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The Scratching Post


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The Scratching Post is an OOC linkshell dedicated to lore discussion and roleplay connections for miqo'te who lead more of a traditionalist lifestyle. We accept anybody who has a miqo'te that continues to hold onto their cultural values, be they Keeper of the Moon or Seeker of the Sun. This includes adventuring miqo'te who refuse to let go of their old lifestyles, instead taking pride in their past.



  1. Only miqo'te characters may join the linkshell, unless they are the alt of somebody who mains a traditional miqo'te.
  2. Roleplayers only. Medium and heavy roleplayers preferred, but only because this type of LS is very lore-based.
  3. No trash-talk. Be kind and courteous to everybody whether they share your opinion or not. If it truly angers you, compromise.

Interested? The Scratching Post is a new linkshell as of February 21st, 2015, so I'm hoping we can pull some people in! No matter what timezone you're in, you're welcome here. Just send a private message to Y'lani Kalihd for an invite!

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