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  1. I've seen this as a tactic not only here, since there have been several before today like this that ended up deleted soon after, but in other forums as well. My favorite had to be in another forum where I made a very non-serious rant post about wanting to buy a real working lightsaber and a post very much like this came up talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic, then ended with "If you want to buy working lightsabers or wow gold contact me at (info)".
  2. Freemoon


    This is the case with my Miqo'te. Right now, her name reflects the family that found and raised her and she has no idea what her true birth name is (she has almost no memory from before being found by her adoptive parents, save a few brief flashes). However, I do plan to give her a proper name at some point, even if it isn't reflected in the character name as seen in world. But I expect her search for who she is and her history to be a long one with so little info to go on, and it didn't make any sense to me to name her by a Miqo'te name if it takes more than a few weeks or months to learn who she really is.
  3. I kinda like that bit there, since it could also lead to the character being a little "off". Not completely insane or anything like that, but like one of those people that means well but goes about it in a completely oblivious sort of way and doesn't realize they aren't quite helping as much as they think they are. The sort of person who has a very firmly set in stone belief that things are a certain way and there is no room for any alternate interpretation in their mind.
  4. But that's the best reason!! (Kidding, kidding!) Just like in real life, there are sometimes things I'm just not comfortable sharing with my guy friends or asking for their help with, even when it isn't a gender specific issue. It could simply be an issue of comfort and trust similar to how other groups of like-minded people gather.
  5. He used to be one of my favorite characters in the Doctor Who world, but ever since what he did at the end of "Children of Earth"... I mean I get it, I really do. I don't hate the character because he was trying to save all those kids, but it still left a mark on how I have seen the character ever since. On the other hand, I've been sorely tempted to make a character loosely inspired by his ex-partner John Hart. Not that much different in some aspects, but a little less good guy compared to Jack. Plus everything sounds cooler when you imagine it said in the voice of James Marsters. :lol:
  6. For my main, the only direct inspiration comes from a few older characters that I really enjoyed playing. She's not a direct copy of either of them, but certain aspects of their histories and personality were used as building blocks for creating the character. I can't honestly say that other characters didn't indirectly provide inspiration, but I didn't use anything of other characters intentionally. On the other hand, I have an alt idea that is loosely inspired by a few characters including Richard from the webcomic "Looking for Group", Haruko from FLCL, Nai and Mea of Magiranger and G'nort the Green Lantern. It might seem like an odd group of inspiration for one character, but it works in my head (although to be fair, I'm a bit odd, so that could be why :blush: ).
  7. Fixed that for ya, Olofantur Hey now, those farmers work hard in those gold mines where they sow their gold seeds and... What? You mean that isn't what it means? But seriously, this is pretty crazy and I'm sad to see that it was able to happen. Kinda glad I'm poorer than dirt than has been swindled to buy a farm in the middle of Lake Michigan at the moment.
  8. I'd like to know this as well. Part of my character back story includes a love of plays (the kind one might see at a fair or a public outdoor theater) and this sort of thing would seem like something she would be excited to find out about or stumble upon.
  9. It is a bit difficult to find an exact look-alike given the skin tone of my character, but I have seen a few that come close in terms of how I see her bone structure and face build. And the one I thought was most similar was, uh... Not exactly an appropriate model for the forums (DON'T JUDGE ME!). :blush: But I think Mika Kikuchi comes pretty close. Just imagine her with the dark skin, different eye color and Miqo'te ears. Although I MIGHT be a bit biased since Dekaranger is my favorite Super Sentai series and she was DekaPink.
  10. That has been practically the go-to response for a friend of mine, altered slightly for whatever the setting allows. In games with a sci-fi style, the scientific route was the usual explanation, ranging from experimenting with or practicing new medical procedures or being locked inside a controlled environment experimenting with volatile chemicals, pathogens or sensitive materials. In fantasy style settings, it could be anything from researching new spells, practicing alchemy or experimenting with a combination of natural remedies and potions. This also allowed for a smooth transition if the real life situation became more complicated, since more than once she contacted us to say she wouldn't be back for a couple of weeks. In those cases, we said the experimentation went wrong and she had to go through decontamination or being tended to by someone who could fix mystical injuries and the like.
  11. Back in Star Wars Galaxies, a similar explanation was used with my character having gone off to visit her cousins, although only a small number of people were ever specifically told that it was on Dathomir. We built up an explanation that the clan's land was too close to certain mineral deposits that interrupted the com signals. I wonder if there would be something similar that could disrupt linkshell communication (I haven't researched it that much yet). But if not, I could certainly see my character switching them off if she were too upset or just too emotional to deal with anyone or otherwise felt she needed to deal with something alone. Those two have to be my favorite, and I could easily see the first leading directly to the second.
  12. As someone with less than perfect health, I find that every so often (not common, but it happens a couple times a year at least) I have to leave behind a game for anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks, usually without being able to give any advance warning. As such, I've often found myself making plans to explain my absence IC if I've become part of a regular RP group. In the past, such explanations have varied from "She's recovering from illness/injury" to "She's gathering healing herbs in a remote location" and even the amusing "She's either recovering from a hangover or ate too much candy". I'm curious if anyone else has similar plans in place. You don't have to give away details if you don't want, but I'd like to know I'm not exactly alone in making plans just in case.
  13. Have you been to Ul'Dah, recently? There's a trio of female Miqo'te dancers there. They may not be from Ul'dah originally. They may have come there later and use their dancing talents as a means to make money, not unlike people who perform on the streets of large cities (not to be confused with people who "work the streets" in large cities). For some reason, it doesn't seem out of place to me in Ul'dah, but I'd find it strange to see it in Gridania. Limsa Lominsa could go either way. But that is just my opinion based on my own impressions from the lore and storylines of the different cities, and I could be way off.
  14. So for the same sound, you'd have C'ex. Which... is weird, so you could go for your 'hk' idea: C'ehk. Though the sound would be ka-EX, which may not be what you have in mind. That is partly why I said it was a stretch, but sometimes wanting to use a specific name in an MMO is less about the pronunciation and more about having a certain spelling or very much near it. For instance, when I use a name with "Ali" (such as Alicia or Alikathra), I still want the Ali part to sound like Ali, so A'likathra wouldn't work for me. On the other hand, when I want to use something like Kaelia or Ilanwod, it is more about the spelling than the pronunciation, so using K'aelia or I'lanwod is fine even though it would make the name sound completely different. This is also why I didn't end up adapting any of my preferred names directly to Miqo'te naming conventions. I couldn't find a way to adapt them that I would be happy with that also fit the naming conventions.
  15. One of my favorite "bad" characters was something like that. A decent chunk of what made her so cringe inducing was because I kinda pushed some of my own buttons and gave her some traits that I normally find very annoying. There were still a few aspects we shared, like my love of cheesy bad puns, but otherwise she was the sort of character that if I met her in the real world I'd probably want to punch her after two minutes.
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