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TALE's Enchanted Forest Masquerade Ball!

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The following flyer is found posted around all the city-states, hamlets, and settlements of Eorzea. Some, undoubtedly, blowing in the wind, or left on tavern tables or ferry boats.




TALE is celebrating its 1-year as a guild the week of August 2nd! For the finale to our festivities, we are holding an open-invite masquerade ball for everyone on Besaid. Roleplayer, non-roleplayer, opo-opo, doesn't matter! You are invited!


The only requirement? A mask and a fabulous outfit~


When: Friday, August 5th @ 7:00pm PDT/10:00pm EDT

Where: Goldleaf Dais in the far northeast of Eastern Black Shroud.



Streaming music

Debut of TALE memory videos

Fluffy Snurble Marshmallow Competition (How many marshmallows can you shove down your mouth and still say 'snurble'?)

Costume Contest

Improv Contest (Who's Line is it, Anyway?)


Tell your friends!


For further details, respond here or contact Aveline Blue, Eva Ianeira, Midge Totounama, or Diyne Ikapine in game.

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