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  1. Kasumi Gakunin

    RP Server options in the new 4.5 Aether Datacenter?

    Hello. I have a few friends considering staying on aether and I wanted to look into what the community was like/how active servers like Gilgamesh and Jenova are like? Is there is a discord for aether rp? I know there's a large (future) Crystal one.
  2. Kasumi Gakunin

    balmung [Balmung] Doman shinobi LFC

    The Basics –––– • NAME: Kira Shinoda aka “Tiger Eyes” (Professional handle) • AGE: Mid to late twenties • RACE: Far Eastern Midlander hyur • GENDER: Female • SEXUALITY: Heterosexual • MARITAL STATUS: Single. Not looking. • SERVER: Balmung. Physical Appearance –––– • HAIR: Long, black sleek hair, usually worn up in a long ponytail with two sides covering the side of her face. • EYES: Amber brown. • HEIGHT: 5’2, average for a Far Eastern woman. • BUILD: Toned, athletic but still slender. • DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A thin burn mark down one side of her face, usually hidden by part of her hair. A myriad of irezumi tattoos indicating she was once a member of a Far Eastern crime syndicate, usually hidden by clothes and/or armor. • COMMON ACCESSORIES: Usually two ninjato or some other form of Far Eastern sword. Hidden daggers and shurikens. Sometimes a small pistol of Far Eastern design. Usually wears a hood or something else to hide her face. Personal –––– • PROFESSION: Shinobi; assassin for hire, information broker, bounty hunter. • HOBBIES: Cooking. Meditation. • LANGUAGES: Fluent: Doman, Hingan. Eorzean Common. Some :Garlean. • RESIDENCE: Small apartment in Shirogane. . • BIRTHPLACE: Yanxia, Doma. Location unknown. • PATRON DEITY: The kami. Not that religious but follows Far Eastern holidays and traditions. • FEARS: Leadership, getting close to people, relationships. Relationships –––- • SPOUSE: None • CHILDREN: None • PARENTS: None; both dead. • SIBLINGS: unknown • OTHER RELATIVES: Aunt- matriarch of the Kusanagi shinobi clan. Cousin, heir apparent of the shinobi clan. • PETS: Messenger/hunting hawk. Name unknown Additional information –––– • SMOKING HABIT: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess. • DRUGS: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess. • ALCOHOL: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess Possible Hooks –––– • Shinobi for hire – Trained as a shinobi since childhood by her mother, Kira is a honed assassin and information broker, amongst other skills typical of a shinobi. She now serves her mother’s shinobi clan, taking less then legal jobs on their behalf. Shinobi of the Kusanagi can be hired for the right price, both in the Far East or abroad. • Ex crime boss – The former “Dragonhead” of a branch of the Black Lotus Syndicate @blacklotus-ffxiv in Eorzea, Kira was thought to be murdered by her Uncle after the death of her Father. Some may recognise the woman from her time with the Syndicate, in Eorzea and abroad, although she seems intent on keeping the fact she’s alive a secret. • Black Market Buyer – Unable to contact any of her old sources of Black Market goods, Kira is always on the lookout for new suppliers of poisons, weapons and anything else useful for her work Ooc info –––– Contact method: I can be contacted on discord at Kasumi#6195 or on one of my tumblrs kasumi-ffxiv or kira-ffxiv as well as ig on Kasumi Gakunin or Kira Shinoda Online times: I’m Australian, located currently in AEDT time. Usually I’m available from 8 pm est onwards except for when I have class or real-life stuff. I’m most comfortable rping with EST or PST players although I’m usually around until 12-1 pm GMT for any Europeans players interested. I’m not one of those Australians though that stays up super late and attends EU events. What rp are you looking for? Plot based rp, new contacts, ect. Not looking for Erp or romance rp. Please respect this and don’t push the matter. I also won’t rp with mun or muses under the age of eighteen. Sorry. Not looking to join a fc either since I run my own fc. Far Eastern themed rp such as yakuza, shinobi ect rp is more than welcome. I’m happy to have her as a villain as well. Despite Kira being an alt, I’m quite bored with my main at the moment, and I’m hoping to get back into rping Kira for a change of pace. I recently bought her back after a hiatus of 18 months. I’m able to rp in all locations, except those that require flying in Stormblood (because I’m lazy). She’s not really a nice, warm, fuzzy character. If you’re looking for a “nice character” to rp with, she’s probably not your girl.
  3. Kasumi Gakunin

