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  1. This sennight we welcomed an incredible 31 mages out to Fesca's Wash to compete, to learn, and to of course - try their hand at winning a fantastic prize! This sennight it was two wondrous sets of equipment commissioned for aspiring practitioners of new foreign combat arts! On the Bridge, we witnessed an incredible series of clashes, with one Miss Kattyne creatively employing aetheric arts using her knives as foci, as well as magical flash-bangs! Quite dirty, but legal! She put up quite the fight for the longest time, before meeting her match at the hands of Miss DeeDee, an eccentric lass whose mastery of grimoire-based magic leaves little to be desired! DeeDee found herself against Miss Elatus Shadeflare, who utilized almost worryingly-potent Allagan Summoning magics, centered around Ifrit! DeeDee overcame this opponent as well becoming the Bridge Champion, and moved on to face sir Kaito of the Rock bracket, where she fell! Kaito moved on to face one miss Kokoda Kha, whose wondrous use of levin netted her the championship for the eve! Please congratulate our newest Champion, Kokoda Kha, whose journey of learning is off to a fantastic start, thus concluding Episode XXXXVI; Xaelan Study! ((Lovely screenshot provided by Kokoda themself this week, at their own offer!))
  2. Last sennight we were astounded by a staggering turnout - a record-breaking 32 participants arrived at Fesca's wash to compete for fame, for glory, and - of course - a gil prize, and an orchestrion roll! That's the most participants we've ever had - and we'd like to thank all our attendees for making this possible! Despite the chaos of such a hectic turnout, we were able to pick out a glowing form flitting amidst the participants - it was Kuseum Museum's fairy, who much like our Little Ladies' Day tournament, seemed content to do her own thing rather than obey her summoner - even as they valiantly slung spells to and fro, claiming their spot in the finals! They were waiting for some time, however, as two participants in the Rock bracket really wanted the title of Rock Champion, slinging spells back and forth for the better part of a bell! Their endurance was incredible! Ultimately, I'Shanna moved forth to face Kuseum, and was overcome - Kuseum was the Rock champion, and moved on to face the Arbor Champion, Oliviae Svenay, who was threatening to take yet another title! The two seemed equally matched, right up until Kuseum's fairy finally listened, performing a 'Flutterbomb', and netting him the eve! Please congratulate Kuseum Museum, or now-two-time champion, concluding Episode XXXXV; The Fairy's Refrain! ((I'd like to apologize for the delay this week as well - I have no excuse. I forgot!))
  3. Last eve we welcomed a slightly underwhelming 18 mages out to Fesca's Wash, to compete for glory, to further themselves, and of course - for prizes! As always, only one could go home our Champion! The tourney went rather quickly due to the small turnout, but throughout the night there was nothing more attention-grabbing than the magical screams threatening to break the eardrums and/or horns of all present! Well, those and the sneezes! Those screams, however, proved to be a volatile weapon, capable of shattering spell and ward alike - wielded by the talented Gerelsar Iriq, all the way to the finals! Her opponent, Seseto Seto, had made quite the show of playing a game of spell tennis with Haruhi Asashio, a crackling ball of levin hurtled betwixt the two until only Seseto found herself standing! She moved on to face Gerelsar, whose incredible skill and resilience netted her the eve! Please congratulate our newest champion, Gerelsar Iriq, who took home a brand new assortment of furniture, and the championship in Episode XXXXIV; The Lancetress' Litany!
  4. Last sennight we welcomed 20 mages out to Fesca's Wash to compete for fame, glory, and the right to take home Chirpy the Bluebird, a cursed orchestrion roll, and gil! As always, only one could go home a winner! The eve's matches culminated in a clash betwixt two minature mages - Kupori and Nyau Kotsu, both of whom displayed magical prowess befitting a pair of finalists! However, after a long, drawn out struggle, Kupori overcame Nyau, claiming the eve's championship! In a show of kindness, however, they entrusted Chirpy the Bluebird and the orchestrion roll to Nyau, our runner-up, showing that good sportsmanship isn't dead! Please congratulate our newest champion, Kupori ((Carbuncle Plushy)), who claimed the eve of Episode XXXXIII; War of the Minor Magi! ((I'd like to apologize for the delay and brevity of this post this week - It's been a hectic week for a number of reasons.))
