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  1. So I'm actually trying to help a friend out who's had some bad experiences looking for a Miqote tribal rp group/linkshell. The ones she's found have been a little too uptight OOC-wise. I promised I'd ask around for her and see if I could help. Does anyone know of any friendly and inclusive Miqote tribal rp groups or linkshells I might be able to point her in the direction of?
  2. Well, if you're looking to have your tail shoved where the Twelve can't even reach, Isky (Iskander Ionius) will be happy to oblige. She's done nothing but fight in order to survive in her life. She will never back down from a challenge, and will definitely enjoy fighting an over-zealous Miqo'te.
  3. Character´╗┐: Iskander Ionius (Isky or Isk) Age: 28 Gender: Female Race: Raen Au Ra Profession: Weapon for hire Combat Trades: Thaumaturgy, Lancer (trained by Ex-Dragoon), Swordsman (Drk and Sam) Residence: Where the wind takes her. No permanent place to rest her head. History: Isky has had nothing but a rough life for as long as she can remember. She had been found in the snowy wasteland of the Western Highlands with no memory of anything prior to that point. She was trained under an Ex-Dragoon named Iskander until he went off to protect Ishgard during the last dragon attacks, dying in the process. The death devastated her, leaving her with nothing in the lowest reaches of Ishgard. After about a year, she met a wandering thaumaturge that took her under her wing. She learned the art of thaumaturgy, though her teacher eventually tried to use her in Void experiments. The thaumaturge died during those experiments, once again leaving Isky alone. At this point, she decided to take on her old master's name and wander the world, going wherever the winds too her. She's worked alongside pirates, mercenaries, and underground organizations, developing her skills at every chance. She is now on a journey of discovery, trying to find out anything she can about the past that is lost to her. Isky is a lone Au Ra, wandering the world and jumping from one adventure to another. She is looking for a place where she fits in and people that will accept her for who she is, even if she isn't quite sure who that is yet. Goals: Looking for RP that could develop into strong friendships, adventures, and story-building.
  4. Thanks. Chatata gets her congratulations too. Up till the final round, she was the only person to land a hit on me. I look forward to RPing with you ^^
  5. Hello there. It's always great to see someone branching out for new RPs. Isky always welcomes meeting new people to make friends, explore, and have new adventures with. Isky....kind of wanders about as she hasn't quite figured out her place in the world as of yet. She is a fighter through and through, and takes a little to open up to others. However, once she does, she'll be a stout friend who will never betray you. You'd probably bump into her somewhere in Ul'Dah or Kugane if you happened into those cities.
  6. Welcome to Balmung Isky is a hunter and spear for hire who is out exploring the wider world now that she's left the north. If you're up for some unexpected adventures and rp, Isky usually has time. Who knows what might happen if they bump into each other.
  7. Isky is a rather rowdy and rambunctious Au Ra. She is a hunter, a fighter, an archer, adventurer, and explorer. She learned a bit of thaumaturgy from her old mentor before he just up and left, and tinkers a bit with machines. She is somewhat ignorant to the ways of the world, as she spent most of her life in the Dravanian Forests. It tends to get her in trouble at times in cities and towns. Isky is looking for adventurers that have passions for grander things and exploring the wider world with all the dangers it holds to hang around with and learn from; or a mentor to teach her different things and help her grow. Right now she just does her own thing and freelances, though it gets her into more trouble than just helps her pay the bills.
  8. You're going down. I promise the Immortal Flames that you will be brought in alive. Broken limbs count as alive.
  9. Only if he won't mind the rejection on account of her love for women. Vetiver is a hard six on the Kinsey scale. *nods* Sorry Garza. Looks like she's more down my alley. I'll be the one to make her turn all red and speechless. Potential Hooks: Lonely? A bit. She has had a whole bunch of crap happen, and now she's on her own in the lands of Ishgard with her way forward lost Doman? She's an Au Ra Have need of a competent tracker? She is a competent tracker, and hunter, and thief, and information gatherer....and other stuff too Wounds that require healing? Most likely. She's none too good about staying out of trouble from adventure, and tends to get hurt quite a bit. Old IC doctors were always frustrated with her. Maybe even some combination of the above? Answered above. Look for Iskander Ionius in game, and I promise you won't be disappointed
  10. Hello there. Iskander Ionius here looking for new rp connections for my au ra. I'm a very active and avid rper, though a lot of my rp stuff have moved on to other things. A little about who you'd be meeting in Eorzea. Isky Ionius, a girl with a rough past while growing up on her own. She is a gifted hunter, thief, adventurer, and mechanic. She is currently an adventuring/wandering Raen Au Ra in the lands of Ishgard with little known about her past due to a series of incidents from the past few months. She is strong-willed, stubborn, and very energetic. She assumes the name of Kiyohana Taira (will eventually namechange to that), given to her by the man that found her when she was lost and alone. Anyone wanting to meet me, rp, dungeon, or anything: feel free to give me a tell in game.
  11. Sounds awesome. Can you send an invite to Iskander Ionius? Thank you
  12. Isky would be up for hanging out and doing whatever. If you got adventures or want to head to dungeons, she'll charge right in. As for romance, you'd be hard pressed. Bad experiences and all have made her fancy other women. But she'll be ecstatic to meet someone new and have adventures or just hand around. Just look for Iskander Ionius in game.
  13. Iskander: Isk, Isky, Frisky Isky. She's energetic, lively, fiesty, and blunt. She always speaks her mind and has no problem getting her hands dirty in a fight. Mostly due to having to fight for most of her youth. She is wary of new people due to the last person she trusted handing her off to pirates. She managed to escape in Limsa Lominsa. She does fancy women more than men, mostly due to the experiences on the ship. Right now she currently doesn't really have a lot of friends, and is down on her luck. She wants to change both. Which means she has to open up and meet people. If you'd like to meet her, feel free to approach her in game. She'll try not to steal all your stuff
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