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  1. HEYO LORI HERE BACK ON MATEUS with my characters and , , , , I was hoping to make some contacts for them! The first one is a Temple Knight named Gerivien Greystone ---- he's well meaning, but his over-zealousness, ego, and general ineptitude get him into pinches quite frequently. The second one is Tohru Tanshi, a Raen from Sui-no-Sato who works in an antique shop. He's.......a chronic avoider of hard work, though if something happens to catch his interest, then it captures it in whole. hE loves the fuck out of literature and is something of an aspiring author himself. A former geomancy student/ex-rebel, though he sure hates talking about himself. As of yet, I am super open to both one-offs, casual RPs, and long term storylines. Also, I'm open to FCs for the both of them--though Gerivien might be tied up some since he still lives in Ishgard. I'm especially looking for friends and rivals for the both of them. While I am open romance as well, I ought to put a disclaimer that they're both a little difficult to approach in that regard----Tohru, because he's a little shifty with committment. Gerivien, because he's hella repressed. Anyways, if you're interested then feel free to add/msg me in game or shoot me a message at huge jackedman#5654 !
  2. Will do! Also oh my gosh the screenies of her and her partner are so cute ;A;;;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Heyo! Lori here, I'm 22/F and I've been playing ffxiv for a while now! I'm caught up on all the expansions, but I'll be mindful of spoilers if you aren't. Anyways---(sorry for the awkward intro)----I was looking for people to RP with. My main server is Zalera but I also have some leveled-up alts on Mateus as well. I'll try to keep my post fairly concise because I know giant walls of text aren't exactly the most fun to read ;v;; so I'll introduce my characters and give a little blurb about them. From left to right: Paveloix Valtin (Zalera) Aquilard Jeulerand (Mateus) Theron Jeulerand (Zalera) Theodric Greystone (Mateus) Paveloix Valtin (Zalera) Ishgardian Age 27 Cargo Pilot, former engineer Insanely talkative, very outgoing and friendly. Will talk your ear off about anything, but he gets excited around siege engines and airships. Gets flustered if you ask about his personal life, though. Has a bit of an impulsive streak and likes to gamble. He's currently my main and the one I'm on the most --- I would love for him to make more friends! I love love love some casual bantering and stuff! Maybe some slice of life/adventure/drama! Aquilard Jeulerand (Mateus) Gridanian (Duskwight) Age 41 Ex-redbelly bandit, trying to get his life on track On the forefront, he seems like your typical rough-around-the-edges cowboy, but he's a huge softy with a love of music. Prone to wanderlust and has a hard time staying in one place. Drinks way too much for his own good and loves a casual fistfight. Theron Jeulerand (Zalera) Gridanian (Duskwight) Age 20 Junior detective (but insanely awful at it), aspiring actor He's a huge romantic at heart with a passion for theater ---- but he tries to present himself as cold, calculating, and serious. He's got a bit of a short temper and a sharp tongue, but easily softens up. Usually off somewhere, practicing dramatic monologues. Theodric Greystone (Mateus) Ishgardian Age 16 Aspiring knight, currently a squire (sort of) actually I have a carrd for him, haha : https://squire.carrd.co/ If any knights are out there looking for a loyal and dutiful squire (who...highkey sucks at fighting) he's the boy for you! So yeah---here's my current lineup of OCs! A little about myself is that I'm sort of nocturnal---3pm CSTto 5am CST----and I usually log onto ffxiv around 9pm/10pm CST. Given the whole lockdown/quarantine thing, however, I can log on earlier if you ask me! You can usually catch me on Paveloix Valtin@Zalera or Theron Jeulerand@Zalera. I am very much open to in-game RP but I am also a little more partial to discord RP since I do tend to write out full paragraphs. All servers on Crystal DC are welcome, btw! Over discord, I'm pretty much active all day. Anyways, hit me up in game or on discord! ( huge jackedman#5654) Hope to hear from y'all!
  4. Hey there! Are you still looking for contacts? I'd love to meet Guillaumont sometime! I've got a whole slew of Ishgardians and the like o/ just let me know if you want to plan something.
