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  1. Ever since the founding of their orders the Dark knights of the Heolstor family and the Paladins of the Arlice family have been embroiled in a bloody feud. The reasons for the feud long forgotten by both families the two have never stopped fighting. Even with a son from Heolstors and a daughter from the Arlice eloped and started a life together the fighting became even more severe because of it. However, as Ishgard closed its gates the fighting came to an abrupt halt, but old grudges remained festering throughout time. Old men would not forgive the other for past transgressions ensuring that the next generation would carry the same grudges with them as days became years. With Ishgard’s gates now reopened and recent events within the city both families have begun building up their strength and for the first time ever have begun seeking outside help to end the feud once and for all. For their services Adventures joining up with either family can expect a substantial reward for their aid. ((Right so ooc info, I’ve been playing around with this idea for a while now and I’ve a rough outline for this and that to go down. The general idea of this is Dark knights versus Paladins as well as what I think the “worse” bit is with Dark knights communing too much. And since this is going to involve IC fights suggestions on which method to have those fights would be nice. I’ve only done free form so far. With the conclusion of this I’ve been playing around with another idea specifically for those who RP Dark knights, but I’ll get to that in a different post later down the line. Now this would be the first time I would be doing something like this not to mention that I need some help running it. What I mostly need are volunteers to play certain npcs, namely the leaders of the Dark knight family and the Paladin family, Cedric Heolstor and Darrick Arlice respectively. In addition to playing those two npcs I’d ask you to help organize other players that would like to be involved on either side. Other than that you don’t have to be a Paladin or Dark knight ICly to participate, but I’m sure we wouldn’t want this to get too big and have a flood of text where things become a mess. OK I think I’m rambling now so in closing, if you’d like to help out toss me a pm here or in game or contact me on my recently made skype account – Synn_Heolstor. A tell in game would probably be the best way to reach me but, I’ll be checking all of those when I'm able now that this is here. One last thing, if this needs to be moved elsewhere then alright, spent some time debating where to post this and this seemed the appropriate place.))
  2. “You are not a Devil. Is what she said, but we both know that isn’t the case, right?” … “Even if she means well, she and everyone else don’t trust you.” … “After all ‘Those’ two went to Ishgard on their own without telling you, while you –wanting them to trust you- stayed behind.” … “And what happened while you waited, like a good ‘friend’?” “They were caught and thrown into a gaol.” “What did you do when you learned of their fate?” “I tried to free them.” “Tried? So you failed?” “I wasn’t allowed. The others, they prevented me from even going. Knocked me out and tied me to a chair. They said that me going there would get them killed.” “All of them believed that a Devil like you would cause more harm than good. Is that it?” “Yes…” “Then it’s simple, yes? All you have to do is prove to them that a Devil can do good, that you can be of use. But before that you need to get stronger. You know how to do this. Just listen. Listen to my voice. Listen to our heartbeat.” Synn awoke in the darkness of his room and judging by the hue of the sky he could see out the window, he had not even slept for an hour. Even with this being mostly a regular occurrence he still wasn’t used to it. This however was a better alternative than what he went through before joining up with the Free Company. Sitting up he felt the moisture on his clothes and how they clung to him as if sapping his soul from his body. Throwing his clothes off he sat on the floor where his blanket usually was, which It wasn’t much to his surprise, but he didn’t get up to change that. Instead he continued, first he closed his eyes and then traced over the map that lead to nowhere, but if one where to follow this map the “treasure” would certainly mean Synn’s death. *Badump* He found his heart, with this he inhaled through his nose and slowly exhaled through his mouth and listened. All the while Synn felt pain in his chest, but he ignored it.
  3. Well creating Synn first started when i saw my brother playing phase three of the FFXIV beta. At first i thought "Cool a new MMO to try out." But thanks to a reddit post about the RPC and rp within the game I decided that I would like to try it out for that aspect of the game instead of just something to take up time doing nothing. Before any serious decisions on who Synn would be I took a look at the setting of the game and started thinking "What would Synn do in this world?" , "How does he feel about X or Y?" , "Is he a good or bad guy?" Stuff like that. From there I decided that he would be a dark or anti-hero largely influenced by my most favored job in the Final fantasy series, the Dark knight. But alas Dark knights have yet to be implemented in the game yet so after a bit more research into the story of FFXIV I tweaked his back story so that it would fit. At this point I had Synn's base, but he was still incomplete. Continuing to write out his back story I established his likes and dislikes, past and present, along with a goal that drives him forward. And the end result was a character much like myself irl but within a world very different with its own problems, problems that Synn would solve how I would solve them.
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    Character music

    Ah I knew there would be a thread like this somewhere. :thumbsup: Well whilst writing Synn's Back story there were many songs that helped influence his overall character but I'll just post the three that were the biggest influence. 5aUYbB1W1vM This would definitely be Synn's theme if I had to choose between the three. 6oaA28KSCa4 HS6GdikYyIY I feel like this song shows what the Calamity (along with a few other things) has done to him and that despite the strong front he puts up he's actually quite fragile.
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    Ok well... I'll admit that I was procrastinating/playing until I looked cool researching the lore making sure i had the correct time measurements and what not, but I've finally posted Synn's back story in it's entirety which is over 29k words... so I recommend that you read it when you have the time. If you do give it a read please leave feedback. And here it is http://synnheolstorbackstory.blogspot.com/ Now if you'll excuse me I have to go as I've spent all day getting that set up and now my brother wants to get on the laptop.
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    Synn Heolstor

    Parts of Synn's back story are being cut off with each post so I'm just going to provide a link once I find a suitable place to post it.
