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[FC] Spotlight: Kaia Moonglow




"Tribunus, it is done..." Caelus spoke, approaching the Tribunus who watched the replay of the meeting; from Caelus' recorded POV of the tense meeting.

"Good, everything is going according to plan. The more they know, the better. Let our threat stew in their minds. Some will scoff, some will squirm- matters not, all that matters is they know everyone is a target," the Tribunus responded.

"Tribunus, are you sure this is wise? With the war going on, we cannot divert our resources for a petty vendetta of-"

"This is not a petty vendetta," the Tribunus interrupted, turning his gaze toward Caelus. "They've interrupted our operations and they will do so again. Furthermore, this is the Blue Viper's bastard, who happens to be harboring traitors...."

Caelus nodded, going silent.

"But worry not. We do not need to march our armies in there. The Eorzean's worst enemies are fellow Eorzeans... They'll act against their own, as long they are paid enough. Worthless, unloyal dogs." The Tribunus walked up to one of the photos.

"This one was called Kaia Moonglow, was it not?" the Tribunus asked.

"Yes, Tribunus..."

"Ah, a monk, is she? Ah, even her family! Hmm.... We'll start with her, first. Call up the Corpse Brigade. Pay them to do what they do best: killing monks."

"At once, Tribunus!"

On Wednesday, December 16th at 8:00 PM EST, Khuron Khan will be kicking off his spotlight styled events with the Teahouse associates, starting with Kaia Moonglow! 

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