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[FC] Tombtaking



In the frosty reaches of Central Coerthas, two groups meet outside the Darkhold. The first, a band of mercenary types following a thickly-wrapped Lalafell through the snow. The second, a small squadron of Ishgardian soldiers bearing the crest of House Dzemael. Monetarists and Nobles - an obvious collusion that never led to anything helpful.

The order of business: a Mhachi coffin that was uncovered deep inside the mines. A liability for house Dzemael, but a potential business opportunity for a shady Monetarist-leaning pawn shop. A price was set, a time was decided, and now a trade is being made to whisk away the ancient artifact to Gods know where.

But unbeknownst to both, a third eye has locked onto the box. And the Tombtaker is ready to swoop in and steal it away - a speedy yet small airship acquired specifically for a high-paced heist!

The crew of said ship would certainly be paid handsomely for the dastardly theft. Now who in Eorzea is foolish enough to join?


Calling all fans of crime! If your character likes money and thrill, and dislikes pesky monetarists and nobles, then Samara has a job for you. Throw on your stealing mask, and make your way to the Teahouse on Monday, November 22nd at 7:00 PM EST, hosted by Samara Summerhall.

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