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[FC] Interrogation




A missive is sent to the Teahouse from the Alliance...

"Dear Faye Covington & Co.,

I promised you all support in however capacity we can regardless of our logistic situations- if they want to go after Eorzeans, those Imperial whoresons can get fucked.

We are going to hand over one of the Imperial scientist you've captured for interrogation; hopefully, you can glean some information from him that'll support you and get more information about this...'Tribunus Lucian'- we can't find any mentions of him on record.

Good luck.

- Storm Sergeant Baxter"

On Wednesday, December 9th at 8:00 PM EST Khuron Khan will be hosting an interrogation styled event that'll give more clues about the Garlean threat the teahouse is facing!

Edited by Faye

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