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Located by the lovely beachfront of La Noscea’s own Mist residences, this inviting tavern is home to some of the most luscious and lively hosts. They’ll serve you a succulent drink, and make sure you’re in good company. No one is allowed to spend the night being lonely at this sensuous abode. Every Saturday, as the sun fades across the open sea, the moon lights up this mansion, and the doors fling open wide to any willing folks who wish to spend a captivating night under the Jewel’s roof. Spirits, cuisine, revelry, entertainment, and most importantly, carnal characters just waiting for you to make a move. Forget your worries, and find someone who’s ready to warm your bed for the evening. Come for the excitement, stay for the company. Whether a first timer, or a returning customer, you’ll always be treated like you deserve under the light of the Jewel. So, come, take a load off, have the time of your life. ((The Moonlit Jewel is a bar/brothel located in The Mist, upon beachfront property. Ward 15, Plot 35. And, of course, given the subject matter, 18+ only))





Group Type

Free Company

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Bar & Brothel


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    Introducing The Moonlit Jewel’s Valentione’s auction! Several of our succulent gents and ladies will be offering their… services for the highest bidder. Tall, classy guys, bashfully cute girls, even twins, all to whoever wants them the most! So come on by the Jewel this Saturday, starting a 6PM (PST)!
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