  5. This sennight we welcomed a total of 21 mages out to Fesca's Wash to compete for the right to take home Droopy, a floppy-eared rabbit donated by one of the staff, gil, and a festive Spriggan hat! As always, we could only have one winner! Tonight's dark horse was Firae Elric, who surprised the staff and their opponents alike with incredible shows of Feng Shui magic, channeled through a katana! Speaking to one of the staff, they claimed they needed Droopy, stating she was to be a gift! Their determination as they bested opponent after opponent was clear, and before long, this raen man found himself the Rock champion, cleaning house well before the Bridge finished! The final match of the night was between Firae and one Riley Fox, who graciously permitted Firae a moment of dancing prayer before the match. And then he began to walk closer - not farther away, closer! He claimed that he 'can't kick your ass unless (he gets) closer.' In moments, aetheric fists were flying between the two, at such speeds that we staff could barely follow the match! Yet - Firae was not deterred, even as he went blow for blow with Riley! The match reached its climax in one of the most dramatic counters I have ever witnessed, before Firae sent his opponent flying, netting the eve's championship, and a gift for someone important, apparently! Please congratulate our newest champion, Firae Elric, who was not kidding when they claimed they needed that rabbit in Episode XXXXII; Bobo's Strange Holiday!
  6. Tonight we welcomed 25 mages out to Fesca's Wash for a surprisingly uneventful Spellstone! But as always, only one could go home the winner - and take home a suitcase of clothing suited to dance in, and perhaps a pouch of gil somewhere in that suitcase! Not every eve can be eventful however, with the Rock bracket far outpacing the Bridge bracket in matches concluding. This, in tandem with a disqualification due to safety concerns, led to a very quiet eve. And indeed, the eve did go out not with a bang, but with a whimper, as the Rock champion, Tracy Powell, surpassed the Bridge champion, Oswyn Carter, and took the title for the eve! Please congratulate this eve's champion, Tracy Powell, who took home far, far too many expensive silks in Episode XXXXI; The Silent Eve!
  7. This evening we welcomed - for the second sennight in a row - a staggering 23 mages out to Fesca's wash, to compete for glory, achievement - and gil of course - in our fortieth Spellstone! In addition, our single, lucky winner would receive a set of replica armor - made to resemble equipment retrieved by NOAH on an expedition into the void! ...Apparently. This eve's Rock bracket was wiped clean far, FAR before the Bridge bracket - with one miss Elatus Shadeflare dominating! Nigh-effortlessly, the miqo'te woman plowed her way all the way to the Rock championship, and then the eve's finals with her Red Magic! Yet - the Bridge produced a stronger champion still! Utilizing magical might far beyond what one would expect of a typical thaumaturge, Edda Vincents emerged as the Bridge champion, and in a show of immense power - the champion of the eve! Please congratulate our newest champion, Edda Vincents - whose overwhelming display of magical might has prompted us to strengthen the wards, thus concluding Episode XXXX - Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object!
  8. This eve we at the Spellstone welcomed a monstrous 22 mages to Fesca's wash to compete for a chance for gil and a private tutoring lesson in a craft of their choice, be it alchemy, blacksmithing, weaving, fishing - any trade! But as always, only one could go home a winner this eve - and the competition was fierce! This eve we found Miss Fiona Delaine on a winning streak - bashing back opponent after opponent by the Rock as if she was already on a victory lap! After a difficult match against a lalafell named Kupori, scattering flames, ice, and darkness, Fiona found herself in the championship - facing off against Chuluun Dotharl, the Bridge champion! Their match was intense - and Chuluun displayed unparalleled mastery of the magical arts - and managed to neatly end Fiona's winning streak, netting herself the victory! Please congratulate our newest champion, Chuluun Dotharl, whom will be pursuing the arts of Weaving under the tutelage of Artemis Newton, thus bringing Episode XXXIX - Scarlet and Shadow to a close!
