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The Machina Consortium

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A place for mechanically minded rp characters seeking rp, ic contacts and ooc shenanigans.


Love airships? Fan of Garlean tek? Trying to unravel the mysteries behind Allagen tech? Novice tinker? Experienced and looking to train the next crop? Love building weapons? Have any sort of prosthetic body part of a mechanical persuasion you do the upkeep or are in need of help with said upkeep? Unhealthy obsession deep passion for anything that clicks, whirls or beeps? Any other interest along these lines I failed to mention and want to find others with the same interest? If the above suits your ic needs, post below for an add to The Machina Consortium.

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Considering I'm already thrusting Kurt into the world of Hydaelyn Engineering and he's already Cliodhna's little helper/gopher not to mention doing what he can with whatever pieces of tech the YTC has. And I have one last LS slot open...I can have an invite here yeah?

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If there's space available, I've started an RP alt named Sylsey Allond who is a street rat who loves to tinker with random parts and make little creations in her spare time.  =]  She could benefit from the LS's contacts~


sure! been pretty sick lately so i haven't been on the foruns or in game much but just send me a tell next time you're online and i'll get you added x3

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