  7. Synn

    Synn Heolstor

    Not exactly a special announcement but I figured that this would be the best place to post it. Rather than a journal format and more of a detailed retelling of Synn's past, this is Synn's back story. It's quite the lengthy read, I've been working on it since open beta after all. Anyway please give it a read if you have the time, tell me what you think, and leave feedback and such. -1571, Sixth Astral Era, about 1 year before the Calamity- Eorzea a land in grave peril, with Dalamud looming over head and the steady march of Garlean soldiers growing ever closer to home thousands of men and women, Hyur, Elezen, Miqo’te, and Roegadyn alike joined together to form the Eorzean Alliance. Together they would defend their way of life, their home, and their loved ones. But even though this was the right course of action someone couldn’t accept being left behind. In a town on the border of Ul’dah and Gridania a young boy around the age of thirteen argues desperately with his parents and their two Roegadyn companions to let him join them in the war against the Garleans. “Father why won’t you let me come with you I can fight too?!” The young boy cried out with indignation. “I won’t let you come with us because a war is no place fora child your age.” In contrast to his son’s uproar the father was calm. “Neither was all those adventures we went on but you still brought me along anyway!” The boy retorted with fierce determination. “That was different we prepared you for those and we were with you the whole time, that won’t be the case in war. And we won’t be up against monsters or thugs; we’ll be fighting well trained soldiers.” The boy heard his father’s words but still resisted being left behind. After all killing someone wasn’t new to him. He had killed a man before at the age of seven to save the life a girl only one year younger than him which had made the kill entirely justified. And the boy understood the justification why his parents had to go to war with the Garleans so he wanted to help and continued to resist until his mother spoke. “Synn please understand we know you want to help us in the war so we can go back to adventuring and help make Eorzea a better place. But for that to happen this war needs to end quickly and we can’t make it end quickly if we’re worrying about your safety.” The boy named Synn tried to say that he could handle himself in a fight but his mother cut him off. “Yes I know you can handle yourself in a fight but this isn’t like an ordinary fight this is war and you are just too weak to be of any help in it.” Hearing that he was too weak to be of any help reallyfrustrated him. He had trained every day with his father, mother and the two Roegadyn’s in their company to get stronger but the strength he accumulated wasn’t enough to allow him to join in the war. He suddenly wished that he was older so that he would already be a Dark knight like his parents promised and maybe if he was a Dark knight they would take him, but one does not just get older by just wishing for it, because of this he had nothing left to convince his parents to bring him along. With a sigh Synn finally agreed to stay behind. “Fine I get it but all of you better come back in one piece.” Synn then held out his clenched fist. In response his parents and their two Roegadyn companions each bumped fist with him, their way of forging a promise. And with that the group said their goodbyes and departed leaving Synn in the care of an orphanage’s staff. [align=center]***[/align] Although he agreed to stay at the orphanage Synn didn’t like it one bit, he missed his parents, his friends, and his freedom. Living life in the same place day in and day out offered little excitement and the same boring routine, he may have just been exaggerating but he felt as if time was repeating itself. The other kids kept playing the same games having the same arguments and always having the same priestess break up the fight. Everything was perfectly stagnant. Fearing that he would become trapped in that same repetitiveness Synn purposely excluded himself from joining in. And he especially excluded himself from what the orphanages staff put together which usually consisted of allowing the kids to play amongst themselves, feeding them, putting them to bed, and holding sermons about the Twelve. Synn did his best to avoid being politely forced to attend these sermons. Not because he didn’t believe in The Twelve but because the priests just went on and on about how blessed everyone’s lives would be if they worshipped them, how all the good in life is because of them, or how everyone who doesn’t worship them is ‘lost’. In fact Synn believed that the priests were wrong on all accounts because in the few weeks that he had been staying there he had met several beggars who had been worshipping them every day and their lives didn’t show any sign of being blessed. Secondly he didn’t need The Twelve to tell him what was good and bad, common sense did that for him. And he saw people who openly refused to worship them and yet lead very successful lives. [align=center]***[/align] As the months passed Synn grew increasingly bored with his life at the orphanage and one day he received a visit from a concerned priestess with several youngsters in tow. “Synn are you alright?” The priestess asked with a soft soothing voice. Since she asked nicely Synn couldn’t restrain his answer. “Bored out of my mind and very restless but other than that I’m fine.” This was how he honestly felt and he seriously contemplated whether he would go insane if he stayed at the orphanage any longer. Shaking the thought out of his head he waited for what the priestess would say next. “Oh if you are bored you cou--“ Synn knew what she was going to suggest before she finished and quickly shook his head cutting her off. “No I would rather not.” The mere thought of doing something so repetitive such as kicking a ball around made Synn drowsy with boredom. Growing impatient he urged the priestess to get to the reason she came to see him. “Oh well I’ve noticed that you haven’t been going to the sermons that Father J-“ “What of it?” “C-can you tell me why you haven’t been going to them? If there’s something upsetting you please let me know.” Finally at the point of this conversation Synn looked up atthe ceiling of the orphanage in contemplation. “Something that’s upsetting me, huh?” The priestess enthusiasm increased when she finally gotsomething out of him. “Yes that’s right whatever it is I’m sure we’ll work itout.” Turning to face the priestess he quickly replaced her smilewith a frown. “What’s upsetting me is that you and everyone else here rely too much on The Twelve for guidance.” “Eh… what do you mean?” “I mean that everyone here apparently needs The Twelve to tell them what to do, everyone expects them to solve their problems without even trying to fix it themselves. You all claim that everything that happens is the will of The Twelve, part of their divine plan. It’s as if you all have no will to call your own.” “N-no Synn that’s wrong.” “Really? Then tell me. How is it wrong?” “U-um… well… you see… you know let’s ask Father Jo-“ “No. I don’t want to hear his answer I want to hear yours,if you can give me an answer then I’ll admit that what I said is wrong.” The priestess was speechless and from the unexpected pressure Synn had placed on her started to tear up. After a long silence Synn concluded that she wasn’t going to say anything so he continued speaking. “If you can’t give me an answer then you are just like all the rest spineless and weak, a mere puppet of The Twelve. Why would I ever want people like you to tell me how to live my life? That priestess is why I haven’t been going to the sermons.” Synn’s fierce and cold words had sent the priestess running out the door with tears streaming down her face. The kids who accompanied her oblivious to the nature of their conversation but aware that he made her cry launched a volley of hate filled words at him. “You meanie she was just trying to help!” An Elezen child hardly six years old shouted at him. “Yeah you didn’t have to make her cry!” A young freckled Miqo’te chimed in. Unfazed Synn merely waited for them to leave, his beliefs unshaken. [align=center]***[/align] Since his ‘talk’ with the priestess arguing with the orphanages other staff became a rather regular occurrence in which he would leave them and even the head priest dumbfounded. These arguments lead to practically everyone avoiding him. To the priests Synn was a ‘problem child’ so they still took care of him but once his needs were met they would disperse unsure how to help him. Synn actually liked that everyone started avoiding him because now he could roam wherever he wanted to and no one would stop him. This wasn’t ideal but it was a lot better than the first few months Synn stayed at the orphanage. And of course Synn wasn’t immune to the effects of being left alone. On those rare days where he did feel lonely he would quell that feeling by either visiting the nearby chocobo stables, and playing with the chicks when the Chocobo keeper allowed it or by practicing his swordplay which he now did in secret as when the other children saw him they would pester him to let them try. Synn knowing that they would hurt themselves since they were younger than when Synn started using a sword and that they had no prior experience with one adamantly refused their requests. Although he was in the right this didn’t exactly make them treat him any different. The last thing he did every day he was at the orphanage was watch with growing anxiety as Dalamud become increasingly larger with each passing