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Au Ra maybe [Semi-closed]


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((I just wanted to start writing some bits for my character concepts of the new Au Ra race. I know there is little known. So feel free to write, comment, read etc..))


Anzu stared into the swirling snow storm from the battlements. It was cold and angry like he felt deep inside his own heart. The storm called to him to jump and even decorated his horns with welcoming ice. Anzu stood has he had done each day, wondering if this was the day he answered and jumped. 


He remembered her, Annyana, his other self. She was the softness of the snow where he was the hardness of the ice, and yet he had melted and been enslaved since he first looked into her eyes. They would have been a mated pair and she was taken from him by them.


There was no point to jumping, he was dead already from the day he felt her slip from this life. No, he had a duty to fulfil, leading a group into Eorzea to fight join in their fight. He did not expect to return.


Shifting the weight of his sword, Anzu turned and headed down to the group he would be leading. There were a few old solid soldiers, but mostly they were young and eager to see adventure and the other lands. The cocky flamboyant lancers all bravado, more fancy armour than experience he thought. The machinists with their cannons and things, may be of use. And the couple of Astrelogians, an old fellow and some young girl, who look very nervous.


These were his charge, his responsibility and he would see them safe as best he could before he found his own end.


So he walked among them, giving a word of encouragement here, pointing out a loose strap there and sharing a knowing nod with the veterans. When he came to the girl he smiled reassuringly trying to convey calmness. Except, she squeaked in panic dropped her pack of cards, so he bent to help pick them up offering some words of encouragement before moving on to check the Chocobos.

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Naria fidgeted in her robes, they were too loose and offered no protection. She missed the armour she had been in since she could wield a blade, and she had been turning out to be a promising protector.. not some dress wearing fate spinner. It had all changed for her when she had taken Thalya's stupid dare and spun the fate globe. It was just supposed to spin and they would run away. How was she supposed to know it would glow and she would be marked? It was so unfair.


So that was that, she had been taken prisoner had more tests and then they gave her these cards, an orb and some robes and was told to go follow her fate. Well maybe she was not a prisoner, she had been spotted and was now an Astrelogian, at lest in training. She was the student of Senistus, an old master, who said he was doing dream divinations most of the time, though she suspected he was just sleeping. The snoring was definitely a give-away.


Naria was trying to get her robes to hang so she would have half a chance not to trip herself up, when she spotted the Commander walking through their group. Her eyes had been drawn to the lancers in their heroic looking armour, and the way they were so confident made her want to know more. But as she caught sight of the commander she noticed the aura around him, a dark aura of loss and despair. She was wondering what this meant when he was there in front of her snarling down at her with his horns iced up like some ice demon. She gave a little shriek and dropped her cards.


It was over in moments, he told her off in that deep barking commander voice and she bleated apologies as she hoped he did throw her out into the storm for being such a helpless whelp.


Then he was gone and she looked down at the card he had picked up for her and smiled. Maybe he would find his light on this trip, the cards seemed to think so.




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