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Valindra..Val whatever ya wanna call me. Just thought I would come over here and Say Hi. I just got back after starting the game at launch and thought I would try it again with a Character on Besaid as I was unable to get on here at launch and hook up with fellow Roleplayers on the Server my first character was on. So yea I played SWG for 3 years till the NGE, Was apart of a large RP community and enjoyed it and hope to find a home here to RP and help me get a better understanding of the game. Feel free to find me Under Valindra on Besaid.

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Welcome to the RPC Val! :cheer:


While many of the various RPers across Besaid do not necessarily visit this portal as often as we once did, the climate of the game is still rich for creativity and RP. Please feel free to peruse the communities and ask any questions you may have. We don't bite (most of us).


I'm "Eva Ianeira" in game. You may send me a /tell as well if you have any questions.

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I wouldn't be too concerned. The in-game "community" is much more active than these forums are. Though a lot of shells tend to keep to themselves these days, and the community itself is rather small due to the state of the game. Suffice it to say, plenty of roleplay does go on in-game.


People are slowly trickling back, but I don't think the RP community will make a full recovery until the PS3 launch. That's just my own personal opinion, though.


You can actually check out some of the active shells here.


There's also an OOC linkshell on Besaid strictly for roleplayers, which is used for just general socializing and organizing RP. It's also a nice stepping stone for newcomers to get integrated into the community by meeting members of the various shells on the server. It isn't as active as it used to be, but it still exists. You can find a link to that in my signature.

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