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  1. Still looking for people. Quick reminder I do not have access to Balmung. lol
  2. I can't quite offer what you're looking for as I don't have a main, per se, but I'm likewise a big fan of the Balthier/Fran dynamic and so I'll post anyway for if all else fails. My Limsa Bayard is more about sea than sky, as far as pirating goes, but he hits a lot of other beats you mentioned, in that he is dashing (or thinks he is, at least!), a smuggler, and very much capable of platonic relationships with women. Matter of fact, he would more than likely lean toward that with an Elezen. As an RPer, I am incredibly fond of these sorts of bonds myself, and often find them more dynamic th
  3. This thread has taught me a lot about the Backstreet Boys. I've got two potential offers: First, my loyal Limsan Bayard, an avid reader, could easily be a fan of Zansetsu's and we could see how that goes. Second, my affluent gal Cecelia is looking to invest in a project not all her staff / attendants are thrilled with and see as doomed to fail. As she's a superstitious woman, two among her staff have been looking to find a renowned fortune teller and bribe them to dissuade her by providing a pre-planned 'fortune.' So far, they've had no luck, as those they've encountered are
  4. For anyone who managed to scroll this far, folks can PM me or post here. I have discord and also Skype because I'm stuck in the past.
  5. [align=justify]THE EORZEAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY & GRAND LIBRARY [/align] The Eorzean Historical Society and Grand Library is a non-profit establishment of "higher learning" nestled atop a hill in the Mists. The Historical Society teaches all who come wishing to learn. The library contains tomes on an impressive array of subjects, some of great worth, some of great age, and some that are obscure or of uncertain origins, such as personal journals, ledgers of long-dead family lines, among other things. The establishment is sponsored by the Arkwright Foundati
  6. JENON Not all who wander are lost, but Jenon may well be, because he wonders all the more. Often his thoughts carry him away with them, leaving his feet to move of their own accord, until at last his senses return to the present and he finds himself surrounded by the unfamiliar. In the metaphorical sense, Jenon likewise feels adrift in the world, rueful to find scarcely few he can connect with... and yet making minimal effort to change this. [align=justify]Although reserved, Jenon's outlook on life and people is an optimistic one. He's inclined to give others the benefit of the do
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