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The Crystalline Sanctum Reliquary and Historical Archive's goal is both the recovery and preservation of relics, as well as the documentation and uncovering of both ancient and modern history. Be you a scholar striving research and knowledge, or an adventurer seeking to delve into long forgotten tombs, dungeons, and lost cities, the Crystalline Sanctum has a place for you. Any who wish to inquire about this Free Company are welcome to post their questions here, or if you wish to contact us on Discord, you can add and reach out to Valen Stalhart (Valen#0485), Makoto Obinata (Advix#7608), or Damaris Kincaid (Damiguana#5447). However, at this point in time, Valen will be the best person to reach due to the latter two having outside engagements at this point in time. Any messages to them will likely be redirected to Valen.





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Free Company

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