day. [align=center]***[/align] After several months of doing so, looking up now seemed tobe a daily habit of Synn’s, one filled with increasing worry and restlessness. On the roof of the orphanage he had watched Dalamud grow and grow ever since being left there by his parents. The more it grew the more anxious Synn felt but most of all he felt frustration eating at him as he could do nothing to send it back to where it belonged or halt its descent. He knew that his parents and their friends as well as the rest of the Eorzean Alliance were doing all they could to do just that but that just made it worse especially now that streaks of fire could be seen coming from Dalamud unto the land. What came next however would leave a lingering vexation inhim for the rest of his life. Dalamud had shattered into countless pieces which scattered and crashed in various locations and at the center of where Dalamud should have been was instead a large silhouette of the Elder Primal Bahamut. As Synn watched it wreak destruction upon the land he began to shake. He was shaking so much that it became difficult to remain standing to try to stop it he grasped his hand with the other . But the fear and anger that he couldn’t do anything to stop its rampage was overwhelming. He was weak. What happened next was a mystery even to Synn because he was watching it all unfold but now waking up in his bed he couldn’t remember what happened once Bahamut was preparing an attack that would have surely devastated the land. Rushing up to the roof an undeniable fervor compelled Synn to find out what had happen but upon reaching the roof and surveying the land it offered no answers. Even asking those who avoided him gave little explanation, now the only thing he could do was wait for his parents and their friends to return. [align=center]***[/align] -1575, 4 years after the Calamity- To say that Synn was anxious about his parents not coming to pick him up after four years after The Calamity was a vast understatement. Even though this feeling was constantly nagging at him, he wouldn’t let that stop him from doing what his parents taught him. He had followed this man for that very reason. The man in question was a thief who had just robbed and killed an Elezen woman and for that Synn killed him but not before he was lead to his hideout, an abandoned building just on the outskirts of town. Four years ago this building was used to house the chocobos the Chocobo Keepers used but ever since The Calamity it has fallen into disrepair and left to rot while repairs were focused on more important buildings. And now it was a hive the local scum have occupied, standing before it now Synn was determined to cleanse it of every single scum down to the last. Opening the door and walking inside he was immediately enveloped in the smell of alcohol. Synn had apparently interrupted a celebration they were having. Seeing as how none of them had noticed him enter he decided to dispatch a few before the real fight. After dealing with two Hyur, a Lalafell, and the only Roegadyn present all the attention was on him. A black haired Miqo’te stumbled forward clearly drunk butthe only one who wasn’t fazed by the death of her comrades and challenged Synn. “Not bad b- *hic*-boy but yous don’t really believe you-*hic* you can take us all on at once *hic* right?” Synn didn’t reply but looking at all the jewelry she wasadorned with and how everyone else was watching her Synn guessed that she was the leader. “Not going to *hic* speak huh? Ah well I suppose it *hic* sfor the best. The dead have nothing to say after all!” Synn watched as the Miqo’te pulled out her sword and saw that it like its owner was covered in various ornaments but mostly where the blade joined the hilt. Smiling to himself he prepared for the Miqo’te’s attack. She then charged at Synn holding her sword high above her head, in response Synn lowered his stance patiently waiting for the obvious downward stroke from his foe. Just as predicted it came, while rising from his lowered stance Synn’s blade met the Miqo’te’s with a loud clang. The change from confidence to despair in the Miqo’te’s face as she watched her beloved sword shatter in two was apparent to all, most notably to Synn and without missing a beat Synn reached out and grasped the Miqo’te’s neck with his left hand and then plunged his sword into her stomach. Finished with her Synn turned to face the rest of the drunken rabble that remained whose morale upon seeing their leader killed before them had significantly lowered. Even with lowered morale and being considerably drunk it appeared as though they would still fight. Fighting drunken rabble was hardly a challenge but they were still criminals who deserved nothing less than what justice demanded. Despite fervently believing this to be the best way to deal with criminals and the like Synn wanted them to put up more of a fight rather than stumbling towards him with swords drawn, most of them falling on their own swords making Synn not even have to bother. Having finished what he came here for Synn cleaned his sword and started counting the number of the dead, there were fifteen in total. Out of those fifteen only three of them had managed to make Synn block once. Sighing Synn shook his head and frowned, he wasn’t pleased with this at all. Hoping that he would at least get something out of this he bent down to pick up a pouch filled to the brim with Gil; upon picking it up he heard a gasp. Turning to see where it came from he saw three Hyur enter and among them was what appeared to be a boy no older than ten. Synn would have a word with him as soon as he was done with the other two but right as he was standing back up they did something he didn’t expect. The Hyur closest to Synn yelled ‘run’ and they all did just that. [align=center]***[/align] “Damn cowards.” Quickly running out of the stables Synn pursued the three Hyur. Catching up took almost no effort at all because they were running down the main road in the city which had various merchants and travelers moving to and fro, often bumping into the fleeing trio. As if realizing this they ran towards the market place where they destroyed a few merchant stalls in order to slow or halt Synn’s pursuit, but this backfired as an angry merchant caught the boy. Seeing as the boy was caught Synn decided to continue his chase of the other two but the boy managed to escape and ran after his fellows whom had left once he was caught. The boy ran into an alley which led towards the residential district, at this moment Synn caught up with the boy and pinned him to the ground. “Let me go!” The child begged with tears in his eyes. Synn unfazed,questioned him. “And why should I?” “Because I’m the only one taking care of my family!” Surprisingly the boy although still crying responded with afire Synn didn’t see among the kids at the orphanage. Synn loosened his grip just enough so that it wouldn’t hurt the boy but still unsure whether or not to believe him Synn didn’t let go and questioned him further. “And how exactly is hanging around those thugs taking care of your family?” “It’s not as though I like being with them, they would have killed me had I not agreed to steal for them after I was caught trying to steal their Gil!” After hearing that the boy tried to steal from criminals rather than common folk Synn instantly liked him. “Heh you’ve sure got guts kid. So why do you need money so bad that you would resort to stealing it, from a couple of thieves no less?” “I need it to pay for medicine to help my mom and to buy food. Besides those scoundrels weren’t going to use it for anything but themselves.” Impressed by the kid’s guts and attitude towards those scum Synn released him and handed him the pouch of Gil he took. “Here this should help.” Opening the pouch the boy went wide-eyed and was speechless. “Well see you later.” And with that Synn continued his pursuit of the other two.In the distance behind him Synn heard a faint ‘thank you’. Smiling Synn increased his speed and found that the other two Hyur hadn’t made it very far. The two Hyur seeing Synn catching up ran through a house totry to shake him off, at first this didn’t work but another unexpected turn of events would change that. Without warning Synn was immediately grabbed and forced to the ground by a Paladin, an Elezen Male. “Hah! Caught you, nowhere for you to go now thieving scum!” Annoyed at the Elezen Paladin’s accusation and interference Synn decided to ‘pleasantly’ correct him. “Yeah you did a real good job stopping the guy who was chasing those ‘thieving scum’ while you were just standing around in your oh so holy splendor. Now get off I can still catch them, hurry up now!” “Quiet you we saw you running through all those houses!” Synn shook his entire body trying to free himself but each time he managed to free an arm or a leg the Paladin would press more of his weight on to him. “Again I was chasing those people who almost always avoid your attention no matter what you do.” “Why you little-“ The Elezen Paladin raised a fist in anger and was about to bring it down on Synn but was interrupted by his female Miqo’te companion, another Paladin. “Wait I know this kid from somewhere.” Both Synn and the Elezen looked at her with confused looks as if she had said something utterly unbelievable. For Synn being associated with a Paladin was inconceivable,that was mostly because of his and their way of doing ‘The right thing’ was vastly different. In fact if they had any inclination as to what he had done just a few minutes ago they would definitely throw him in a dungeon where he would either serve his time or escape and go back to doing what had put him there in the first