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Saying hello!


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Hello everyone. Been lurking for a while, finally registered and thought I'd say hello.

Ishgard roleplayer here hoping to meet some more and try to get myself integrated into the roleplaying community. I'll be putting up a wiki entry on my character in the near future. 

Good to meet you all and happy hunting!


And I suppose I could tell a little about myself. Whoops.

Let's see.

I've been involved in MMOs as a whole since EQ1, been involved in Lord of the Rings Online, WoW, Star Wars: The Old Republic and a few others, SWG was another. Roleplayed in most of them, but most often I was an RPer on TOR, and Lord of the Rings Online.


My main on here is Aldaric Travenchet, and I'm a medium - heavy RPer that also enjoys his end game activity. Uhm. I'll add more as I think about it, I suppose. Feel free to send me a tell in game, or on here.

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