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  1. Hello, wasn't sure if you still are looking for an RP character, but I am also on the Leviathan server as well. My username on discord is Ani the Derp#6574
  2. Name: Nheu Nbolo Age: 25 Race: Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon Location [place of origin]: Quarrymill Features [appearance]: Petite in stature with white hair, ears, and tail, with purple eyes. Personality: Quiet and aloof, keeps to herself at most times. Her voice is soft-soften, but can be firm at times. Her attire mostly consists of her hiding her face, since she doesn't like to be seen. Tradeskills: Leatherworker and Alchemist Chaotic Good Brief Backstory: Born and raised in the outskirts of Gridana, Nheu Nbolo believed in complete isolation. She is deemed an outcast to her kind; being she has no family, or yet doesn't know anything about them. Her life consists of her being more of taking "odd jobs" or anything she can find to get her by to live. She lives by her own morals that "stealing is wrong", however due to the Miqo'te's history as stated they are still frowned upon and she does get taken for granted for her kind naieve nature is either good or bad. She hides from her race and tends to go beyond the outskirts of The Black Shroud such as Othard in which was a vassal to the Garlean Empire. At times she does visit Doma especially the city of Kugane in which she does her fair trade of business with. Her main classes are Ninja and Monk. Nheu does enjoy exploring, and has her obsession with "shiny things". She now lives in the region of Aldenard close by the city of Ul'dah in Thanalan area in which she works on her alchemy tradeskill.
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    Hello, I am new to the community but have been an avid RPer through other MMO's such as Gw2, Black Desert Online, SL, Tera, and Archeage. I have been trying to quite some time to get onto the Balmung server since...ver. 1.0 [Yes I have been playing since the time the servers were utter hell]. I am just trying to get rearing for the expansion since I am in the Stormbringers content now, but getting all the sidequests done. Currently leveling up my DRG and BLM since I am enjoying them for the moment. Hopefully I am intending to get a small house for RP purposes in the Lavender Beds, but I do wish they had some in Ishgard. My character information is in my profile for the time being, but I will make some posts in the near future.
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