place. If Synn was in their position he would eliminate the problem right then and there. For now though the problem at hand was how this Miqo’te Paladin knew him. “So Miss did you expect us to find out how you know me or did you actually plan on telling us yourself?” The Miqo’te became flustered and pouted at Synn. “Ah I was just about to, sheesh it’s rude to rush people young man.” “Well sorry but when there’s an oaf of a Paladin on top of me I make it a rule to live by to get said oaf off as quick as possible.” Sighing she told Synn and the Elezen how she knows him. “He’s one of the kids staying at the orphanage in town, I saw him while visiting a friend there.” Synn looked up at the Elezen and shook a little. “Well mister tough guy you heard her, I’m just an ordinary kid staying at the orphanage can you get off of me now?” Synn could see him hesitate to move but once he looked at his Miqo’te companion he got off swiftly. “Fine but if you cause any more trouble I won’t hesitate to throw you in the dungeon.” Synn promised he wouldn’t cause any more trouble while making a mental note to not get caught causing said trouble. Putting more though tinto it today was the only time he was stopped from ridding the town of its criminal population. And it was pretty convenient for those two who are long gone by now that Synn was stopped by Paladins who just happened to be where they ran. With this in mind Synn looked over both of the Paladins. From the Miqo’te Synn’s gaze shifted towards the Elezen, he was the one who had stopped him and tried to make him look as if he was one of those thieves. The Elezen noticed Synn staring at him and responded with a threating glare. “What?” Synn avoided meeting the glare and quickly changed the subject. “It’s just I haven’t been around this area of town much so I don’t know how to get back to the orphanage from here. Miss Do you think you can take me there?” “Eh? Me but we’re-“ She looked towards the Elezen and he just waved her off and said it was fine. “Ok let’s go I guess.” Synn’s guessed that the Miqo’te is just a recent addition in the Paladins ranks while the Elezen was to be her Mentor. Or at least that was all he was supposed to be, Synn couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more to him… something sinister. Without any proof however and recent events investigating would only arouse suspicion. Leaving this hunch alone wouldn’t sit right with him so he would have someone less suspicious investigate for him. Upon reaching the orphanage he told the Miqo’te his plan. “Miss, I have a favor to ask.” “Hmm? What is it?” “You should keep an eye on your Elezen companion,something’s not right about him.” “What do you mean something’s not right about him?” “It’s just a hunch but I think he may be in league with the local thieves.” “That’s a bold accusation do you have any proof?” “As I said it’s just a hunch that’s why I’m asking you to keep an eye on him.” Synn could see the reluctance to do this in her eyes and could pretty accurately guess what she would be thinking. ‘Surely my superior couldn’t be in league with criminals’right?’ But Synn having been taught that people with power often misuse it knew that it was very likely to happen just about everywhere. If she wouldn’t do it he would find someone who will. “Alright I’ll do it.” “Thank you.” The two parted and headed towards their separate destinations, for Synn that was the roof of the orphanage. It was now mid-day; with nothing better to do he decided to watch the main road and wait for his parents return. Unfortunately this was very uneventful and had made Synn incredibly drowsy which had caused him to fall asleep and start dreaming. [align=center]***[/align] It all took place somewhere in the forests of Gridania. With two others his father and a Roegadyn named Culain Bloom whom Synn had known his entire life. The trio was headed towards the only visible light in the dark forest, the camp site their other two companions had set up while they went on one of their many adventures; which for today was hunting for food. Arriving at the campsite the trio dropped the animals they were carrying near the fire. Culain smiled confidently and boasted of their success. “We’re back ladies! Now I expect you two to cook us a feast after all the trouble we went to get these troublesome beasties!” In response to his usual demeanor the ‘ladies’ gave him a dull expression and after a brief silence Culain’s female counterpart Serene Bloom spoke. “Well if you had so much trouble with simple hunting then maybe we should’ve been the ones to go hunting while you handled the cooking.” Upon hearing such an outrageous suggestion Synn immediately spoke against it. “No. Nuh-uh. No way. Not going to happen. I’ve tried his cooking and it almost always ends up burnt to a crisp.” Rubbing his arm as if Synn had wounded him the Culain replied with a meek voice. “My cooking isn’t that bad. In fact just a few weeks ago you and Naois ate my cooking as if your lives depended on it.” Synn retorted pointing towards his mother and Culain’s wife. “That’s because it did! We were stuck in a cave for three days with almost nothing to eat until they found us!” Chuckling Synn’s mother offered to help Culain learn how to cook better and urged Synn and his father Naois to fetch more fire wood. Being in a forest Synn and Naois returned relatively quickly with plenty of wood to last the rest of the night. Although it was quite humorous watching the Culain ‘learn’ how to cook as if he was a new recruit in one of the City-states army, Synn and Naois decided to be more productive while they wait for them to finish cooking. Both Synn and Naois picked up a stick, walked three steps apart, and then turned to face each other “So Synn, think you’ll do better this time?” “Of course, I’ve been watching how you fight since our last mock fight and I’ve noticed a few openings for me to exploit.” Naois smiled. “Is that so? Very well I look forward to it.” Pointing their respective sticks at the other they silently watched each other, waiting for an opening to exploit and score one or two of the three points needed to win. Suddenly Synn could hear words of encouragement from his mother behind him. “Go Synn! You can do it!” Naois looked displeased and his gaze shifted towards his wife just what Synn was waiting for. “What no encouragement for me? I’m hurt Cinnia.” Not squandering this chance Synn lunged forward and launched a flurry of quick strikes at his father’s chest. Caught off guard he franticly attempts to block Synn’s assault but much like the two-handed great sword he uses, his long stick couldn’t block every hit. Continuing his assault Synn began forcing his father back causing him to trip. Immediately using this to his advantage Synn brought up his stick in the air then swiftly brought it down towards his father’s head stopping to where the stick just barely touched his forehead. Smiling Synn proudly said ‘I won’ then lightly tapped his father’s head with his stick. Naois looked up at Synn and frowned slightly. “A little unfair don’t you think?” “I’m only doing what you taught me to ‘do whatever it takes to win’ right? What better way to win than to get mom to go against you?” Letting out a wry smile Naois stretched out his hand, Synn reached his hand out expecting to help Naois up but was unexpectedly pulled forward followed by a light jab at his chest. “Fair enough, but don’t forget your enemies could do the same, be prepared for that.” “Right.” With a sigh Synn helped his father to his feet and prepared for the third and final round. After distancing themselves from each other the two waste no time and charged at the other. Knowing he couldn’t overpower his father after meeting the charge Synn quickly rolled to the side and just barely dodged Naois’ swing at his head. With Naois now facing away from him Synn unleashed another volley of quick strikes and again Naois had trouble keeping up. But then after blocking one of Synn’s attacks he quickly grasped Synn’s stick and tackled him to the ground. Without wasting any time Naois raised his stick while Synn also reached for a new stick and quickly shot it towards Naois. And … it was a tie, Naois stick stopped at Synn’s face and Synn’s new stick stopped at his father’s neck. Looking down Naois saw the stick near his neck and stubbornly declared that he was faster and Synn just as stubborn said he was faster. This was followed by a small war between the two where they would poke each other repeatedly and say ‘I win’ until Cinnia put an end to it. “All right that’s enough you two the food’s ready.” Both Synn and Naois raised their voices in protest. “No way I was faster; I won this fight Synn’s just being stubborn.” “You’re getting old my stick was at your neck before yours was at my face.” This followed by various insults from the two marked the continuation of their little war. Sighing heavily Cinnia took both of their heads and slammed them into each other. “If I hear any more of this out of you two there’ll be nofood left for you. Now that that’s settled let’s eat.” While saying this Cinnia’s face went from a frightening scowl into a pleasant smile. Both Synn and Naois knew from previous experience not to challenge Cinnia when she was angry. That was suicide plain and simple. Joining the others Synn and Naois quickly relaxed and sharedin the growing revelry of their companions as they discussed the various adventures they had with each other. Finishing his food Synn decided it was time to discuss when he would become a Dark Knight with his parents. “Mother, father I think it’s time I became a Dark Knight like you two.” Both Cinnia and Naois spoke their response in unison. “No.” “But why, I can clearly hold my own in combat so why can’t I be a Dark Knight yet?” Naois was silent for a moment before speaking. “Synn you’re just too young to be a Dark Knight.” “Then how old must I be to become a Dark Knight?” “Well seeing as you’re now ten I’d say when you wake up.” Synn expected a number not ‘wake up.’ “Huh?” “You heard me. First you need to wake up.” [align=center]***[/align] Suddenly Synn was brought back to reality by a priestess shaking him and telling him to wake up. A little groggy from being woken up in such a manner Synn inquired about the reason the priestess had woken him up. “There’s someone here to see you.” Synn sprang up in shock, someone? Not four or two people,just one? An eerie chill enveloped Synn down to the very core. Practically shoving the priestess out of his way Synn rushed to ground floor with numerous thoughts racing through his head. ‘A lie it has to be alie they never actually cared about me, this is just some clever ruse to get back at me for all those arguments I won.’ With this in mind Synn slowed his pace to a stop but his next thought sprang him back into action. ‘But what if they are telling the truth? Then again it could just be father playing a prank on me, making me wait for four years then coming alone to pick me up while the others wait to surprise me or something. Yeah that has to be it everything about this is something he would do. We never settled that war we had with each other after all.’ Although this thought calmed him to a degree Synn couldn’t shake the eerie feeling he had and his desire for the truth urged him onward. Opening the door to the orphanages courtyard the unbelievable truth lay bare before Synn’s eyes. [align=center]***[/align] Standing before him was a Hyur Soldier of Ul’dah’s ImmortalFlames and in his possession was something no one but the original owners should ever have: Naois’s journal and Cinnia’s pendant. Seeing both items in the hands this stranger Synn erupted into a frenzy of hate and rage, snatching both Synn pulled out his sword and with it came an indication of peril for the unlucky soldier. “Where are my parents!?” The soldier noticeably shocked by Synn’s behavior tried in vain to calm him. “N-now son you need to cal-“ “I am not your son! Now answer my question!” Slowly the soldier’s face went from perplexed to somber. “They’re dead…” “Liar!” Synn couldn’t believe that his parents two of the four strongest people he knew wouldn’t just die that easily. They’re lives were threatened before even before Synn’s very eyes but they were able get rid of the threat with Synn, Culain and Serene’s help. He wasn’t allowed to go with them during the war but he didn’t see how it would be any different. “Look inside the book and see for yourself.” Synn’s thoughts raced as he looked at the soldier and then his father’s blood stained journal. ‘Look inside the book? What would that prove? It’s just my father’s journal; he only used it to record the various adventures he went on.’ Synn knew this but the curiosity of what the soldier meant was maddening. Putting away his sword Synn nervously opened his father’s journal. And there on the inside cover written in blood were the words he never wanted to see, as Synn read each word the feeling of emptiness grew. ‘Synn forgive us we couldn’t keep our promise, be strong we love you.’ Those were the last his parents left him. Synn was stunned his two most loved people in the world gone. Gone forever and he was powerless to change or to prevent it. ‘I’ll never be able to see them again… never to go on adventures with them anymore…they’re gone and I couldn’t do anything to prevent it…’ Because Synn had shouted with all his might a considerable crowd had gathered which consisted of a few merchants and almost everyone who stayed at the orphanage. Among this crowd Synn could hear the chatter among the various passersby that had witnessed Synn’s revelation. “What’s wrong with that kid?” “I think I heard that soldier say that they died in TheCalamity. Ever since that day this has become a regular occurrence for several months now. Such a sad day when a child losses his parents.” “Sad indeed…all of this because The Garleans selfish ambition to rule the world.” Hearing this Synn was instantly revitalized. ‘The Garleans…. That’s right… they started the war… they’re the ones that caused The Calamity. If it wasn’t for them mother and father would still be alive!’ Synn nor anyone else could change that his parents had died because of The Calamity. However there was one thing Synn could do for his parents. “I’ll erase them from this world. I’m going to kill every single Garlean scum responsible for The Calamity. Not a single one of them will be spared!” Synn’s vow for vengeance was enough to turn everyone around him sympathetic gazes into complete shock and disbelief. The soldier that revealed the fate of Synn’sparents was speechless; from the look on his face it was obvious he was expecting a different reaction. “Son… you can’t be serious. You mean to start a war Eorzea isn’t prepared for!” “I told you I’m not your son and I’ll kill them regardless if I have the Eorzean Alliance’s help or not.” “But that’s madness you alone cannot possibly overcome The Garlean Empire!” While it was true that fighting The Garlean Empire would be quite the daunting task indeed Synn was not deterred. If he lacked the power to do so he would simply acquire power. Without a second thought as to how difficult it would be to obtain it Synn instinctively knew the power he would use to extract his revenge. “So what? If I lack the power to challenge them now then I’ll become strong enough to do so later.” The soldier was dumbfounded by Synn’s conviction and for a brief moment he just stood there with his mouth agape. Taking an additional moment to collect himself the soldier tried in vain to persuade Synn of an alternative to vengeance. “This path you’ve decided upon will lead you to your death!Surely your parents wouldn’t want that!” Synn scoffed at both the soldiers attempt to sway his decision to seek vengeance and his claim that he knew what his parents would want. “I may only be seventeen but there’s no way I would die as easily as you think I will. And I’m sure such an understanding soldier such as yourself would know exactly what my parents would want without ever learning what they valued.” Upon hearing Synn’s words the soldier went quiet and then his own anger began to show. “You sorry fool you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into! You don’t know the horror that is the battlefield that it will ultimately lead to war! In war there is nothing but despair, bloodshed, and grief. What you’re doing will inevitably lead to that very thing!” The soldier may have known what he was talking about as he himself showed signs of having fought in the war, but he was wrong entirely about Synn. Growing up Synn learned of the cruelty the world offered to its residents. How the Garleans spread sorrow and death with their conquest to rule the world. How there were those who would use their power to deny others of the freedom all living beings are entitled to. How others with that same power treat others unjustly to suit their own needs. And most importantly how they all deserved nothing less than a swift end. All of this was instilled in Synn by his mother and father. “You’re wrong I know very well what I’m getting myself into and I also know that if we just leave them alone The Garleans will make another assault into Eorzea.” Looking around Synn noticed several passersby nod in agreement. “You really are serious… you fool there’s no way you could possibly defeat them…on that day they brought forth a monster… a terrible… terrible monster it wrought destruction and death across the whole realm of Eorzea.. and you want to kill the people who brought it here... I… you don’t even stand a chance against it.” Looking at the Soldier’s face which was now streaming tears and filled with fear as if he recalled a memory he had long since forgotten, as if he had said it many times Synn gave him an answer. “So you’re just going to give up without fighting?” “Fighting…? Yes look at all the good that did, Eorzea is still recovering from The Calamity all that fighting did nothing to stop it!” “Only because you and the rest of The Eorzean Alliance weren’t strong enough to stop it...but you’re still alive now so just become stronger in order to prevent that from happening again.” Although it pained him to say that his parents, with The Eorzean Alliance wasn’t enough to stop The Calamity he would do as they asked. He would be strong. Again Synn had left the soldier speechless. Satisfied that he had won yet another argument Synn decided to return to his room and prepare for his search for the power his parents wielded. Before he even turned to leave however a man approached who would unbeknownst to Synn both help and hinder his plans. *ahem* “Sorry to interrupt but may I speak with you revered priest?Ah and you too young man.” Taken a little off guard by someone suddenly needing him after all the time he spent at the orphanage Synn was now the one left speechless. Separating themselves from the crowd that had witnessed Synn’s and the soldier’s argument and finding the head priest the man spoke. “I would like to adopt this young man here.” If someone had said that to him while his parents were still alive he wouldn’t hesitate to make them regret it. But now it was different his parents were gone and Synn had already planned on how to take revenge. Although this was the case Synn was still wary of his potential step father so he decided to inquire about his identity. “Sir