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  1. Bearry

    Oh, hellooo

    Thanks for the heads up! I was expecting March to be about the time I'd get in, as I also think I overheard "late March" being the release for that patch sometime ago. If the wait ends up terrible or I finish what I'm doing long before it comes out I maaay get a world transfer prior to the patch. |D
  2. I. Basic Info Characters: Larry Bearry Primary character: See above Linkshells: None yet Primary RP linkshell: See above II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to heavy. I would prefer to stay IC as much as possible without OOC interrupting progression, but if my partners feel OOC is necessary at any point I'm fine with the interruption. Immersion is the goal unless I'm familiar enough with my partners that I'm comfortable talking OOC more often. I will go out of my way to give my character reason for being wherever he is, doing whatever he is doing, etc., so please don't be shy about interacting with him! Planned roleplay situations will be fine with me although I'm also okay with letting the roleplay create itself. Views on RP combat and injuries: For this I think I'd prefer a lack of rolls with the exception of using them to determine whether or not an attack hits, but I always think it would be more fun to write combat instead of letting RNG decide the entire battle outcome. Temporary injuries are welcome though I won't allow my character to be permanently hurt outside of prior planned circumstances. This includes any new scars or handicaps. Character level won't be considered, nor PvP skill. Views on IC romance: Romance is accepted, however keep in mind that I take IC romance and my character seriously. I won't initiate or allow a full romantic relationship unless I trust my roleplay partner and we have discussed their bond; chemistry + history is the key. I only enjoy writing intimate character relationships if done this way, otherwise it feels not worth my time as a roleplayer. After that note though feel free to tease or romance him if your character wants. Experimenting with character compatibility is enjoyable for me. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): My style follows who I'm roleplaying with, including length and detail. I like to make roleplay easy for others if I can help it so I'm really flexible about how much I'm expected to write. I prefer not adding family bonds to my character's life because I have limitations on what his bloodlines are like already. This doesn't mean I'm opposed to him having a family-like bond with another character but I have to make a restriction for closely-related family. No major boundaries to speak of for what happens in roleplay aside the violence stuff I've mentioned.. given that whatever is going on makes sense for the characters. Views on lore: Lore is used as a suggestion more than a restriction in my mind so long as the rules aren't bent in a way that is unrealistic or unreasonable. I want some care to go into the characters involved, therefore I expect their attention for lore details to at least exist. With that being said I accept creativity for gaps in lore/history, as I take advantage of lacking information in the same way. My character is quite ignorant to a lot of lore and I wish for other characters to have similar history mistakes. It isn't any fun when characters show player-level knowledge about the world they live in without reasonable cause; in other words no metagaming please. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): "IC speech" is expected to be in quotes always. (Brackets) of any kind for OOC conversation. /say is IC only. III. Other Info Country: United States Timezone: CT Contact info: His tumblr. My Discord is warm#3800. Will try to update as necessary!
  3. If another Lalafell kisses him on the cheek I have doubts Bearry would react in a special way unless he has feelings for them prior. He may simply show a warm smile in their direction, snorting lightly through his nose from amusement. I'm sure plenty of Lalafell in his life have been friendly to the degree of using cheek kisses as a greeting rather than a specific expression of fondness. But say if it were used in the context of a romantic or appreciative gesture, he might be wondering about it later that night as he stares at the ceiling from his bed, hand placed on the smooched cheek. Probably debating with himself over what it meant or thinking about how it nice it felt, like the hopeless nerd he is. Honestly his reaction will primarily depend on who done it and not the act in general.
  4. Bearry

    Oh, hellooo

    Hey thanks I appreciate it! I sure hope it will go off without a hitch or otherwise I'll have to kiss goodbye to Zalera haha.
  5. Bearry

    Oh, hellooo

    Hi nice to meet you all! I know there is a world visit feature coming out soon which I'm hoping to take advantage of in order to drop into Mateus or Balmung, but as of right now my character exists only on Zalera (for the 'preferred server' bonus). If the world visiting ends up proving difficult I may try to use my free world transfer to get on one of them. MMORPG background: Roughly 11 years familiar with MMORPGs and relatively new to FFXIV in that I don't have a character at lvl 70 in any job/class yet. I'm not finished with the main scenario either but I'm working on getting through only story quests right now so I can be caught up with the lore history before I start to seriously roleplay with others. RP experience: I've been roleplaying and writing characters for 14 years now- on forums, instant messenger, blogging websites, and in personal situations. I'm brand new to roleplaying on an MMO though despite wanting to for a few years. Finally trying to get over my anxieties about it. Character ideas/info: Bearry is a clan-mixed Lalafell who fits into the lifestyle description of "simple farmboy". He is generally new to Aldenard experiences as a whole at this time considering he spent the majority of his life with his father on the southern islands in the Rhotano Sea. Despite actually being born in Gridania he has only lived there for the last two years, however he's made the travel to visit a few times in the past due to his mother living in the city-state. If you want to learn more details about him I suggest clicking the wiki link in my signature but keep in mind I'm still working on writing out his history summary. He is a fairly fleshed out character in history and personality already so you could say I've got ideas going forward. How did you learn about the coalition? A close friend of mine showed the wikipedia/this website to me after I started sharing character ideas with him. We're gonna do some roleplaying together as well so all these resources have been a great help and inspiration. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Probably medium to heavy, although OOC chatter is usually welcome especially if it involves roleplay or character related things! Sentences and paragraphs are both okay as I'll tend to copy whatever style my roleplay partners use, for convenience sake. As an extra note I would prefer to be as immersed as possible when not having OOC discussions, therefore I'm not likely to do anything that goes against Bearry's wishes. Maybe I'll get to interact with the bigger roleplay community in the future when world visiting opens up, granted that everything goes well with population load and all.
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