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  1. Last sennight we welcomed but 12 mages out to Fesca's Wash to compete for knowledge, for glory, and for gil! T'would seem a rather popular show was being held, as we later learned! The eve was a quiet one as a result, but no less fierce - with less competition, every single participant present gave it their all to maximize their chances of claiming victory! Standing head and shoulders above the rest however was a dear friend of two staff - Fox Veron! Deftly mixing the arts of Far Eastern Ninjutsu and Red Magic, Fox toppled foe after foe, before facing off against a regular attendee - Ylja Leskreta! Her mastery of Sharlayan Astrology is second to none, and as the two clashed, Fox found himself pushed to his limits, putting his all into what appeared to be a heavily-accelerated VerHoly! With such a stunning display, Fox claimed the eve! Please congratulate our newest champion, Fox Veron, who netted the title and proved how far his magical studies have come in Episode LIX; Rise of a Hero!
  2. Last sennight we welcomed a happy 23 mages out to Fesca's Wash to compete for Gil, glory, and our last non-holiday Sur-prize! The evening's matches culminated in a clash between miss Suisei Asashio, a newcomer to our humble event, and Najila El'Azah! Suisei employed a unique type of carbuncle to great effect, clashing with Najila's spells like she were a seasoned mage of many, many summers! But all winning streaks must come to an end, and Suisei found herself on the receiving end of a humbling! Please congratulate our newest Champion, Najila El'Azah, who took the eve and an unusual orchestion roll in Episode LVIII: Reticent Reproach!
  3. Last sennight we played host to a pleasant 19 mages out at Fesca's Wash, to compete for Gil, Glory, and a primal-themed weapon, painstakingly crafted by one of our on-staff artisans in the image of Ravana! The competition was fierce as always, but we found ourselves watching a dark horse entry - Krie Arda, a new face! Wielding magics of Limsan Arcanists, they showed that mastering the fundamentals can take one a long, long way! Please congratulate our newest Champion, Krie Arda, who overcame wielders of much more complex magic to claim their spot as the champion in Episode LVII: Back to Basics!
  4. Last Sennight we welcomed 16 Mages to Fesca's Wash to compete for Gil, Glory, and a cute dog that followed one of our staff home in Kugane! Despite their best efforts, Buster's owner couldn't be found - likely a stray, and as such, we saw fit to find him a better home! And what better home for him than that of a talented mage? As always, the competition was fierce, but two mages stood head and shoulder above their peers - Tracy Powell and Rilae Shadeflare found themselves in the finale for the eve, clashing heads to claim Buster for their own! Tracy would not be denied however, and overcame Rilae with finesse! Please congratulate this week's champion, Tracy Powell, who is now tied with Olivae Svenay for the most Spellstone Tournament wins at a staggering four wins each! Congratulations on your victory in Episode LVI: Rising Star, Tracy!!
  5. Last sennight we welcomed a cozy 15 mages out to Fesca's Wash to compete for gil, glory, and unusual orchestrion roll that simply screams 'LA-HEE'. The eve's competition was fierce, culminating in a match between two Viera - Ylja Leskreta and Miriam Gale, wearing clashing attire of scarlet and deep azure! As always though, there could only be one winner, despite the two's boundless determination and tenacity! Please congratulate our newest champion, Miriam Gale, who claimed victory, the gil, and the weird orchestrion roll in Episode LV: Red Vs Blue!
  6. Last sennight we welcomed 19 mages out to Fesca's Wash to compete for a luxurious cash prize - one million gil! The competition was fierce, and the eve culminated in a clash betwixt wielders of two aged arts - Aedremor Cronqvist, a master of Old-style Conjury, and Izea Dzemael, a wielder of Allagan Summoning! Despite their similarly regal appearances, only one could come out on top, and after a long, drawn out clash of wits, dramatic prose, and spells, Izea came out on top! Please congratulate our newest champion, Izea Dzemael, who claimed the eve in Episode LIV; Clash of the Counts!
