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[FC] Shroudrose Teahouse Fight Night



A strange notice can be found posted against the bulletin. It has either an incredibly well painted image or perhaps even a photocopy of a room. It reads: "Fight Night 12/3 8PM(EST, 5 PM PST). Non-lethal weapons will be provided. Room #27 of the Shroudrose. A prize will be awarded to the victor." The room in question wasn't there before, and neither was this parchment as far as anyone else could tell. But now, there's definitely -something- there.



Ghost Recon (K'sato Tia) will be hosting a Fight Club on Thursday, December 3rd at 8:00 PM EST at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 Private Room #27 (Ghost Recon) on Balmung. The fights will be 1v1 grindstone style with a gil prize! People are free to come and spectate as well! If you'd like to participate fill out this short form so he knows who'll be coming! The form also includes the rules and how the fighting will be handled!

Information & Rules

Shroudrose Fight Club will be held in a tournament-style beatdown of 1v1 combat. Participants will be placed into a bracket system and their first opponents will be chosen at random. The fights themselves will be conducted through the use of /random rolls. First roll will be for initiative and the highest number goes first, followed by the first attack. Whoever rolls highest after writing their attack will decide if it is a hit or a miss/dodge/defend/etc.

This will progress until one participant successfully gets three hits on their opponent. If a match goes on for too long (30m) they will enter "Sudden Death" mode. In Sudden Death mode, participants will roll in succession until they reach their 3rd successful roll. Their previous successful roll count carries over into Sudden Death mode as well. (i.e. Person A has 2 hits, person B has 1. Person B gets two highest rolls before Person A and brings their score to 3.)


-No magic or aether enhanced abilities.
-No killing or maiming.
-Only use the provided dull/training weapons.
-No magitek
-Do not harm the spectators.

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