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  1. Viera is coming and I'm looking for someone to teach her how to be an upstanding citizen! Personality traits: -impulsive, aggressive, prideful, ignorant +determined, playful --- She's a young Rava Viera, who impulsively left her Wood in order to explore the world outside. After months of travelling and stowing away in carriages, the girl has found herself in The Black Shroud. Naturally drawn to it's setting, she's taken refuge near Bentbranch Meadows, near the Guardian Tree. In order to eat, she's been stealing Puhsana fruits and Krakka roots from the Chocobo stalls, causing the far
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    H e y

    Hello everyone. I am Kogo and I am actually super stoked to join this Rp community. I started RPing when I began playing TERA. I actually remember this like it was yesterday. I was idling in Velika when this random High Elf asked me if I RP'd. I laughed at him and called him weird, but decided to oblige his request. Now, I am also a "weirdo" who RPs and have been doing so for 9 years, now. First MMO ever was Perfect World International. Then it was Jade Dynasty, then it was Forsaken world, followed by Aion, TERA, Blade and Soul and now FFXIV, settled on Mateus. Character ideas/in
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