    balmung Golden Fox Trade House

    The Golden Fox Trade House is an international trade company with ties to the black market both in the Far East and internationally. Officially, the Golden Fox Trade House specialises in the trade, wholesale, acquisition and transport of import and export. However, behind the respectful business front, their main business is dealing in the black market, obtaining and distributing goods, wares and services of a more questionable nature. Unaffiliated with any clan or business, the Golden Fox functions as an independent and neutral trading company and criminal enterprise, seeking to expand its operations within Othard, and the West. Golden Fox Trade operates out of two venues, one in Shirogane and the other in the Mists. Both are shop fronts known as the the Golden Fox Trade Emporium. Here both legal and illegal trade and services are sold, the shop supplying an array of exotic wares from the Far East and Eorzea along with under the counter black market items. Items of interest can also be sold or traded, with no questions asked. For the right price, acquisition and information services are also available to any buyers in need of discretion. The Golden Fox grounds remain neutral ground, open to all of criminal and non-criminal persuasions. The Golden Fox Trade House (Fox) is medium to heavy role play free company which operates during peak North Americans times. The majority of the rp that goes on within the company is morally grey and more mature themed although light hearted rp is more then welcome when appropriate. Due to the mature content of the rp within the company we do not be accept players (or characters) under the age of 18. Bonuses to joining our company include: - A medium free company house in Shirogane - Personal House used a GFT HQ in the Mists - Bi-weekly social nights so members can get to know each other. - Regular attendance at community events. - GM-ed plots that last 2-3 months on a regular basis - A smaller free company where you can get to know your fellow company members easier. - A focus on quality over quantity when it comes to rp and company growth. - And all the normal stuff like discord, a website, a tumblr, ect Recruitment is now closed! At this time we are currently seeking free company members only. However, individuals with interest in joining the free company potentially in the future are welcome to apply as linkshell members. Both players and characters applying for the free company must be over the age of 18 due to the mature themes of the free company. We are also only recruiting main characters. Alts are welcome to join the company however if you should join with your main character. Ideally, since most our activity takes place during North American EST hours, members available during these times zones will also have an easier time attending events. Roles we are currently looking for IC include: Mercenaries: Sellswords, adventurers or anyone open to morally grey work who can wield a weapon. Please note we only looking for recruit mercenaries (not including medics at this role if full) at this time. All other applications will be rejected. Merchants & Artisans: The Golden Fox Trade House is in need of staff to supply, and sell its wares. Whether you have a knack for sales, or the means to acquire goods both uncanny and valuable in nature, the Trade House could benefit from your skills. Information brokers: The Golden Fox is now furthering it’s black market services to include information brokering. Anyone with skills in this field is welcome to apply! Retainers/brokers: The Golden Fox is now seeking retainers to deal with company business including brokering deals with other company’s, assisting with the day to day running of the company and more. House staff: From shopkeepers, to chefs, to guards, the trade house has secured a medium plot of land in Shirogane that is in need of a staff to work around the house and store. Healers: Menders of ailments, both physical and not, to care for injured company members, and work closely with house alchemists and potion-makers. Currently not recruiting for medics/healers. Unfortunately, we have an over abundance on staff already. Other: Have a role in mind you feel would fit in with the trade house? Feel free to apply. If you have more questions, or wish to apply, please check out our website (and be sure to read our RULES, & IC INFORMATION). Alternatively, please feel free to contact our officers Kasumi Gakunin, Relexano Delmandi or Caolan Achaius. Special thanks to Etani'a for the design of the website and graphics for Golden Fox Trade House.
  4. Kasumi Gakunin