may I ask you a question.” “Yes young man? What is it?” “Who are you?” With a deep bow the man introduced himself with overflowing pride. “Ah yes forgive me I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Cyril Teyrnon I own a large plot of land not far off from here.” “So you’re a noble.” “That’s right.” [align=center]***[/align] Synn’s eyes flashed and a slight smile began forming on his lips. A brilliant opportunity was right before him. The man before him was a wealthy noble definitely someone with plenty of resources to take advantage of. All Synn had to do in order to make full use of those resources was become a part of the family. There was without a doubt a reason why Cyril wanted to adopt Synn but that wouldn’t stop him from leaving once he was prepared to. Whether or not this would in some way harm Cyril, Synn could care less. Anyone who got in his way would pay dearly. “Very well I have no objections being adopted by a man such as you. I’ll go gather my belongings.” While Synn went to gather his belongings Cyril and the head priest took care of the adoption process. Although Synn was already carrying all of his belongings heleft Cyril and the head priest to consult the only clue he had about how to obtain the powers of a Dark Knight. Entering the room where the orphaned kids slept Synn walked over to his assigned bed and sat down. Opening his father’s journal once again Synn reread the message left to him. Resisting the urge to weep Synn flipped through the pages. As Synn flipped through the pages, he noticed that some of the excerpts were dated before his father and mother were married. Immensely interested in his father’s life before he met his mother and the adventures they had before he was born Synn made a mental note to go back and read about it on a later date. Barely half way through the journal Synn finally came upon the dates his parents Culain, and Serene joined the war against The Garlean Empire. Skimming these pages Synn found an excerpt dated a few days before The Calamity addressing him which would be his one and only clue. “Knowing you Synn you’re definitely just as uneasy as I am about that giant falling rock in the sky. Looking back on that day we left you at that orphanage and seeing that despite our best efforts Dalamud continues to fall I can’t help but think that about how this would have turned out if you were older and by our side as a Dark knight. Maybe we would be going on adventures like how it was before this damn war already. But that is in the past nothing we can do about it, once this war is over however I promise that we’ll begin your training on how to become a Dark Knight. Although your mother and I regret having to do this we both agree that this world needs our strength. And lastly I plan to give this journal to you as a sort of rite of passage upon becoming a Dark Knight. However should the worst come to happen and this journal is handed to you by another don’t lose hope; in my time with my fellow soldiers here I’ve heard rumors of other Dark Knights somewhere in Eorzea. That’s not much to go on but my fellow soldiers couldn’t tell me more. Hopefully you won’t need to follow up on that rumor but if you do just know that we love you and we always will.” [align=center]***[/align] With a sigh Synn closed the journal which was now his and packed his belongings into his knapsack and put his mother’s pendant around his neck. Returning outside Synn saw Cyril, his carriage, and a Roegadyn waiting for him Synn guessed that the Roegadyn was Cyril’s bodyguard. Despite it being rather common for nobles to have a bodyguard Synn felt somewhat uneasy by his presence. Taking a few steps towards them Synn was confronted yet again by the soldier. “You’ve been given a great opportunity don’t waste it chasing after revenge.” And that was it Synn had enough of the soldier and after punching him in the gut Synn briskly walked past him and joined Cyril on the carriage. The carriage left without delay and Synn looked back at the orphanage with slight elation mixed with heartache. Forcing his mind to focus on the present Synn began to mull over how he would take full advantage of his current situation. When the orphanage was no longer visible Synn’s thoughts were interrupted by Cyril’s outrageous request. “Now young man had over your belongings to our friend here.” “Excuse me?” “I am your father now young man you’ll listen to me.” “I understand that you adopted me and you’re now my stepfather but I’m hardly a child anymore you don’t have to teach me anything and giving my belongings to someone else wouldn’t be right, they’re important to me.” After listening to Synn’s refusal Cyril’s face contorted into a scowl. “Now listen here you ungrateful brat that life you’ve had before is for lowly peasants if people see that a son of mine were even remotely associated with those types of people I’d be a laughing stock. That will not happen, because now you’re no longer Synn Heolstor, now you’re Lennard Teyrnon my youngest son.” Synn was outraged he had just left a cage and had apparently traded it for another. “Are you insane?! You have the adoption papers in your hand right there and there is no way you’ll be able to fool anyone into believing that I am Lennard!” “Ah but your wrong here take a look at this.” Cyril pulled out a picture of his son Lennard and handed it to Synn. To Synn’s astonishment he did indeed look similar to Lennard but not completely. Lennard’s eyes were blue; his hair was blonde, his jaw much more slender and his overall physique paled in comparison to Synn’s. Still though the differences could be covered with a well thought out lie something Cyril no doubt prepared in advance. “And these adoption papers? Easily disposable.” With a smile Cyril casually crumpled up the adoption papersand tossed them over his shoulder. Enraged Synn unsheathed his sword and lunged at Cyril. Unfortunately in Synn’s haste he couldn’t react to the quick footwork of Cyril’s bodyguard’s and tripped as a consequence with his sword just grazing the right side of Cyril’s cheek. Immediately seeking to remedy his failure Synn turned his attention on the Roegadyn and tried to get back up, but a quick kick to his stomach prevented this. The Roegadyn then followed up with more kicks. Despite fighting a losing battle Synn fought back but thanks to the Roegadyn he was without his sword. Taking out a handkerchief and covering his bleeding cheek Cyril voiced his displeasure at the scene before him. “Don’t be too rough with him. If people see that he’s all bruised before we even get in the house people will ask questions. Just grab his things and be done with it.” The Roegadyn while still beating on Synn replied in a harsh voice. “Just add on to that little story of yours that we found him rescuing a girl from some hoodlums or something.” “I’d rather not bother-“ “Well you might as well because anyone with a fire like that won’t back down like a wounded pup. In my experience with people like this you need to beat that fire out.” As the Roegadyn finished talking to Cyril he finally stopped beating on Synn after knocking him out. With his fading consciousness Synn could feel the Roegadyn taking his belongings from him and with them his freedom. [align=center]***[/align] -1575, half a month later- Half a month Synn had stayed with the Teyrnon family attheir manor and he loathed every day, every hour, every minute, and every second of it. He was denied his freedom for all that time just so he could pose as Lennard Teyrnon the second eldest child of Cyril and be married off to some girl he hardly knew. This was all arranged when the real Lennard was still aroundand this marriage would place Cyril in a Seat that belonged to a member of Ul’dah’s Syndicate. For half a month hewas living in his own personal hell. And in that time Synn’s anger and hate for those who had placed him here was on the verge of over flowing, however Synn restrained himself until the time was right. Now after much planning, sneaking, bribing, and meticulous searching that would end today, but for now he was stuck at the worst part of his own little hell; the Church of The Twelve. Much like his time at the orphanage he despised being near a church let alone voluntary entering one, all because of the priests and priestesses unbelievable ability to repetitively spout the same phrases day in and day out. The priest in charge of today’s sermon was doing just that which had left Synn desperately seeking an escape. However in order to not draw suspicion unto himself Synn had only one option available to him which was to gradually fall asleep while the priest continued his ramblings. Not even five minutes passed when Synn felt that all too familiar nagging voice ringing in his ears. “Wake up Lennard and pay attention this is important.” Sighing heavily Synn replied to his ambitious step-father. “Are you sure this is important? Because I’m sure I’ve heard him say this five times in a row now.” Cyril swiftly hit Synn on the backside of his head and spoke in a low voice so only Synn could hear him. “It’s important because if anyone sees you dozing off more rumors about us will begin to spread just like last week.” A small smile spread across Synn’s face. The event last week Cyril was referring to was a series of fires being started all around the Teyrnon manor which had apparently been started by numerous maids and butlers that worked there. While in truth it was Synn who had set the house ablaze, he then proceeded to make it look as if the maids and butlers started them. All of this was inorder to remove the number of eyes wandering about as the Teyrnon family slept and Synn sneaked about