  5. Howdy, everyone! My name is Lori and I'm looking for some contacts for my character! His name is Aquilard Jeulerand, he's 27 and he's a duskwight with a western/cowboy schtick going on. I'll try to keep this post brief so that it doesn't overwhelm, and also because I prefer it when details come out through RP and interaction. The gist of Aquila's story is that he's a former bandit that tried to leave his life of brigandry behind, though such an endeavor wasn't as easy as he'd anticipated. He tries to present himself as being confident and flirtatious, but beneath the veneer he's struggling rather terribly with his own insecurities. RP-wise, I'm open to most anything: friendships, rivalries, and romance. I'm a huge sucker for romance RPs, though I do prefer we let them happen organically, if that makes sense? Here are a mix of general and specific hooks for RP, but they're all optional: Aquila loves a drink. Find him in almost any tavern drinking his troubles away. Are you an adult with a face? Then there's a huge chance he'll try to flirt with you, and he's got a million different pickup lines to get the job done. Need some work done? Aquila ain't afraid to get his hands dirty as long as it pays. Although he tries to act all rough and tough, Aquila's a hopeless romantic with a love for poetry and music. He can barely read and write, but he sure knows how to listen. It isn't hard to capture his attention with a good story. Additionally, if anyone is willing to help him read and write, he'd be forever in their debt. He lives in the Silver Bazaar, though spends most of his time riding around Thanalan looking for work --- or simply to sate his wanderlust. He knows a thing or two about chocobo rearing and whatnot, and is glad to help with that. (Ex/Current) Bandit? Wood Wailer? Maybe you recognize the former criminal. He's extremely frustrated with the racial tensions in Gridania and isn't afraid to say as much. All talk of Gridania kind of leaves a sour taste in his mouth, although he is homesick for the Shroud. Anyhow--just shoot me a message if you're interested, over the forums or in game! Alternatively, you can add me on discord: huge jackedman#5654
  6. Howdy, y'all! My name's Lori. I'm fairly new to FFXIV, so please bear with me! However, I've been writing/RPing for quite some time now! I'm looking for people to RP with, either IG or Discord. I won't say discord is preferred, necessarily, but it would be a bit more convenient as I'm not always online everyday. (...But I'm always screwing around on my phone ;;; ...) Anyhow, here's my current main character! His name is Arkady. He's 23 years old, and he's very recently left an extremely isolated tribe in the East Shroud. His Common Eorzean is veeery heavily accented and he struggles with reading and writing, but he's a very quick learner and can communicate fairly well. While he might seem secretive and a bit boorish at first, Arkady is in truth quite amicable, and is a very curious and lively fellow with a bit of a competitive streak in him. (I'll bullet point the rest of this so that it's a bit easier to read!) SKILLS: Hunting/Surviving - Arkady is a rather adept hunter. He knows how to lay a trap and follow a trail, and his skill with a knife is quite commendable. Carpentry - Arkady was the son of a carpenter and spent a good portion of his life learning the craft. He's far from being a master and is also a bit out of practice, but he's capable of cobbling together or repairing basic things. Dancing - If you ask him nicely (or if he's drunk enough) Arkady might show you a few moves! STRENGTHS: Arkady is one sneaky motherfucker. Very persistent and not easily disheartened. A quick thinker! Great sense of direction --- can map out an area in his mind very well. Very devoted to his friends. WEAKNESSES: Has a bit of a short temper and is easily frustrated. His curiosity often gets him into trouble. Impulsive and hotheaded --- has a reckless streak Bad sense of personal boundaries Has a tendency to be overprotective/clingy POSSIBLE HOOKS: MAN's gOTTA MAKE THAT CHEDDAR -- And by that, I mean he's in constant need of employment! He'll work nearly any sort of odd job/what-have-you. He's trying to learn how to read/write/speak in Common -- maybe there's someone willing to help him with that? Honestly, he's not shy about bugging people for help in translating/understanding things, so there's always that! Nothing spurs on conversation like a bit of drinking---he's more than willing to share a drink and a conversation with a stranger. Any master carpenters looking for apprentices? ... Or adventurers in search of a good navigator? OOC NOTES: WOW, this got kind of long---I'm sorry about that! A few things I feel like I should say --- I'm open to most kinds of RP. My usual strike zone, however, leans towards more casual/adventure type RPs, and I definitely focus more on character development. I don't completely push plot to the side, however! I love bantering, joking, and generally lighthearted connections. That being said, I'm also not completely averse to drama, angst, hurt/comfort/etc. In fact, I'm a shameless lover of some good hurt/comfort. I do love RPing romance! But I certainly won't force it. If our characters mesh, then woohoo o//! (I'm also a huge sucker for pining and for the whole friends to lovers or rivals to friends to lovers dynamic kjfkjfa) As much as I'd love meeting long term friends/RP partners, I'm also super open to one-shots and quick scenes. I'm not demanding commitment or anything---it's all for fun! ANyhow--if you're interested, feel free to add me on discord or in game! My IGN (Mateus) is: Arkady Akhmatov Discord: huge jackedman#5654
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