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[FC] Prologue




Two men stood next to the autopsy table, their eyes exchanging glances between the corpse and the written reports.

"Fatality rate?" asked Leo in a casual tone, shuffling through the papers as he read them.

"Exceeding expectations, Ser..." replied the man in the white coat, pulling the blanket over the corpse before taking off his surgical gloves.

"And the effects on those who aren't the... main audience for this 'medication?'" Leo's eyes peeked over the papers, staring at the alchemist, a devious grin on his face.

"Not... pleasant..." The alchemist shrugged. "But considering what it is meant to do, the survival rates of the other group is good enough indication that any spillovers or unintentional contamination can be contained as long we follow proper lockdown protocols."

"Good!" Leo smiled, placing down the papers before picking up his mug, taking sip of his milk. "Prepare the first dosages. We'll start the trial for real. Depending on how it works outside of our tests, we will consider... mass production. Carry on!"

The alchemist watched the spook leave with a shrug, taking back the report papers and straightening them up before turning over to the corpse.

"Oops..." he sighed, realizing he hadn't fully covered the body. The corpse was a mess, its veins pushed against the skin, blood seeping through the crevices of the body; from the eyes, the nostrils, to the ears. "You at least deserve some privacy..." The alchemist winked, slowly pulling the blanket over the entire body fully this time. For a moment, he appreciated his work, smirking at the rotten third eye of the Garlean as the blanket descended over it...


Mail arrives, directed to everyone... Apparently, it's from... Khan?



Taking into consideration Khan's request, someone heats it up... Slowly but surely, a white ink starts to form over the wet splotch.




The first prologue event of our next storyline will take place on Thursday, July 22nd at 8:00 PM EDT starting at the teahouse, hosted by Khuron Khan!

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