    No Love for Straight Women

    Pretty much echoing the sentiments I've already seen here. Aside from that I've also noticed a lot of straight guys either aren't into romance rp as deeply as female players or prefer to...have more open options. My own rp partner whose a straight dude has often said they never were really into long term exclusive romance rps and while we both enjoy our ship very much, even after two years, I know he enjoys a mix of different types of rp rather then straight up romance all the time or our characters being joined at the hip. I think it's just a matter of time and patience and also realising some guys just aren't into romance rp as much as us girls.
  5. The Golden Fox Trade House is opening its door for our first “Vice Night”. Similar to our earlier open nights this year, our new “vice nights” will feature more open black market rp. Come enjoy our somnus in the oriental lounge of the Golden Fox Emporium, seek out information from our information brokers or buy unique black market goods. When: Friday, October 5th, 2018. Time: 8 PM EST to 11 PM EST Location: Plot 06, Ward 10, the Mists, Balmung Server. Please note this is both an 18+ event ic and ooc. Anyone found attending the event under the age of 18 ic or ooc will be asked to leave due to the mature nature of the event, ongoing changes to international law ooc and the comfort of other role players. We ask that players currently rping underage characters or that are underage ooc do not attend. Disclaimer: The Golden Fox Trade House is a free company in the mmo of ffxiv, on the Balmung server. Any illegal activities mentioned are acted out fictionally via the activity of role play online via ffxiv. GFT does not endorse, act out or have any relations to real world illegal activities and any relation to real world illegal activities, past and present, are purely coincidental or used as inspiration for fictional reasons. Drugs are bad, mmm'kay? Banner credit goes to the lovely and talented Etani'a
  6. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Golden Fox Trade House, the company will be hosting a 50% off sale for one night only. Come seek out exotic goods from the Far East and abroad. Not interested in shopping? The Emporium will have an izakaya downstairs where you can enjoy free tea and alcohol as a thanks to our loyal customers. When: Friday, 31st of August, 2018. Time: 8 PM EST to 11 PM EST Location: Plot 28, 12 Ward, Shirogane. Balmung Server. OOC notes: Wares available include fictional Black and white market goods. Artisan, information brokering and other services will also be available in character. For more information please look over our staff listing and white market wares here. Black Market wares will be sold under the counter. Please whisper one of our merchants when conducting such transactions. The list of our black market goods is here. Disclaimer: The Golden Fox Trade House is a free company in the mmo of ffxiv, on the Balmung server. Any illegal activities mentioned are acted out fictionally via the activity of role play online via ffxiv. GFT does not endorse, act out or have any relations to real world illegal activities and any relation to real world illegal activities, past and present, are purely coincidental or used as inspiration for fictional reasons. Drugs are bad, mmm'kay?
  7. Kasumi Gakunin

    News update

    Recruitment open for merchants, artisans, information brokers, house staff and retainers.
  8. Kasumi Gakunin

    News update

    Recruitment for GFT is now closed except for mercenaries. Recruitment for other roles will re-open in a few months but for now we’re focusing on wrapping up our last interview and making out new members welcome as well as increasing our merc numbers. Keep an eye on our tumblr for upcoming news in the next month about our one year anniversary!!!
  9. For more details please head over to our advertisement here.
  10. Kasumi Gakunin

    White Mages in Othard?

    White mage? Not as far as any lore I've read but you could always be a bit creative and bend lore a bit. Play a miko or some other far eastern themed healer with similar spell casting abilities as a conjurer? I don't see why there wouldn't be powerful (not necessary white mages) healers perhaps on the same scale as white mages? A lot of far eastern rpers bend lore or integrate current lore into something far eastern themed. With such limited lore in general, it's really not that unusual.
  11. Kasumi Gakunin

    Balmung RP, is it dying? Has it changed?