putting all the pieces of his plan in place to finally leave his detested cage. Was it heartless to make it seem as if someone completely innocent was guilty? Perhaps, but this was the most effective way to get them to leave as Cyril was very stingy with spending money and to him replacements equaled less money which worked in Synn’s favor. And besides it’s not as though Synn didn’t send them off without a little parting gift from Cyril himself. Normally Synn would let Cyril’s treatment of him slide but not now for today the tables have turned and now Cyril was the one who was at a disadvantage. Taking the song book that was resting beside him Synn held it before the rear end of Cyril’s seat and waited. Finally the priest finished spouting his myriad ramblings and got ready to dismiss everyone. Right before that moment Synn brought back the hand carrying the song book, then swiftly closed the distance and with a loud ‘thok’ hit Cyril’s seat. That sound coupledwith the shock of having his seat unexpectedly hit from behind caused Cyril to suddenly jolt out of his seat with a yelp. Needless to say all eyes were on him and there he stood sputtering various sounds which were no doubt an attempt to explain himself, failing to do so Cyril sat back down with an infuriated look on his face. Once the priest had dismissed everyone Synn rose first and left with a smile on his face. Exiting the church Synn hurried towards the carriage that was waiting for him and the rest of the family. Taking a seat Synn went over the necessary steps to complete his plan. After a few moments passed a young girl slightly younger than Synn in an unimaginably expensive dress sat across from him and as per her usual behavior around him interrupted what he was doing. “Lennard you better not be up to something!” Synn tried to look as innocent as he could. “What could possibly make you think I’m up to something dearsister?” “Oh no, I won’t fall for this again. You can fool Elmer butyou can’t fool me!” Before Lennard had vanished he apparently was the cause ofmany unwanted predicaments in which members of the family were subjugated to many moments of social disapproval and huge losses of wealth due to his various scams. In addition to that he apparently would make various sexual advances on women throughout the community. And because his appearance was similar and thanks to Cyril’s lies about the differences Lennard’s reputation had become Synn’s. Talking to his step sister had reminded Synn of this annoying fact but since that would all end today he put up with it for now. [align=center]***[/align] When Synn had first arrived at the Teyrnon manor he tried desperately to convince someone of his true identity, his step sister Odelyn was the first. Every time he tried however it quickly proved futile especially with his step sister. Upon immediately attempting to do so with his step sister he had unfortunately become acquainted with someone who he would rather not associate with. She was the type of person who believed that her noble upbringing made her entitled to justabout everything she desired and if anything got in the way of her getting what she wanted a fit followed suit. Once this behavior was revealed to Synn he went out of his way to avoid her. Synn shock his head. “I’m not planning anything Odelyn. I’ll just be in my room until the wedding starts.” Odelyn didn’t completely accept Synn’s answer but she did quiet down a bit. A few moments later Synn’s thoughts were once again interrupted by another member of the Teyrnon family. “So Lennard are you nervous about today?” Synn replied honestly. “Not really, I’ve spent the last few weeks preparing for today so there’s no need for you to be concerned.” “Ha-ha good… good this is a very important step in becoming an adult so take it seriously.” Elmer Teyrnon the eldest son of Cyril and the only person at the Teyrnon manor that Synn didn’t openly despise. Although Elmer differed in the way he treated Synn from the others he unfortunately couldn’t be persuaded that Synn wasn’t his younger brother Lennard. During Synn’s stay at the manor Elmer was the only person he could talk to about various topics. To Synn Elmer’s presence was like a drink of water in an arid desert. Elmer was almost best type of person in the world he was knowledgeable of the events taking place throughout Eorzea, his sense of justice almost mirrored Synn’s, and he was well liked by many people. His only flaw would be his undying obsession with his wife. In the presence of his wife Elmer had everything that made him who he was flipped upside down. His knowledge of Eorzea became limited to how he could use it to benefit his wife, justice became old fashioned and simple to him, and the existence of everyone else around him became nothing but a blur. Because of this Synn avoided Elmer once his wife was present which she would be today. When Synn wasn’t with the family or being forced to attend some ‘rehabilitation into a fine young noble man’ with Cyril, he was off preparing for the day he would leave and raise hell for his jailers. And today of all days was when everything was to be set in motion. Today as Lennard Teyrnon, Synn was going to be married to the daughter of a member of the Syndicate, which in turn would lead to Cyril possibly becoming a member of the Syndicate himself. Although Synn could have easily set his plan in motion earlier than today he waited until today so that it would have maximized its effect. Finally after a long while Cyril emerged from the Church go ton the carriage and the family departed. Throughout the entire ride back to the manor Cyril was nagging at Synn about what to do, what to say, and so forth. Synn while half listening and giving short replies while he imagined how every part of his plan would play out. Once the carriage stopped Synn hastily got off, toldeveryone he would stay in his room until the start of the wedding, and proceeded to do so. On the way to his room he saw the various maids and butlers finishing the prep work for today, heard Cyril barking orders, and encountered the man he was waiting for. “So little boy, are you ready to become a ‘respectable man’?” The Roegadyn whom Synn had become associated with during several beatings and the theft of his belongings when they first met mocked Synn with an air of superiority. Synn responded with confidence. “Yeah today is the best day to become a man. In fact once this ball gets really fired up meet me at the front gate and I’ll show you just how much of a man I am.” “humph very well I’ll await you there little boy. Try not to disappoint me.” “Oh don’t worry Brute; I’ll put on quite the show that will leave you breathless.” With a wicked smile Synn closed the door to his room behind him and heard the Roegadyn he called Brute loudly walk away. The reason Synn called him Brute instead of his actual name was because his real name contradicted his behavior thus at least for Synn the Roegadyn became known as Brute. Walking over to his bed Synn kneeled down and pulled out a knapsack from under it. In just a few days Synn had reclaimed his belongings from his jailers though it was not easy. He had to ascertain were they had hid it first which took several bribes courtesy of Cyril Teyrnon, then he had to actually get them. Each of his treasured belongings were separated from each other. His mother’s pendant was in the possession of Odelyn and she had taken a liking to it and wore it constantly, the sword he had since the age of seven was being held at all times by Brute, and his father’s journal was somewhere among Cyril’s vast collection of books. [align=center]***[/align] With their location available to him Synn set out to make sure that when he actually reclaimed them that no one would notice they were missing. Sneaking out of the house was somewhat difficult at first but as Synn repeatedly set fires and blamed the staff it got progressively easier. Safely away from prying eyes Synn luckily found a jewelry store that sold the same make of his mother’s pendant and a blacksmith that had a similar sword like his for sale and with Cyril’s money bought both. Replacing his father’s journal with a copy was more difficult as it had a unique design usually not found in Eorzea but this didn’t deter Synn in the slightest. After wandering around town for a while Synn happened to listen in a conversation about a group of traveling Thaumaturges passing through town with a carriage filled with various magical contraptions. Upon immediately hearing this Synn began to run in search of the Thaumaturges. Why Thaumaturges would want to visit this town was beyond Synn but that didn’t matter he just hoped they would have what he needed. Turning around a corner Synn had found the carriage and the Thaumaturges entering a building. Without any hesitation Synn went up to the carriage and began searching. With luck Synn found an almost exact copy of his father’s journal the only difference being the symbol on the front cover but that being held between other books wouldn’t be noticed. Hearing the Thaumaturges return Synn ran as fast as his legs could carry him towards the manor. A safe distance and halfway to the manor Synn became curious as to the contents of the book he stole. Sitting down and opening the book Synn was enveloped in its content almost instantly as he read. It became apparent that the book now in his possession was meant to teach novice Thaumaturges basic spells. With growing exhilaration Synn placed the book down, got up,walked a few steps forward, and turned towards a nearby boulder. Spacing his feet evenly apart Synn mirrored the movements he saw in the book and then as if pushing something in