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  1. Find here our available roles and different ranks which you can join! Neophyte: Barely have been in touch with any magical lessons but willing to be part of the magical world by studying and learning. Auxilia: Not been in touch with the magical world and don't intend to become part of it. They overtake other tasks in the Imaginarium mostly for social events. Aequilibritas: Those people who have studied on their own and wish to neither fill a student or mentor role but who are not magical beings in themselves. Those can also continue their studies with the tomes and grimoires in the estate. Architectus: Those people who are in charge of the workshop and helping to run and develop our airships and submarines. Guardian: They are the guardians and protectors of the Imaginarium and serve as "barrier" when anything goes wrong. They are also the ones who are allowed to enforce rules on guests or attendants when entering the Imaginarium. Caeleste: Everyone who is by itself a mythical being without having it studied or learned but turned into something magical either by accident, curse, wish or from being born. Zodiphyte: People in the Imaginarium who wish to teach others and are also offering to forward their knowledge. Those who want to be Zodiphytes, please write me a short DM. Please be aware that this also means that people can come to you for lessons and to ask to forward knowledge.
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    Behind the Bar

    Thank you a lot! Should come visit us one day
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    Some beautiful screenies from current missions
  4. Have a lovely evening in our magical "The Forest" Bar and join us for some exquisite tea.
  5. MorganaYmir

    The Baths Area

    After a long and exhausting mission, people can relax here from the dangerous creatures they are hunting
  6. Visit our wounderful Imaginarium and join us each Tuesday for Tea and Rumours.
  7. MorganaYmir

    The Imaginarium

    Visit our wonderful Imaginarium and "The Forest" downstairs.
  8. Golden Wings <Wings> is opening the doors to new recruits! We are a mature (18+) RP FC in Balmung Who are we? Golden Wings is focused around offering a sanctuary for the magically inclined, where one can come to study in peace or even to seek out forbidden knowledge without the judgement of their outside orders. Those who may be persecuted for their practices or beliefs, hunted for anathema works or who may have dealings with demons or other supernatural beings may all call the Imaginarium home. While we are focused on the realm of magic, no sanctuary is complete without guardians to aid in its protection, smiths mundane as well as arcane to offer crafting and enchanting of items and weapons. We of the Golden Wings are always looking for members to help fill other useful roles that are of benefit for the coven as well as our guests and allies. The halls of the Imaginarium: A place teeming with magic and where each room is as different as the next for whatever our needs. Weaving the threads of magic, our home is a juncture of pocket dimensions to suit our purposes. Everything is designed and conjured for whatever our dreams and desires may be. Two Sides of one coin The Imaginarium to the ouside world Especially the downstairs open area with "The Forest" is filled with dreams, high class beverages and attractions. You can also choose from various cocktails and foods to create your very personal and unique evening experience. The secluded rooms are still able to be served by our waitresses and waiters and you can even have little snacks there. The Imaginarium to the known Golden Wings is open to all whom might think this to be a place for them to let their imagination run. EU RP FC with FC focused storylines and plenty of chances for open RP Character centric hooks and plot lines Every week new missions with briefings, monster sightings, rumours etc. EU friendly times (ca. 8pm BST) Weekly events and community activities (content runs, movie nights, Jackbox nights and much more!) Come visit our website and join the Discord! Please DM any questions if your curiosity gets the better of you! You can also visit us IG! The FC is located in Shirogane, Plot 31 in the 14th Ward Click here for our website! Click here to join our Discord!
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