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  1. Viera is coming and I'm looking for someone to teach her how to be an upstanding citizen! Personality traits: -impulsive, aggressive, prideful, ignorant +determined, playful --- She's a young Rava Viera, who impulsively left her Wood in order to explore the world outside. After months of travelling and stowing away in carriages, the girl has found herself in The Black Shroud. Naturally drawn to it's setting, she's taken refuge near Bentbranch Meadows, near the Guardian Tree. In order to eat, she's been stealing Puhsana fruits and Krakka roots from the Chocobo stalls, causing the farmers and Chocobo trainers much stress. --- RP hook: A note is posted on the Ebony Stalls market board in Old Gridania Need assistance catching an evasive fruit and vegetable thief! We have been plagued by this pest for more than 8 suns, now and the Chocobos cannot be put at ease! Will pay gil! If interested, please speak with Rimilde at the Chocobo stall in Bentbranch Meadows. (I suppose a secondary hook would be if your character just ran into her, but she is very evasive and most likely will not be seen out, during the day. ) --- She doesn't have a name yet (since i have no clue what the naming conventions are. I am leaning towards Velelu, atm) but I've doodled an idea of what I want her to look like, once they're officially released into the game. She is definitely a character to me, already~ This is clearly a "teacher/student" type rp dynamic. "Velelu" has no idea what Eorzea is like, as far as customs and what's expected of her, as she's completely fresh. She isn't even familiar with the other races. This is not a "one and done" RP. Once their relationship is established, she will most likely want to cling to your character at every waking second if able, until she's able to confidently interact on her own. Send a DM if interested! We can even RP their meeting in discord, that way their relationship is established before hand. Booplesnoot#7762 is my discord
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    Hello everyone. I am Kogo and I am actually super stoked to join this Rp community. I started RPing when I began playing TERA. I actually remember this like it was yesterday. I was idling in Velika when this random High Elf asked me if I RP'd. I laughed at him and called him weird, but decided to oblige his request. Now, I am also a "weirdo" who RPs and have been doing so for 9 years, now. First MMO ever was Perfect World International. Then it was Jade Dynasty, then it was Forsaken world, followed by Aion, TERA, Blade and Soul and now FFXIV, settled on Mateus. Character ideas/info - I'd be a fool if I didn't admit that Viera are the only reason I'm here now, but I'd also be a fool to wait out on joining a community and learning a game just for a single race, so here I am introducing Q'hahtoa Muhih: A shy, nervous, and socially inept 19 year old Seeker Miqo'te. After the end of the Sixth Umbral Era, the orphaned girl aspired to be an arcanist to better understand Aether. After years of studying, odd jobs and saving whatever gil she could manage to earn, Q'hahtoa finally managed to pack up her belongings (a tattered red robe, leather boots and an old grimoire, with plenty of pages missing) and set sail for Limsa Lominsa, throwing her out of her comfort zone, all to be closer to the Arcanists' Guild. Sure she's surrounded by pirates, drunkards and thieves but the troubles and shenanigans she's inevitably headed for will be worth it for the sake of obtaining more knowledge, right? ...Right? (Since I'm still learning all the this lore, her backstory is a bit basic as of now, but her personality and aspirations are very clear. There will be less mud the more I learn and play.) How did you learn about the coalition? - Google will send you in whatever direction as long as you point the right way. A believe all I did was type in "ffxiv roleplay" and this was the first site that popped up~! Now, my friends who are already RPing here and have been bullying me for not playing keep telling me about massive RP discords. I've got to check a little more into that. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) - Medium to Heavy for sure. Bring on the paragraphs, I don't mind. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) - Boy oh boy. Drawing sure is fun. I'm also in EST timezone. I am a supervisor for a large delivery company, so after I get home I just want to chill and thats either drawing, playing vidya gaem or RPing. I look forward to good time with you all! If you want to RP or something, shoot me a DM~
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