  7. Last eve we welcomed 12 mages (It almost seemed as if the vast majority of our usual participants were elsewhere, for some inexplicable reason - as if there were some pressing, star-rending matter that needed attended to.) to Fesca's Wash to compete for gil, glory, and a one-of-a-kind rapier! The eve culminated in a match between Tracy Powell and Silya Cordwyk, both masters in their respective arts! After a long and grueling match, Silya Cordwyk overcame Tracy, netting the evening in Episode LIII; Distant Participants!
  8. Last week we welcomed a humble 23 mages to Fesca's wash to compete for gil, skill, and... An extremely valuable imported Thavnairian Onion! The eve culminated in a fierce match between Fiona Delaine and Drith Buduga - resulting in Drith's victory! Please congratulate our newest champion - Drith Buduga, who took the eve in Episode LII; Earth vs Sky! ((Due to the release of the Shadowbringers expansion and personal time constraints as a result, thread updates will be minimal until further notice. Thank you for your understanding - enjoy the expansion!))
  9. Last sennight we welcomed a total of 21 mages to Fesca's Wash to compete for gil, for glory, for pride, and for a unique coat modeled after Allagan fashion! The final match of the eve culminated in a most unlikely matchup - teacher met student head on when Kattyne Aeris found herself paired against her teacher, Anhe Dulain, prompting an unexpected exam! Anhe had shown the extent of her magical gift the entirety of the eve, laying opponent after opponent low by the hand of her Elementalism! Yet Kattyne's own resourcefulness and versatility would not be denied - aetheric blades launched to and fro, in between bouts of wind magic! Though both fought with the enthusiasm that's to be expected of mages whom know eachother, it'd seem Kattyne earned a passing grade! Please congratulate our newest Champion, Kattyne Aeris, who overcame her very own headmistress and claimed the eve in Episode LI; Graduation Ceremony!
  10. Last sennight 20 mages made their way out to Fesca's Wash to compete for glory, for knowledge, for pride - and for gil and flowers! The final match of the eve culminated in a clash between two titans - Chia Everbright and Tracy Powell tested the extent of their magical mastery against each other - and for a time, neither of them could gain the upper hand! Spell met spell, their prowess equally matched as Chia's overwhelming might competed with Tracy's creative magics, leaving the two in a contest of endurance! But as with all such contests, one eventually had to give, and it seemed that both did! They went blow for blow, for a time, Tracy's otter construct proving as effective as it was creative - before finally, Tracy came out on top! It was a show to be marveled at and we hope to see both of them back in future installments! Please congratulate Tracy Powell on their third Championship, netting themselves an array of flowers donated by a Gridanian florist, as well as the title of Episode L: Brain vs Brawn!
  11. Last sennight we found ourselves hosting another record-breaker, a whopping 36 participants! We'd like to thank our attendees for their patience that eve - the sudden attendance jump admittedly caught us unprepared! Regardless of such, attendees were more than happy to compete for fame, for gil, and for Fuzzy - a lesser panda that followed one of our staff home from Hingashi! This eve we were treated to a real delight - match after match of elegant, dexterous dance moves, interwoven with bursts of magic! I'Shanna Bhen of the Bridge Bracket deftly maneuvered her way to the finals, against Tracy Powell! Tracy - a two time champion - utilized experimental carbuncles and aetheric constructs to great effect in their previous matches! However, despite their limitless creativity and talent, there is little to be done to defeat an opponent you can barely land a blow on, even as they blast you with magic - and thus I'Shanna won the eve! Please congratulate our most recent champion, I'Shanna Bhen, who happily gave Fuzzy a good home, and took it all in Episode XLIX: Dancer's Dominance!
