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  1. Linkshell is still as active as ever. Though full as usual, unfortunately.
  2. Adolar

    Perfect Storm

    Bumping. Still recruiting!
  3. Still active and recruiting.
  4. No, Gilgamesh is not shrinking. Don't speak for a server you don't actually play on, please. Gilgamesh and Balmung are the most populated NA servers so there are character creation restrictions on both, unfortunately. Not entirely sure when Balmung opens (don't think I've seen it open since Heavensward was released), but Gilgamesh opens up very early in the morning, though it can be difficult to get on that server too.
  5. Oh wow hey there Mikasu! I remember seeing you around again ingame but didn't realize you had asked for an invite here. When I catch you online again, I'll be sure to add you to the linkshell.
  6. Giving this a poke to show that we're still active!
  7. Adolar

    Perfect Storm

    Linkshell is still active, though a bit slow as of late. Some things are in store once I'm out of the Heavensward craze though. Always accepting new members as well, of course. :thumbsup:
  8. If the RPers on Siren are willing to put in the effort needed to form a thriving community, then it's an excellent idea. Just be aware that things aren't going to happen overnight and you're likely not going to see taverns filled with RPers 24/7 any time soon. Not even Gilgamesh is anywhere close to the size of Balmung, yet a lot of people don't do their research and comes to the server expecting the same amount of activity for some reason. :cactuar: Whatever the case, good luck on forming a new RP community on Siren. Might be a little difficult but if the RPers continue to put themselves
  9. That surprising shift in music during the Bismarck fight made me get all nostalgic for old dnb stuff I used to listen to. [video=youtube]
  10. Adolar


    Hey there, welcome to Gilgamesh! If you're looking for an active LS to perhaps dip your toes in before joining a full FC, I would suggest taking a look at the Adventurer's Guild LS or The Crossroads LS. Both are fairly active, though the Adventurer's Guild LS tends to get filled up pretty quickly. I would also suggest taking a look at our server-specific community site at gilgamesh-rp.com. It's where a lot of Gilgamesh folks communicate outside of the game (aside from the RPC). I'll be keeping an eye out for your name ingame as well. Still a bit busy with the Heavensward expansion bu
  11. Might want to consider making a new thread, since a lot of these posts are outdated by now.
  12. Gilgamesh has been surprisingly stable so far. At least on my end. There are queues but nothing in the thousands. No server-side lag or dc's either, though I did dc once due to my internet farting. I've heard a few others were having issues logging in though so I'm probably just lucky.
  13. From what I've been told, Balmung is doing well and there's lots of RP around, particularly around the Quicksand. I'm not sure what sort of elitist/stand-offish posts you were seeing but I doubt it makes up their entire community. As for Gilgamesh, there's definitely a community here as well, though much of the activity goes on around the housing districts (Goblet Ward 3 is where a lot of the RP houses are located) and sporadically in other parts of the game world. We don't have a particular RP hub in the cities but there are many friendly and welcoming folks who communicate both IC
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