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  1. Draco Giraffa

    mateus Looking for new connections...

    Thanks for the responses. I have been contacting individuals in game.
  2. Draco Giraffa

    mateus Draco Giraffa

    Thank you.
  3. Draco Giraffa

    mateus Looking for new connections...

    Still here. I am trying to find a linkshell or a FC that will get me started roleplaying on Mateus. Hanging out at the Quicksand I see much rp going on but I am unsure how to join in without looking like a fool.
  4. Draco Giraffa

    mateus Draco Giraffa

    Character: Draco Giraffa Race: Au Ra / Raen Profession: None. A wanderer, drifter that does odd jobs to support herself. Playstyle Amount of RP: Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Terrible at PvP. Roleplaying combat, good. Views on IC romance: Possible, but one would have to work on it. Views on non-romantic RP: Anything goes! Spontaneity is welcome! I work best in text rather than voice. I like to delve into character building roleplay and more intense scenes. Views on lore: Too much not learned. I have yet to understand, which is why I am playing unknowledgeable for now. Contact and Availability Country: USA Timezone: CST (Weekdays Mornings or Late Nights, EU availability) Contact info: Mateus Discord @Draco Giraffa or PM here.
  5. Hello, I am recently returned to the game and looking for friends. Contact me when you have a spare time and we can meet up.
  6. Draco Giraffa

    [Mateus] looking for a longterm friends and partner :D

    Hello, I am looking for connections too. I have no associations at the moment but would like to get started with someone.
  7. Welcome back. I have recently returned too. We could meet up and see if we mix well?
  8. Returning player looking for connections for deep character roleplaying. Currently I have no roleplay connections here and would like to develop friendships and intellectual rivals to talk with for long periods. I do not have extensive lore knowledge but I can learn. I currently have a character but willing to start a new job to accommodate a role as a apprentice or squire. I am flexible to be written into any current story. Since new characters on Mateus is not allowed, I can re-customize my character. She is currently a young Au'ra arcanist.