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Golden Wings <Wings> is opening the doors of the Imaginarium to new recruits! We are a mature (18+) RP FC Golden Wings is focused around offering a sanctuary for the magically inclined, where one can come to study in peace or even to seek out forbidden knowledge without the judgement of their outside orders. Those who may be persecuted for their practices or beliefs, hunted for anathema works or who may have dealings with demons or other supernatural beings may all call the Imaginarium home. While we are focused on the realm of magic, no sanctuary is complete without guardians to aid in its protection, smiths mundane as well as arcane to offer crafting and enchanting of items and weapons. We of the Golden Wings are always looking for members to help fill other useful roles that are of benefit for the coven as well as our guests and allies.





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Magical Sanctuary, hunting ghosts, oni, demons etc.


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  2. MorganaYmir


    From the album: Morgana's Office

  3. MorganaYmir


    Some beautiful screenies from current missions
  4. Have a lovely evening in our magical "The Forest" Bar and join us for some exquisite tea.
  5. The first beach party hosted by the Wings for their members and friends.
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