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  1. Bearry

    Oh, hellooo

    Thanks for the heads up! I was expecting March to be about the time I'd get in, as I also think I overheard "late March" being the release for that patch sometime ago. If the wait ends up terrible or I finish what I'm doing long before it comes out I maaay get a world transfer prior to the patch. |D
  2. I. Basic Info Characters: Larry Bearry Primary character: See above Linkshells: None yet Primary RP linkshell: See above II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to heavy. I would prefer to stay IC as much as possible without OOC interrupting progression, but if my partners feel OOC is necessary at any point I'm fine with the interruption. Immersion is the goal unless I'm familiar enough with my partners that I'm comfortable talking OOC more often. I will go out of my way to give my character reason for being
  3. If another Lalafell kisses him on the cheek I have doubts Bearry would react in a special way unless he has feelings for them prior. He may simply show a warm smile in their direction, snorting lightly through his nose from amusement. I'm sure plenty of Lalafell in his life have been friendly to the degree of using cheek kisses as a greeting rather than a specific expression of fondness. But say if it were used in the context of a romantic or appreciative gesture, he might be wondering about it later that night as he stares at the ceiling from his bed, hand placed on the smooched c
  4. Bearry

    Oh, hellooo

    Hey thanks I appreciate it! I sure hope it will go off without a hitch or otherwise I'll have to kiss goodbye to Zalera haha.
  5. Hi nice to meet you all! I know there is a world visit feature coming out soon which I'm hoping to take advantage of in order to drop into Mateus or Balmung, but as of right now my character exists only on Zalera (for the 'preferred server' bonus). If the world visiting ends up proving difficult I may try to use my free world transfer to get on one of them. MMORPG background: Roughly 11 years familiar with MMORPGs and relatively new to FFXIV in that I don't have a character at lvl 70 in any job/class yet. I'm not finished with the main scenario either but I'm working on gettin
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