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  1. The Stillglade idea is pretty interesting, since his character is mostly sporadic; He's blatant about little things that he finds insignificant (Astral fire? In public? Why not?) but tries to hold down anything related to the void when in a public space out of that persecution paranoia. Totally hit me up sometime! And thanks for those Mysterium references.
  2. Ryslo, you put a lot of love into your FC and it really shows! I spent a good amount of time reading over the "Knights of Eorzea" thread.
  3. To be entirely fair, I'm such a flip-flopper when it comes to voiceclaims and all that jazz. But to be honest, there's always been one that's kinda stuck. Luze Wyrth: Raen Au Ra His voice is a particularly odd mashup of Godforbid from That Handsome Devil and "Male Voice 3" From Saints Row 3 and 4 (We'll slap a good ole' language warning for that clipset. It's SR3.) . wGYvTw-UFK0 L7AK68c72Cs
  4. I'm generally pretty new to this community, and was directed here to find other RP-ers and such. Quick tidbit, but I will match my RP Partner's style (Script, Novella/Para, and ofc in-game /em command and all that jazz)with general ease. I'm low maintenance about that sort of thing. I'm not necessarily looking to join a FC, however, I am interested in possible open linkshells and finding new partners. [align=center]Character Background[/align] [align=left]Luze Wyrth lives in a costant state of "Is" and "Was". While he currently is a Black Mage, and a potently aggressive hunter of primals and other beings which do not belong in the realm (This also includes Garleans, hilariously enough.)- he was something much different up until a cycle before his time in Eorzea. What once was a bright-hearted conjurer is now the emotionally and mentally decrepit shell of a thaumaturge. The first-born of the affluent Wyrth clan- a small, yet ancient sect of Raen within the walls of Doma- Luze was destined, by blood, to become both a conjurer and an alchemist. Within the walls of the city, his family played a fairly large part in conjurer education within Doma. Luze, under his father, Angra Wyrth- was exposed to conjuring magic from a young age. While his mother, Kalliope Wyrth, had died after birthing her second son when Luze was a child. His father didn't bare much guilt in regards to her death, and eventually re-coupled with various other Doman women. Luze became the eldest of several children, and their protector for many cycles. As he grew older, and Angra's power extended- nearly on par with a consulate to the emperor- Luze began to resent his father, and the growing classism that left many of Doma's poor without care. This tension would eventually break in his 35th cycle, when the Garlean invasion began. To escape persecution, Angra immediately subjected himself to the whims of the Empire for diplomatic immunity. Through Angra's actions, the Wyrth clan had actively partaken in the genocide of Doma. Luze- enraged with his kin's complacency- purposefully rebelled, spending much of his time healing the wounded and saving what he could. But his work would never be enough. The blood had already stained the streets, and he was left in the shadow of Angra. Luze, himself, had become a stain on the Wyrth clan; and had to be removed. Angra sold his eldest son out to the Empire for treason to ensure his own safety, in turn pitting Luze against a Garlean thaumaturge. Luze was struck by a close range bolt of lightning from the cudgel; the energy enough to rattle his mind and scar the optical tissue of his eye. In his escape, he collapsed at a dock, only to be taken onto a refugee ship to Limsa Lominsa. The event filled him with rage, grief, and a sick masochistic interest in the void. The thing furthest from what the Wyrth clan was- and the thing that had nearly struck him dead. Upon landing in Limsa Lominsa; he made his second voyage to Ul'dah: seeking the truth about the void. Since then, he has grown nearly two cycles in Eorzea, becoming both an adept Black Mage and commissioned adventurer. While varying jobs and emotional discord have left him without much stability, he works mostly on causes that can pay well and not leave an awful taste in his mouth. [align=center]Potential Hooks[/align] [align=left] Upfront, Luze is incredibly motivated by three things: The prospect of hunting down Garleans, Information about the void, and money. He is not stranger to money. Either way, if you need a thaumaturge to get something done; Luze is pretty vacant most of the time. Healing/Medical assistance is probably in the running for most horrifying choice you can make regarding Luze. However, as creepy and outright sardonic as he is, he is an incredibly capable alchemist and conjurer. Tread lightly, and possibly prepare to have your wounds be snarked at. [align=left] Luze is very easy to start conversations with, especially debates about benign crap. Luze, once going, hardly ever stops a tangent. Need a distraction? Comic Relief? Mention anything from "Amalj'aa" to "Hildibrand", and you'll have a perfectly generated conniption fit. Fun for the whole family! There's a certain bard he's often found traveling with, and often drags bystanders into their own benign debates for the sake of harassing said bard. Either that, or he'll drag you over to listen to that same bard play a song on his violin. Seriously, his motives are like a game of roulette. [/align] [/align] [/align]
  5. I'm glad to have gotten your attention with him, that's for certain. And definitely. I certainly love a good in-character sassing/bickering. Thanks for the response, I spent a good amount of time going through your character wikis and just reveling in all of the information. I love all the effort and love you've put into them! Thanks much for the reference, I'm looking forward to getting involved with the community!
  6. Hey, I'm Bird! I've been playing on Balmung for nearly a year now, and haven't really had the time and/or meticulously put-together outfit for properly roleplaying my character; until now. That being said, I'm a veteran in regards to roleplaying at over seven years of experience (Thanks, ridiculous IMVU and Gaia RP boards!). You can usually spot me running around anywhere between Limsa Lominsa and Ul'Dah from 5-9 PM UTC-5. I'm completely open for walk-ups, tells, and can usually be found skulking around with a pal of mine. Check out the Wiki Page or Tumblr for more in-depth and, frankly, ridiculous information. [align=center]General Information[/align] [align=center]Luze is the epitome of “Wayward”- a Raen conjurer of Doma, turned refugee black mage- he is constantly moving. Emotionally jaded and fairly rude; Luze may be one of the skeeviest black mages around; at least, without some world-ending fantasy. He works on his own agenda, and will usually only move if it benefits himself in some way. Too agitated by consistent displacement, he prefers tangible and permanent rewards. That being said, those he cares about can always expect some kind of readiness. The snark, however, will never leave. There are things wrong with this man, but his speech proves to make him even more of an enigma. They give enough warning that he’s smart, deep down, beyond all the possible head trauma. Ask for magical or medical assistance with caution. [align=left]Name: Luze Wyrth Race: Au Ra, Raen Clan Age: Thirty-Six Years Naming Day: 24th Sun of the Sixth Astral Moon (November 24th) Deity: Rhalgr, The Destroyer Appearance: Luze is an Au Ra of Raen heritage, and stands at a fairly moderate height of 6'9". He is not particularly strong; while sturdy in size. His hair is fairly close-cut, and his outfits tend to be rather outrageous, from gambling coats to the incredibly sharp hat of a seasoned black mage. When not entirely covered, it becomes apparent that his hands and wrists show signs of heavy scarring and a few callouses. A victim to terrible habit, his voice often carries a sound of smoke damage mixed with the accent he picked up during his extended stay in Limsa Lominsa upon arriving in Eorzea. Personality: Luze is incredibly sleazy in his usual demeanor. When he’s not too interested in making friends; every other word may be increasingly vulgar. Quick to insult, or rather, outright ignore problems and people. Those he like may be confronted with acceptable low levels of hostility. Headstrong and easily frustrated, Luze is quick to take and make challenges; much to everyone’s chagrin. There also lies a more subtle issue; his obsession with nothing answers and obscurity. Have fun trying to get him to talk about anything meaningful.[/align] [/align]
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