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Lunar Rose Academy is a school for everyone! Learn basic things like reading, writing, languages, Home ec, math, and history. Or tap into your abilities by learning magic, weapons or even crafting! Its all up to you, as long if you are willing to learn. Have any questions, or do you wish to learn more about this company? Contact me on Masao#2913, or click the link to join our discord. Hope to see you soon!





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Free Company

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  2. https://lunar-rose-academy.tumblr.com/post/182766578049/lunar-rose-academy-in-collaboration-with Lunar Rose Academy Presents, in a collaboration with Moons Rest Valentinos Eve! Join us for a fun day full of activities as we near the end of the Valentinos event. We have a bunch of stuff to do! Like for example: The Cookoff of Love! Battle it out in this cookoff! All the ingredients have something to do with the color of love: Red! Can you combine the best ingredients and make the judges water their mouths as they taste your dish? Talent Show! Bring your talents to the stage! Either if its a dance, singing, stand up, or even doing magic tricks. Whatever your talent is, show it! The winner will be determined by the people with a vote. Various Booths! Some booths will stand around the area, like a fortune teller booth, let the stars tell you how you stand in life! a matchmaking booth, to find that special love. A Test of Courage booth, is your love strong enough? and even a booth for various drinks and foods! Mysterious Prize! The winner of the cookoff and the Talent Show will win a mysterious prize. What could it be? A minion? Or that one hairstyle you always wanted? Or maybe that mount that you cant get your hands on? Or maybe even just cold hard gil? Mysterious~ The event will be held at the Moons Rest, (Ward 10, Plot 58) The doors open at 6 PM EST on Saturday the 16th. So bring your friends, your family, the dog from that one friend that was once your neighbor. It doesn’t matter! Everyone is welcome. And celebrate one more day of love with us! If you wish to sign up for the Cook-off/Talent show, click here: https://goo.gl/forms/hGIXxu18miC46l5I3
  3. Everything is on the website! The form, classes and the rules and such. Check it out! https://tinyurl.com/y765oz7u
  4. Today's class will be: November 10th (Saturday) 7PM EST/Ayane Mayuzuma/Aether Control
  5. Today's class will be: November 9th (Friday) - 9PM EST/Dr. Titor Jaraba/Intro to Alchemy
  6. Today's class will be: November 7th (Wednesday) - 7PM Eastern/Doctor Yousuke Saito/E-MED 101
  7. Today's class will be: November 5th (Today) - 8PM Eastern/Kai'to Kahjeia/Writing Refinement
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