The person who came across the message happened to be someone who needed it more then they thought they would.


The one to find it was a midlander. Petite, blonde, fair of skin and just as fair of nature. Though as she picked up the bottle, the first thing she noticed wasn't the little thing of gold but the note. The gold wasn't what ended up being important to her on that day: it was the words on the page.


With the little chunk of gold in one hand, Sara's eyes scanned over the note and widened increasingly at the words of encouragement. "What a lovely thing to give," she whispered. She had to keep her hair out of her face from the ocean breeze, and nearby she could hear her family playing along the shore of the Mists on one of their little family vacations.


"Sara! Mikh'a wants you!"


"Coming!" She called over her shoulder. Pondering over what to do with the gold, she slipped it into her satchel along with the seashells she had been collecting before she began to stroll back to the others.


The person who made the note would likely never know how much the words meant to her. And who knows? Maybe she'd find them some day and thank them.

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On the shore of La Noscea, Jana Ridah, partially-undercover while working for the Arcanists' Guild, was looking over a shipment of contraband that had washed ashore after being thrown overboard. As if that would save it from falling into the hands of any officials... But along with the crate of shady herbs was a bottle that had gotten caught up in the same current.


The miqo'te had a mind to toss it out, until she felt just how heavy it was... Emptying it out, she pocketed the gil, briefly scanned the page, saw it wasn't any sort of shipping manifest, and put it back into the bottle to be tossed into the nearest wastebasket. Pirates could be so silly sometimes. What kind of blowhard would write a poem to be tossed into the sea with money?

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