  12. This sennight we found ourselves hosting a cozy 21 mages at Fesca's wash for the Spellstone Tournament - there to compete for gil and knowledge alike - And a wonderful set of far-eastern robes crafted by Miss Yisugei Tumet! Our final round this eve was a struggle betwixt two lalafell - Miss Chuchusa Chusa, and Kupori! Kupori began the match by displaying a... rather unorthodox form of magic, transforming her carbuncle into a set of battle armor? The effect on her magic - however strange as the spell might have been - was nothing to sneeze at - Kupori's magics had certainly been amplified by her attire! Even her very behavior became carbuncle-like as she leapt into the air and sent dazzling beams of refracted magic raining down on her opponent! Chuchusa, despite her wondrous displays of destructive power and alarmingly powerful spells this eve, found herself outmatched by the carbuncle-themed onslaught! Please congratulate our second-time champion, Kupori ((Carbuncle Plushy)) who has claimed their second Spellstone championship - and much in the same vein as their previous title, felt the desire to pass their prize on to the runner-up, as thanks for their good show, in Episode XLVIII: Carbuncle Fusion! ((Due to our recent increase in tournament turnout forcing us to split into three brackets, from this point on, synopses on the final match will be written rather than entire tourney summaries.))
  13. Hello once again dear readers! We apologize for the delay! Last sennight, 27 mages made their way out to Fesca's Wash, seeking to improve, to test themselves, and to win gills! That's right - Gills! We found ourselves a supporter in the Fisherman's Bottom of Limsa Lominsa, who provided us with a rare specimen to give as a prize - A titanic sawfish, caught off Cape Westwind! Last sennight's competition was fierce - but one contestant among many stood out from the rest - R'Dara! Just R'Dara! Her wondrous mastery of ice magics left many of her opponents chilled to the bone - and netted her the eve's victory! Please congratulate our newest champion, R'Dara, who took home a voucher for a massive fish tank and a titanic fish to match in Episode XLVII: A Song of Ice and Sun(Seeker)!
  14. This sennight we welcomed an incredible 31 mages out to Fesca's Wash to compete, to learn, and to of course - try their hand at winning a fantastic prize! This sennight it was two wondrous sets of equipment commissioned for aspiring practitioners of new foreign combat arts! On the Bridge, we witnessed an incredible series of clashes, with one Miss Kattyne creatively employing aetheric arts using her knives as foci, as well as magical flash-bangs! Quite dirty, but legal! She put up quite the fight for the longest time, before meeting her match at the hands of Miss DeeDee, an eccentric lass whose mastery of grimoire-based magic leaves little to be desired! DeeDee found herself against Miss Elatus Shadeflare, who utilized almost worryingly-potent Allagan Summoning magics, centered around Ifrit! DeeDee overcame this opponent as well becoming the Bridge Champion, and moved on to face sir Kaito of the Rock bracket, where she fell! Kaito moved on to face one miss Kokoda Kha, whose wondrous use of levin netted her the championship for the eve! Please congratulate our newest Champion, Kokoda Kha, whose journey of learning is off to a fantastic start, thus concluding Episode XLVI; Xaelan Study! ((Lovely screenshot provided by Kokoda themself this week, at their own offer!))
  15. Last sennight we were astounded by a staggering turnout - a record-breaking 32 participants arrived at Fesca's wash to compete for fame, for glory, and - of course - a gil prize, and an orchestrion roll! That's the most participants we've ever had - and we'd like to thank all our attendees for making this possible! Despite the chaos of such a hectic turnout, we were able to pick out a glowing form flitting amidst the participants - it was Kuseum Museum's fairy, who much like our Little Ladies' Day tournament, seemed content to do her own thing rather than obey her summoner - even as they valiantly slung spells to and fro, claiming their spot in the finals! They were waiting for some time, however, as two participants in the Rock bracket really wanted the title of Rock Champion, slinging spells back and forth for the better part of a bell! Their endurance was incredible! Ultimately, I'Shanna moved forth to face Kuseum, and was overcome - Kuseum was the Rock champion, and moved on to face the Arbor Champion, Oliviae Svenay, who was threatening to take yet another title! The two seemed equally matched, right up until Kuseum's fairy finally listened, performing a 'Flutterbomb', and netting him the eve! Please congratulate Kuseum Museum, or now-two-time champion, concluding Episode XLV; The Fairy's Refrain! ((I'd like to apologize for the delay this week as well - I have no excuse. I forgot!))
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