front of him stretched out his hand. In an instant hot and bright flames shot out of Synn’s hand towards the boulder which then partially shattered and the side facing Synn was completely scorched. Staring down at his hands Synn was ecstatic; he had successfully performed a basic spell without any previous training. Reading more of the book’s contents Synn learned of another novice spell. This time instead of creating a bolt a fire this spell would send out an ice shard. Although this delighted Synn he didn’t forget the power that he sought and if he stayed here fawning over a power that was in its own right impressive he wouldn’t be able to do so later. Returning to the manor Synn immediately set to work retrieving his belongings. First was his father’s journal, making sure no one saw him enter Cyril’s study he found it and reluctantly placed the Thaumaturges book in its place. Next was his sword, the odds were in Synn’s favor as Brute was with his men drinking. All Synn had to do was wait until they passed out to swap the swords. Last on his list was his mother’s pendant and for that he waited for Odelyn to fall asleep then he would sneak in, try to restrain himself from laughing out loud from his step sister snorting in her sleep, and replace his mother’s pendant with the one he bought. [align=center]***[/align] Smiling at the memory of how Synn reclaimed his belongings he put the knapsack on his back and once again sneaked out of the manor. When the manor was no longer in sight Synn got off the road and started digging near a few rocks that were previously arranged by him, and after a few handfuls of dirt Synn exposed a wooden box. Opening the box Synn took out the butler outfit which was stored inside. Changing into the butler outfit Synn placed his belongings into the wooden box, closed it, and then covered it with dirt again. While walking further down the road Synn had the unnecessarily flamboyant cloths he was given to wear and tossed them into the air. Before it hit the ground Synn set it ablaze with the spell he learned and watched with glee as it violently burned and soon vanished. The first chain that bound him was broken. While Synn was enjoying his freedom a carriage stopped beside him with one of Cyril’s butlers driving it. “Alright let’s get this over with.” The butler addressed Synn with familiarity as he was recently bribed to help Synn and was now much wealthier. [align=center]***[/align] Synn got on the carriage next to the butler and patiently waited for them to stop at their destination. And in a few moments they arrived at a manor much like the one Synn was forced to stay at. The only difference was the resident wasn’t of the Teyrnon family. Synn got off the carriage and headed for the front door. Knocking on the door and waiting a bit Synn was greeted by a maid. “Yes?” “I have a message from Lord Cyril.” As though this was the norm the maid she bowed then left,leaving Synn at the door. After a brief moment Synn heard someone exclaim ‘really’followed by a loud bustle with the maid returning with an older women dressed in extravagant and flamboyant clothing much like the pair he set ablaze a few minutes ago. She was undoubtedly a noble. Upon reaching Synn the women spoke with unbridled excitement. “What message does Cyril have for me?!” Synn answered in the most courteous manner he could muster. “Lord Cyril has requested that you attend today’s wedding for his son Lennard Teyrnon and once the ceremony for his son is complete he will formally request your hand in marriage. I and my associate over there have come to escort you to the wedding this way please.” “Oh! Marriage! At last we can be together as husband and wife!” The women now with great energy rushed to the carriage followed by Synn and the maid. Once Synn was sure that both had got on the carriage Synn signaled for the driver to leave while he hurried towards another carriage. Sitting on the second carriage Synn watched the first one leave and after it was out of site he was greeted by another butler who like the first drove Synn to their destination. The result of another bribe and the next step of his plan. Like before they stopped at a manor not too far away and Synn got another noble lady into the carriage but this time Synn stayed on the carriage on its way towards Teyrnon manor. Before arriving however Synn was handed a pair of cloths and got off the carriage where his belongings were stashed. Although Synn carried the reputation of Lennard he had the good fortune that the ladies he escorted to the manor were unaware of this because of just recently moving into the area. He wasn’t exactly religious but with the luck he’s had he couldn’t help but to thank the Twelve. Quickly changing and digging up his belongings Synn now resembled an ordinary adventurer: proud, strong, and free. But Synn’s work at the Teyrnon manor was not yet complete. He still had to make his jailers pay for denying him his freedom. Smiling in anticipation of the moment his plan would bear fruit Synn started to run towards the manor. Sneaking past the front entrance and Brute, Synn entered the ball room and ignored t
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  9. Haha thanks for the warm welcome everyone. And @ Olofantur thanks for the information but I've already gone through most of that after posting here and already have a wiki page set up. I've added some more info about Synn there so take a look if your interested and tell me what you think.
  10. I. Basic Info Characters:Synn Heolstor Primary character:Synn Heolstor -->Synn's wiki link Linkshells:Intermission Primary RP linkshell:None yet [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to heavy. Although fairly new to rp I'd like to stay IC as much as possible and develop Synn accordingly. Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm all for it provided it's discussed and agreed upon before hand. Synn gets injured a lot already so whats one more scar? I would like to prevent any loss of limbs or dying though. Losing an eye is fine but nothing else. Views on IC romance: Again I'm all for it as long as it progresses naturally and Synn's loose screw has been taken care of first lest things get awkward. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Hmm this will be a little tricky. You see Synn is the only child of a disowned heir of a Dark knight family and after/before the Calamity obviously any family he does have wants nothing to do with him (other than his immediate family,Culain, and Serene). So anything like a long lost brother/sister is a no go, cousins/aunt and uncles though not likely it could be possible if discussed before hand and is done well. Friends/enemies are always welcome though the former being harder to become. Views on lore: Well considering that I've killed off Synn's parents who were Dark knights and only leaving him with a rumor of their existence in Eorzea to not conflict too much with the lore. I'd like to stick as close to it as possible. I'm ok with some deviation so long as its not too conflicting. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Don't really have much to say other than I'm fine with whatever works [*] III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: PST(GMT-8) Contact info: Either a PM here or an in-game tell is best. [*] [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  11. So yeah I'm new and i hope you'll treat me well. Sorry for the late(early?) post but i just got home... anyway I have been playing for a few days now getting back into the flow of how the game works didn't want to be a complete burden jumping into something new. Having said that though I'm sure there are still some things that i'll learn whilst in your care. Okay on to the important stuff. MMORPG Background WoW, FFXI, Aion, and Vindictus (Great gameplay imo but riddled with too many pay to win features.) RP experience Well other than coming up with back stories for my characters across the MMOs I've played but not having a group to actually rp with... no experience whatsoever, but while I've been getting back into the swing of things I've seen others rp so I have a general idea of how do it. Character Ideas/Info Born of Hyur Midlander descent Synn Heolstor is the only child of Naois Heolstor and Cinnia Heolstor. Synn spent most of his young life traveling all over Eorzea with his parents along with two Roegadyn's named Culain Bloom and Serene Bloom. Personality wise he is calm and collected, polite yet distant with those he doesn't trust but as he warms up to people and is comfortable around them he has a tendency to be rather mischievous, has a strong sense of justice, and finally a strong dislike for the Garleans, nobles and although not as much as the first two Paladins. At the end of his Back Story he sits at the age of 19. (Details regarding Synn's dislike for Garleans, Nobles, and Paladins will be in the Back Story. As for why a Roegadyn has a Hyur first name, I'm planing to reveal that on a separate Back story just for him as well as one for Synn's parents but I'll refrain from writing both until I have more info.) How did you learn of the coalition? The FFXIV subreddit. What kind of role-player are you aiming to be? Probably somewhere between medium and heavy. Anything from real life you're comfortable sharing? Working part-time and have to share the computer with my brother so no playing every day for me (for now anyway.) As an aspiring writer I'm hoping joining a rp group will both be fun and educational and once I get around to posting Synn's Back Story I'd appreciate critique. For now though I'm off to bed.:sleepy:
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