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  1. This is an interesting discussion indeed ! I wanted to say "sorry Dwassyith for hijacking your thread", but it seems that he has completely disappeared, so he probably won't mind... I'm in my 40s (almost 50s actually), so, yes, of course, to me people in their 20s are "teenagers", I know that's not the correct word as "teens" disappear after 19, but that's the way I feel about those young and vibrant people What I like about Facebook and forums is that things are there to stay, while on all those new things like Twitter and stuff, it's only ephemeral, but it goes exactly with how the newer generation operates, like Spotify, Netflix and everything, you care about something for 1 or 2 minutes and then you switch to something else, which you will care about for 1 or 2 minutes, rince and repeat... If people like that, good for them, I'm not gonna say "this is not the way to do it", I'm just saying "that's not for me"
  2. Woah, thanks again for all this information ! And the spreadshit link now works too I'm still a bit too "old-school" to use Twitter and Discord and Tumblr or anything which is mainly for teenagers (I love Facebook cos it's for old people now ), but I'll take a look at all of your links, and I should most certainly find something that suits me ! Thanks a lot !
  3. Thanks a lot for all this information ! I'll wait for Dwassyith to tell us a bit more about his Fellowship as I still can't find it. And the link to the spreadshit doesn't seem to work unfortunately, so ... isn't the point of this forum to find some RP Companies ? Why does it seem so hard ?
  4. Well, it's a bit strange to me that there is no EU RP Company on Balmung, as it's supposed to be the "unofficial" RP server, that's actually why I transfered here ! I had some fun random RP here and there, but I would really love to be part of a RP Free Company that operates on EU times ... no idea where to find that unfortunately
  5. Ah ok I see, thanks ! This looks interesting indeed ! But I've tried searching for Dwassyith's EU Crystal RPC but didn't find it on the Fellowship list ... does he have to be ingame for it to work or something ?
  6. Hello Dwassyith ! I just returned to the game after a few years of absence, so I'm not completely familiar with everything yet, but your idea really seems awesome ! I'm a European player on the Balmung server, looking for some RP, so maybe I could fit in your group ? But to be honest, I don't know what a Fellowship is ? At first I was more looking for a Free Company, but finding a (not too heavy) RP European FC on Balmung doesn't seem very easy... It looks like what you're talking about is a "multi-server RP experience", but how does it work if we're not all on the same server ? Can you tell me a bit more about it, here or in private if you don't want to derail your thread ? Thanks a lot !
  7. Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree then, because I still think that it's better if everyone sees what kind of Free Company the Kindred is, there will be some people who will think "ok Aelwyna is a jerk and Sastra seems awesome so I'll join her Company", and some other people who will think "ok those guys in the Kindred seem too condescending and obnoxious so I'll stay away from them", it's a win-win situation for everyone
  8. Ah, now this I can understand of course :thumbsup: But don't you think it can be interesting for the people viewing this thread to see different reactions from different people ? This way they can make up their mind by themselves, and make an educated choice when they want to join a Free Company, based on what they saw here ?
  9. Thank you for not telling me what to do with my own thread Besides, the fact that this was public already got me a few support messages and other nice things like that, it seems I'm not the only one to think that way, maybe I'm one of the first to state it publicly so that's a good thing :roll:
  10. Don't you just love this condescending tone, like you were talking to some poor clueless kid I didn't start any debate, I just asked, in my rejected application on your site, for more details than just the standard answer that must have taken this guy about 15 seconds to copy/paste, where I took the time to fill out a full and complete application ... was it too much to ask ?? Are we just supposed to say "oh damn this absolutely awesome Company doesn't want me, I must be really bad, let's just go hide inside in a deep hole or something, and especially, let's not dare ask them anything anymore, their Holiness has already denied my application so that must mean I'm not worthy of their precious time" ... Again, it's not only what you do, it's also how you do it ... And, unlike you, I think this serves a very constructive purpose, if I had seen a "debate" like this before here on these public forums, I would never have applied to your Company in the first place and it would have saved the both of us a lot of time, so maybe it will serve someone else now :angel:
  11. Not really, I think it's you who didn't understand me, it's not about the fact that I can't join your Company, and again seeing how everything went it's clear that I wouldn't have had any fun in it, and the only purpose of a game is to have fun so I'm glad it worked out this way before we all wasted our time with each other... The thing is, I clearly stated in my application, just like I did here on these boards, that I'm new to this game and I don't have any precise idea about what I'm gonna do with my character, how I'm gonna RP and everything, and I'm just willing to learn ... and just saying to someone "you don't know yet how you're gonna play your character but we know we won't like it", well ... let's just put it this way : I run the largest RP Guild on the TERA EU servers, with about 230 members, and I know I would never have gotten to the point where we are now if I would react this way with new people wanting to join. But you're probably gonna say that you rather have a "tight-knit" community of a few people who all think exactly alike, so we probably just have different views on different things, so no hard feelings, it's a lot better this way
  12. Alright, so it seems my application was rejected because you are a "heavy roleplay guild, which is more immersive, more lore-abiding than medium or light RP", and you "do not take the gameplay-classes our characters have IC" ... That's too bad cos Sastra you seemed like a really nice person, but if this description is accurate then yes we definitively have two different definitions of "fun" No hard feelings of course, I've already found another Company which is more in line with my definition of nice & friendly people, so I guess I'll see you ingame some time :roll:
  13. Ok application submitted
  14. Ah ok, I see, thanks ! I'll try again next time I'm online, but right now with Christmas, family being home and everything, my playing schedule is a bit random :roll: As for looking for a RP Company, I actually got the feeling that The Kindred was the only EU Company, all the others were kind of EU-friendly, or EU & NA, but The Kindred seemed to be the only "real" EU one, am I mistaken ?
  15. Main Character's Name: Aelwyna Kaluna Brief description: Here for me the player, I'm new to FFXIV so I still need to read more about the Lore to figure out a proper background for my character :angel: Usually online: Evenings and week-ends (GMT +1) Intensity: Medium, be it for my "intensity of play" or "intensity of RP", I can't be online every day, and although I love to RP (that's my main interest in any MMO), I usually like to RP in the /Say chat but have an OOC Company chat or Linkshell !
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