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  1. Thya

    RL Pictures.

    https://i.gyazo.com/520c7ada1e8340764e2f399b8bc83e92.png[/img] This one's the (almost) normal one. Worry not. It's not actual blood of any being https://i.imgur.com/rkn9TRM.jpg[/img] My Halloween was spent at a cyberpunk rave. No idea why it came out inverted, but the strip says "100 Scene Points". Seems I have bunny teeth as well. https://i.imgur.com/GNnKKSt.jpg[/img] LARP. I attended my first proper LARP last summer and was amazing. Me, that is... though the game itself was dope as well
  2. Thya

    Where/What else do you roleplay?

    Oh boy... SWtOR: I'm cheating a little here, since this RP is far from active. But it is still possibly my favourite RP character to date. Darth Ilis, the pureblood Sith Lord. Rather than a cliche'd smirking and snickering/cackling villain, she would be calm and calculative, but also practical. Not a benevolent being by any means, in fact she is quite despicable. But she has a thought out reason for everything beyond just "it's the Sith way". Dance of Ages (A LARP with a sequel in sight): Setlan "the Shrike". The fire shaman of the Tribe of the Glowing Ember. The setting is post-apocalyptic futuristic. Technology is seen by survivors of the apocalypse to be the cause of it and it is nearly universally shunned. With centuries of avoiding it, people in their primitive tribes all but forget how it works, so phenomenae with hi-tech origins becomes treated with magic and whatnot. Setlan is convinced that mortal strife will yet again provoke the rage of the elemental spirits as it did ages past, and works thus to preserve good diplomatic relations not only in his own tribe, but between every tribe in the nearby area. Original unnamed setting: Serweyna the vampire assassin and Sarius Calennor, a young wizard. The setting keeps a 30s-40s level of tech accompanied with magic, and a city-state where humans, vamps, werewolves, hags and lizardmen live in relative harmony, in a world where they are very prone to being enemy. Serweyna or "Seri" is the go-to lady for one of the top 3 vampire nobles in the state when he needs someone gone quietly. Little known fact, Seri has a human sister, who is the fiance of Sarius, who despite his dwindling human wizard bloodline only cares that he marries someone he wants to, much to the dismay of his brother who wants to keep the magician bloodline on life support. Elder Scrolls: Text-based RP and in-game for Skyrim. Depending on the era, Surtur North-Wind, a bombastic, drunkard nord berserker from the three-faction war (online) times, or his much more serious and collected descendant, Ymir, a Stormcloak officer in the Skyrim civil war a thousand years later. Fallout (chat-based): Alex Carter, leader of the Ebon Covenant, a slowly-but-surely growing faction California-Nevada area. Aging slowed considerably due to mutation. Over 200 years old, while not a ghoul. Chronically ill though. With him, his trustees Edward Thompson, a skilled engineer, Victoria, his "apprentice", Valeria Mikhailova, a young rising new protege with inhuman instincts, and lastly part of his eventual offspring. Warcraft: *deep inhale* MMO: Lord Kelmith Ravenwood: half-elf forsaken warlock with a small province and army. Lady Solineria: The aforementioned apprentice and adoptive daughter. More or less lunatic. Lady Nellie: Kelmith's daughter by blood. Still living, but loyal to her father regardless. Sgt. Nina "Scorch" Lumere: An army battlemage. Tough shell, but cherishes her unit inside. Krista Lumere: Aforementioned's older sister. Paladin of the Silver Hand. Sarah "Sicklewraith" Jademoore: A blind deathstalker in service of the Ravenwoods Stella Crawford: An archer in Nina's unit. Incredibly pragmatic and still lacking in basic social skills. Claudine, Wallace and Kira: The Ravenwood pet ravens respectfully Text-only: Daros Neilson: A former paladin cursed by a demon. Can manifest some demonic magic. The Osprey: Ever-changing squad of mercs led by Daros. Sylvia Lumere: The oldest Lumere sister. A witch dabbling in all magics generally considered foul. Albert Wellington: A Gilnean militia leader. Victor Harlington: Aforementioned second-hand man. Zargath Stonefist: A warsong clan orc warrior. And everyone else I forgot about. Some are more active than others, I listed many what others probably wouldn't bother to in my place
  3. Thya

    [Omega] Finding my way

    Um, hi :blush: I recently transferred to Omega and am hoping for some pointers. General RP hubs in-game, supportive and encouraging circles and whatnot. I am new to FF rp, but experienced with RP in general. Before discovering FFXIV a bit over a year ago I've spent time in SWtOR since it went f2p, Planetside 2 occasionally and dipped a toe in Tera and Wildstar. WoW I have played for 12-or-so years. In SWtOR I roleplayed for a few months, but WoW introduced me to RP. On that I am at 11 years and counting. I've done a tame amount of forum RP, tabletop RPGs in the form of Exalted, Pathfinder and Rogue Trader, I've done several years of active chat-based RP in Skype and Discord, and I also started LARPing last summer. Right now my character is Thya Burwani. A Keeper Miqo'te who is quite traditional when it comes to her way of life, who has met with a travelling Doman shinobi and learned skills from him. She would be far from a full-fledged ninja, relying more on mixing ninjutsu with the traditional hunting techniques and fervor rather than ninjutsu alone. I have no pre-thought ideas for plots or stories to go through yet, but she is with most of her tribe cross with Gridania and its leaders trying to affect their way of life by bringing their laws over the entire Shroud. Her several central people in her life include Yasuri (the travelling shinobi), Kotokaze (indirectly, Yasuri's Raen teacher) and her tribe in the form of a mother, two aunts and 6 cousins, two of which have children of their own. In WoW I have for long focused on RP over the main content such as raiding, and I am confident this would be the case with FF as well. I imagine being heavy on focus and perhaps medium on activity. My hobbies are gaming and writing mostly, and I hope to make writing my job one day. I have a passion for telling stories and experiencing them in any possible form. I do watch shows and movies on my downtime as well. Other than that I also like going to concerts. I have looked into Miqo'te lore above all else, their tribe structures and naming conventions and such on both Seeker and Keeper side, and I'll make sure to learn about the others in time.