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  1. Heya! I know this is quite a bit of a late response since you first posted but if you were still hunting some one to hangout around with my girl Syn probably would fit the bill. I actually have been rebuilding my FC from the ground up as a RP FC and just recently bought a medium that I will be turning into a tavern for the RP. I am married in game to my BF OOC so we enjoy going around on the weekends after raids and hitting up some bars for fun. Given I have been wanting to roam more often and actually enjoy the RP community more than I have been. So having a friend to roam with and get into mischief with would be tons of fun, I have a few friends OOC that also RP that I chat with, but none IC that I can actually enjoy goofing around with. My character is played as the owner of a Relic Hunters guild, it allows us to both play the game for what it is, be it treasure map hunting, raiding, dungeon crawling, farming mounts, etc. but also allows us to Rp with people. So if you are still looking and interested in meeting up or something for fun just let me know!
  2. Insurmountable Death Relic Hunters Extraordinaire Our Story: I.D is a group of misfits, those who don't fit into the "rules" that govern the races, or just those who have no place to call home. We are relic hunters who enjoy taking on the creatures that others are terrified to face for things that might just help some of us figure out where we fit in, in this world. We are the ones who are searching for answers to the hard questions, the questions everyone else fears. Positions Opened: Are you a misfit looking for somewhere to call home? Don't think you have anyone on your side? Well I say differently! I.D is here for those who can answer yes to these hard questions. We are a family who sticks together through thick and thin while enjoying hunting for the things that other's won't dare go after. Does the idea of hunting down a rare object or perhaps facing off against a strong opponent sound like fun to you? Then perhaps you have just stumbled across the perfect place for you. We are seeking both experienced and inexperienced role players, along with those raiders who would love to live in both the RP world and raiding worlds. Example of Event Positions: Geisha Massage Therapist Bartender Waitress/Server Host/Hostess Bouncer/Guards Artisans Infirmary Example of FC Positions: Airship Mechanics Artisans Expert Relic Hunters (Raiders) Stable Worker Event Planner Interior Decorator Recruiter Outings Planner Public Relations If any of these sounds like something you are interested in then please reach out either on FFXIV or contact me personally on Discord. Discord - Syntharia Val'estraa#0729 IG - Syntharia Val'estraa (Coeurl)
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