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  1. Ever since the founding of their orders the Dark knights of the Heolstor family and the Paladins of the Arlice family have been embroiled in a bloody feud. The reasons for the feud long forgotten by both families the two have never stopped fighting. Even with a son from Heolstors and a daughter from the Arlice eloped and started a life together the fighting became even more severe because of it. However, as Ishgard closed its gates the fighting came to an abrupt halt, but old grudges remained festering throughout time. Old men would not forgive the other for past transgressions ensuring that t
  2. “You are not a Devil. Is what she said, but we both know that isn’t the case, right?” … “Even if she means well, she and everyone else don’t trust you.” … “After all ‘Those’ two went to Ishgard on their own without telling you, while you –wanting them to trust you- stayed behind.” … “And what happened while you waited, like a good ‘friend’?” “They were caught and thrown into a gaol.” “What did you do when you learned of their fate?” “I tried to free them.” “Tried? So you failed?” “I wasn’t allowed. The others, they prevented me from even
  3. Well creating Synn first started when i saw my brother playing phase three of the FFXIV beta. At first i thought "Cool a new MMO to try out." But thanks to a reddit post about the RPC and rp within the game I decided that I would like to try it out for that aspect of the game instead of just something to take up time doing nothing. Before any serious decisions on who Synn would be I took a look at the setting of the game and started thinking "What would Synn do in this world?" , "How does he feel about X or Y?" , "Is he a good or bad guy?" Stuff like that. From there I decided that he would
  4. Ah I knew there would be a thread like this somewhere. :thumbsup: Well whilst writing Synn's Back story there were many songs that helped influence his overall character but I'll just post the three that were the biggest influence. 5aUYbB1W1vM This would definitely be Synn's theme if I had to choose between the three. 6oaA28KSCa4 HS6GdikYyIY I feel like this song shows what the Calamity (along with a few other things) has done to him and that despite the strong front he puts up he's actually quite fragile.
  5. Ok well... I'll admit that I was procrastinating/playing until I looked cool researching the lore making sure i had the correct time measurements and what not, but I've finally posted Synn's back story in it's entirety which is over 29k words... so I recommend that you read it when you have the time. If you do give it a read please leave feedback. And here it is http://synnheolstorbackstory.blogspot.com/ Now if you'll excuse me I have to go as I've spent all day getting that set up and now my brother wants to get on the laptop.
  6. Parts of Synn's back story are being cut off with each post so I'm just going to provide a link once I find a suitable place to post it.
  7. Not exactly a special announcement but I figured that this would be the best place to post it. Rather than a journal format and more of a detailed retelling of Synn's past, this is Synn's back story. It's quite the lengthy read, I've been working on it since open beta after all. Anyway please give it a read if you have the time, tell me what you think, and leave feedback and such. -1571, Sixth Astral Era, about 1 year before the Calamity- Eorzea a land in grave peril, with Dalamud looming over head and the steady march of Garlean soldiers growing ever closer to home thousands of men
  8. Haha thanks for the warm welcome everyone. And @ Olofantur thanks for the information but I've already gone through most of that after posting here and already have a wiki page set up. I've added some more info about Synn there so take a look if your interested and tell me what you think.
  9. I. Basic Info Characters:Synn Heolstor Primary character:Synn Heolstor -->Synn's wiki link Linkshells:Intermission Primary RP linkshell:None yet [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to heavy. Although fairly new to rp I'd like to stay IC as much as possible and develop Synn accordingly. Views on RP combat and injuries: I'm all for it provided it's discussed and agreed upon before hand. Synn gets injured a lot already so whats one more scar? I would like to prevent any loss of limbs or dying though. Losing an eye is fine but not
  10. So yeah I'm new and i hope you'll treat me well. Sorry for the late(early?) post but i just got home... anyway I have been playing for a few days now getting back into the flow of how the game works didn't want to be a complete burden jumping into something new. Having said that though I'm sure there are still some things that i'll learn whilst in your care. Okay on to the important stuff. MMORPG Background WoW, FFXI, Aion, and Vindictus (Great gameplay imo but riddled with too many pay to win features.) RP experience Well other than coming up with back stories for my characters
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