    Watcher's Eye Black Market is in an open world location every third sunday of the month, 9 pm est. But as I always say to people with complaints about events- be the change you want to see! As for smaller events, I can vouch that advertising goes a long way into making an event successful. Advertising via discord, tumblr, rpc, using the balmung calender, collaborating with other fc's and even using pf and shout before and/or during an event all do wonders for increasing event attendance. Popping an event on the balmung calender or advertising it when it's on via pf isn't going to get a huge amount of attendance. Like real life, marketing and advertisement goes a long way into an event fetching large numbers.
  12. Kasumi Gakunin

    Balmung RP, is it dying? Has it changed?

    I suspect people may be more spread out at different events since there is a such a variety now. To be plain, as much as I respect grindstone, most people have been to it so perhaps people are attending other events these days since there's a great variety. As for the quicksand, I've heard more complaints then usual about erp-ers sending them weird/random messages straight up looking for erp or asking odd questions straight up like (quote) "Are you into vore?". A great ooc conversation starter (sarcasm). Things like that have a tendency to deter people. I also agree with the sentiment people may be sticking to their fc/friends circles these days when it comes rp rather then venturing out. I also agree with the pre-patch lull. I know quite a few people playing other mmo's because eureka got boring quick or they did everything they wanted to within a few weeks. Even as a more casual pve player I've managed to get to 20 and make most of the artefact gear I want dyeable. I'm pretty confident once the next patch drops a lot of people will reappear. This isn't really anything out of ordinary.
  13. Kasumi Gakunin

    balmung Bushido Royale: Far Eastern Martial Tournament


    Sign ups are now closed. Our sign up list is as followed: Competitors Tola Balrahn Jude Paw Blake Forester Garron Durieux Tange Shishido Yumiko Gekkoha Lyon Mercury Vilette Laurent Lycheria Itazura Yuri Namaikina Ayane Mayuzuma Sil Ascheblade Reserves U'illya Verlial Arcadius Vernos Kojako Gineda Thank you all for signing up and good luck! See you next Friday!
  14. until
    Kasagagi Dojo, Genko & Khokanchin, Golden Fox Trade House and Bansenshukai are proud to present: The Bushido Royale To celebrate the liberation of Doma and its rich culture, Kasagagi Dojo invites all martial warriors to test their martial prowess against fighters from all over Hydaelyn at an exciting location in the Far East. Sponsored by Genko & Khokanchin, Golden Fox Trade House and Bansenshukai, the Bushido Royale, a range of events will be included in this Bushido Royale including: Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Gambling Merchants selling various Far Eastern wares. A mid tournament show with a dance performance by Lucky Sparrow! Any martial warriors, both melee and ranged, including archers, machinists, puglists, paladins, samurai, ect are invited to sign up and attend. No spell casters please. Where: The Coral Banquet arena in the Ruby Seas (x31, y 5). Balmung server. When: 7.30 p.m EST. Friday the 13th of April, 2018. Entry fee: None! SIGN UP IS NOW CLOSED! Rules Basic Grindstone system. Roll initiative and whoever wins goes first. Roll for attack verse defense. The first person who hits the other three times win. Wooden weapons, sucker cup arrows and paint balls will be used depending on your weapon of choice. No real weapons please. You must arrive and be ready to fight by 7.30 EST when the tournament begins or your slot will be offered to someone with a reserved slot. No dis-figuration or permanent damage please. Any attempts to cause serious bodily harm will result in you automatically losing the match. Anyone needing healing IC must be attended to by healing staff of the Bushido Royale or otherwise face disqualification. Any further questions can be directed to Keiho Jizutsu or Kasumi Gakunin in game. Poster credit goes to the talented Celi Eve. Thank you!!!