  9. This evening we welcomed eighteen plus one mages out to Fesca's Wash for a musical installment of the Spellstone Tournament! Though many wished to compete, only one could go home with a brand new orchestrion, a gil prize, and an assortment of elementally-themed music! The eve was rather uneventful, until a late arrival and agreement by the staff resulted in one of the overseers - Miss Laplace Daemon - being permitted to serve as a first-round opponent for a miss Eleanora Clover! Miss Daemon was made short work of, and Eleanora proceeded onward to face The Emerald Eorzean, whom she overcame, before facing Maral - a mysterious Xaela! Eleanora would not be stopped however, and soon found herself in the finals, facing our Bridge Champion Maiya Maiilah, who wielded Nymian magics! However - Ellie found herself halted just as victory lay in her grasp - the match raged on and on in utter stalemate, until finally, a victor emerged! Please congratulate our newest Champion; Maiyah Maiilah, thus concluding Episode XXXVIII - The Fairy and The Fire!
  10. This eve, we welcomed eighteen mages to Fesca's Wash for a celebratory Spellstone! We wished a happy Little Lady's day to all our participants - despite the fact that only one could go home with a crown of flowers, a mandragora plush and two mammets in the shape of little ladies, as well as a gil prize! This eve found itself completely dominated by Kuseum Museum and their fairy, whose cheerful teamwork carried them through match after match, throwing flowers, and delicious pies, and naming Uzu Paris as princess for a day, and claiming their place as the Rock Champion! The bridge found itself graced by last sennight's champion, Oliviae Svenay, who found herself on a winning streak until she was cut short by Pheli Calar - who went on to claim their place as the Bridge Champion! The match between Pheli was intense, yet Kuseum would not be denied - nor would their fairy, who named a second Princess this eve - showering Pheli with a show of flowers for the win! Please congratulate our newest Champion, Kuseum Museum, who reigned over Episode XXXVII - The Fairy Seneschal!
  11. This eve, guest overseers Sante, Tresh, and Girl welcomed a massive total of 20 motivated mages out to Fesca's Wash for a spur-of-the-moment, crazy party! One LUCKY partygoer, who rocked harder than all the rest, got to go home with a custom-made weapon, forged from the broken Dark Knight arm 'Rebel', gil, as well as a small orchestrion! All present fought their hardest to sharpen their skills, last sennight's champion Azul threatening from the very beginning to claim a second victory - only to be cut short by K'Sato Tia in the semifinals! On the bridge, we witnessed a clash of light and darkness, the raw emotion of which we scarce see! Yet ultimately, Oliviae Svenay stepped forth from the chaos - the Bridge Champion! She moved on to face - and claim victory over - K'Sato Tia, in a very close, very wild match - the final of the eve! As with all good parties, we ultimately had to see our guests off, after Oliviae Svenay claimed yet another victory - her fourth - in Episode XXXVI - Demons Never Sob!
  12. This past sennight has been a busy one for the Spellstone staff, both new and old, so we'd like to offer an apology to our readers for the delay! Last sennight, we welcomed a hefty 17 mages to Fesca's Wash, only one of which could claim our Carbuncle-themed prizes, inspired by Episode XXXIII! The evening was rife with fantastic matches, the likes of which we rarely see - between Kaede Yumita overcoming The Emerald Eorzean himself even as he cast off all his restraint, and our final match of the eve, where Kaede faced off against Azul - the masked magician, master of arts azure! Their match was among the most intense we've witnessed, but as all good things do - it too had to reach an end, and the competition was stained a deep blue! Please congratulate our newest champion - Azul! Thus concludes our coverage of Episode XXXV - Azure Eve!
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